Bright and Colorful, The Vibrant Holi Experience We Had in Rishikesh

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I and my bestie are travel and adventure lovers and celebrating Holi in Rishikesh was something in our bucket list since long. So, this year we decided to celebrate Holi in Rishikesh. We have been to Rishikesh in the past and we have enjoyed the water sports, attended the evening Arti and we have been to most of the local attractions like the famous Beatles Ashram, and have been to all the temples and most of the cafes in the place. This time was a different experience because we were about to be a part of the colors crowd having fun on streets with the other travelers and locals. 

On the day of Holi apart from the color, joy and fun was in the air and it was so good that we thought of not missing a single part of the Holi celebration there. Right from the night before Holi, there was festivity all around. At Lakshman Jhulla, Holika was burnt and locals as well as the tourists participated in it. It was like a public party scene where everyone was wishing us and we were reverting with smiles and joy. Music was there, fire was there and the mood was set for excitement and fun. The enthusiasm of people was so up that we forgot that we have just met them. And all this happened a night before the main festival. 

Next morning, I and my friend were both geared up with our Holi colors and water balloons left our hotel and that was a grand celebration in which we participated. There were people playing drums on the streets, music was everywhere and people were even burning crackers. The sky above us was colored in multiple layers of beautiful shades and the entire ambience was so inviting that we couldn’t stop each other from being a part of the celebration.  The joyful environment was so good that we thought of not leaving. However, we had booked our rafting package. So, after a while we reached Shivpuri from where we were to start the rafting. It was so much fun that we had. With water splashes from Holy Ganga river touching us in waves made us feel so energetic and vibrant that we enjoyed the entire rafting experience like never before. May be it was the festive vibe that made us enjoy each and every second of the day. 

It was an amazing feel to get out of the raft and  join the people playing Holi once again and the experience was like we missed noting out of the celebration and we felt like we never left the Holi party. People coloring each other, spraying waster with water guns and throwing colored water from buckers and balloons, it was so amazing that everyone present there was just having fun and celebrating our Indian festival of Holi. I have never had so much fun in Holi before and my friend too has the back for my words. Al together it was the best Holi of our lives.

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