Beautiful Proportions To Bring Out The Most In Oval Cut Diamonds


Oval cut diamonds truly bring out the best in a diamond. They help represent the brilliance whilst being durable and reflecting your own unique style. There are several great reasons to go with this style. But when it comes down to the finer details, many wonder how to go about choosing proportions to bring out the best in the gemstone.

First things first, finding a reputable store is a great place to start when looking at any kind of precious stone. Being able to choose a good store would ensure that you will be selecting your piece in a trustworthy and secure environment. With experts who are passionate about delivering quality customer service, the store can help you choose the best proportions for your oval cut diamond.

oval cut diamond

Overall Recommendation On Proportions

A nearby diamond jewellery shop that has been in the area for quite some time may be your best bet when you are looking for a good selection of diamond engagement rings Brisbane gentlemen would love to give their girlfriends. The store would ensure it doesn’t ruin its reputation by giving you a piece that is of poor quality. The experts would be more than happy to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect oval cut diamond.

Some diamond experts say that an H shade alongside an SI1 clarity is the best proportions for the oval cut diamond. When you ask for a certificate for this type of cut, unlike other cuts it won’t give you an accurate indication of how the diamond will look in real life.

This means you will have to do some extra digging when it comes to finding the right proportions. When purchasing an oval cut diamond moreover, it’s always best to get a second expert opinion. This way you can rest assured that you are buying the best for your money.

The Beauty Of An Oval Cut

Shimmering with brilliance, the oval cut is a unique choice and a wonderful diamond. It has a lengthened design promoting elegance and a refined taste. Even though it is elongated and looks bigger than other cuts it will normally be the same carat weight. So, it’s great for those who want the look and appeal of a bigger diamond without having to splash all the cash. Another great appeal with this type of cut is that because of the size and shape. It makes the wearer’s hands look slimmer than they would usually appear to be.

The Oval Cut

The most crucial aspect of any diamond is getting the cut right. The cut quality of the oval shape will fundamentally give it its brilliance and maximum impact. The tricky thing is that the GIA standards do not provide cut grades for oval cuts due to its complex structure. This means that all recommendations for the perfect cut are largely subjective and based on opinion. Moreover, it’s even more important in terms of the oval cut to get a second opinion from a professional. The bottom line? It depends largely on the preference of the wearer. Because there are no established standards regarding the oval cut. You as the individual need to choose the best proportions and cuts for your own desires.

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