A Bouquet of Flowers: The Perfect Gift for Your Doctor as a Token of Gratitude

Doctors Day is actually observed on March 30th every year. You must show your appreciation for all their hard work, dedication, and service. Thank your family physician by gifting him flowers on his special day every year.  A Bouquet of Flowers: The Perfect Gift for Your Doctor as a Token of Gratitude You may even express your gratitude and respect by sending him flowers on Thanksgiving every year. This simple gesture would go a long way in establishing and demonstrating the fact that you care and are thankful for his help. Doctors Day is celebrated as a mark of respect to all doctors for their relentless service toward healing the sick.

Doctors Day was celebrated the very first time in 1933 in Georgia. Greeting cards were given as a token of appreciation to all the existing doctors and floral arrangements were placed at the deceased doctors’ site. The medical profession is a noble profession and the doctors are there for you when you are ill, weak, and depressed.

The Gifting Debate or Dilemma?

The practice of doctors being given gifts by their patients has been there since the emergence of medicine itself. But today giving away gifts to people in influential or powerful positions is under scrutiny. It is being questioned that would it be ethical for doctors to accept unsolicited presents from their patients?

Everyone believes that there is nothing wrong in taking simple floral gifts, fruit baskets, etc. but it is always a good idea to stay away from extravagant gifts. The medical community is perpetually discussing the appropriateness of doctors accepting gifts from patients. Physicians have no issues in accepting fresh blossoms or fruit baskets, or cookies etc. but they do not think it is ethical to accept any gift which is very expensive or more personal than just flowers that are a simple token of appreciation. Follow the Flower Gifting Guide for choosing the best floral gift for your doctor.
Experts believe that it is better if doctors carry on strictly maintaining professional boundaries as they do not wish their patients to feel that it is necessary to give gifts or that the gifts could be influencing the quality of care in any way. But at the same time, doctors seem to be in a dilemma. They would not like to alienate or insult a patient by rudely refusing a gift. Patients think about gifting something to their doctor to show their gratefulness for the help and assistance received. Sometimes refusal of a gift could prove to be utterly disruptive for the doctor-patient relationship.
The new guidelines of the medical community do not instruct doctors to blindly refuse all gifts if they are expensive. It is important to keep the patient’s best interest in mind than being fixated about the cost or monetary value of the gift. The doctor must understand the implications of declining a gift. Would it be counterproductive to the treatment of his patient? Would it hurt the sentiments of his patient? This must be his prime concern especially if he is a psychiatrist treating patients with relationship issues. These patients are in perpetual distress and depression and could be really vulnerable to rejection.

Conclusion: Flowers Are the Perfect Choice

Fresh blossoms are the perfect way of expressing your gratitude. There can be no substitute for flowers as they speak volumes. They say things that words fail to express. Traditionally, the official Doctors Day flower is the red carnation but you could always gift any of your favorite blooms to your family physician. Pink roses, lilies, sunflowers, or even daffodils could be a good choice. Your florist could suggest the right flowers that would bring loads of happiness and cheer to your doctor and brighten his day.

Author Bio: Richard Brown is a qualified psychiatrist heading his own clinic in San Jose. He is also an avid blogger. Recently in his blog post, he has discussed the implications of accepting gifts from patients and feels that flowers are always the safest and the right choice. He recommends following the Flowers Guide online for a safe bet.

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