Best Gift For A Traveler

gift for a traveler

Here we go again, you have a problem, and it’s really messing with your head.

The problem is this, you need to buy a gift for someone; a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a client, and you have absolutely no idea what to buy?

Your days and nights are consumed by thoughts of talking clocks, electric apple peelers, smartphone sanitizers, robot lawn mowers, Darth Vadar shower heads (yes, they’re a real thing), and a myriad of stuff that’s going to end up in the back of the wardrobe, or a charity shop.

But it’s the same every time a wedding, a birthday, or some other occasion comes around and starts to mess with your head one more time.  But wait, we think we’ve found a solution that’s going to save you a lot of trouble for the rest of your gift-giving days.

The answer is a Tinggly gift experience. Never heard of it? Read on.

gift for a traveler

But what is this amazing gift experience?

Tinggly is turning the world of gift-giving completely on its head, especially for anyone who loves travel, trying new experiences, adventures – great and small – and, for those who just don’t want any more stuff cluttering up their lives.

OK, let’s try a little case-study to simplify things.

Take Uncle Bob and Aunt Margaret, they’re about to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, and they pretty much accumulated all the stuff they ever wanted, a long time ago. So, what do you get good old Bob and Margaret, and don’t forget, they looked after you pretty well, lots of times?

So, you ask yourself, what do they like to do? Well, lately they’ve had a lot more time on their hands and they love to travel. They’ve taken more trips together, both at home and abroad.

They love to hike, they love the countryside, they love fine wines and great food experiences, they love relaxing weekends by the sea, they love being pampered, and they love to see the great sights of the world. Just because Bob and Margaret are both over sixty, it doesn’t mean they’re finished with living life to the full, not by a long shot.

traveler gift

That’s where the Tinggly gift experience comes in. Tinggly is not just one gift, it’s a complete range of over 2,000 hand-selected experiences that Bob and Margaret can choose from in over 100 countries around the world. And, because it’s so simple and so sure to please even the pickiest of people, your job choosing the gift is a walk in the park.

You just go to the Tinggly website, choose the gift box you want, fill in the recipients’ details, and your personalized note to go with it, pay for the gift online, and before you know it, the gift is on its way to Bob and Margaret. And one more thing, they’re going to love you even more than they ever did in the past.

It’s a win-win situation. Congratulations.

So, what’s the catch?

With Tinggly, there’s no catch. Really! The benefits for everyone far outweigh even the slightest doubts that you might have. You don’t have to drive to the mall. You don’t have to leave the house. You go online to the Tinggly website, you choose the gift box you want, you pay for it with your card, and the process is complete.

Plus, you have three choices of delivery method – you can print out the gift voucher and hand it over next time you go to visit Bob and Margaret, you can email the voucher directly to Margaret (Bob isn’t so into computers), or, you can have a beautifully presented gift box shipped directly by courier to their door in just a couple of days.

Do you still have any doubts?

How about this, the choice of amazing experiences Bob and Margaret can enjoy is growing every day.

travelers gift

Let’s see if they’d like any of these:

a catamaran cruise for two in Portugal’s Algarve; a Texas brewery tour experience; the chance to try stand-up paddleboarding in Sweden; a boat trip to Ireland’s unique Aran Islands; maybe they’d like to try swimming with manatees in Florida; or how about, a James Bond island tour in Thailand.

You should also try solo traveling in Asia. It’s fun to travel solo.

There really is something for everyone, in fact, over 2,000 somethings, in over 100 countries. Oh, and as an added bonus, Bob and Margaret have five full years (that’s right, FIVE full years) to redeem their gift experience. You can check, but there’s nobody else offering that kind of deal, anywhere.

The future of gift-giving is here

It’s a fact, people are rapidly moving away from hoarding material possessions, what they want are real, life-enhancing experiences. They want to try new things, feel new emotions and have a whole raft of new stories to tell. Stories that are going to last long after all that ‘stuff’ is gone.

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The Tinggly gift experience is making the entire gift-giving process a whole lot easier, with a lot fewer headaches, and a lot less sleepless night.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself, or you can just ask travel lovers Bob and Margaret.

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