Affordable Makeup For College Girls

Affordable makeup for college girls
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Affordable Makeup For College Girls

Good evening my lovely beautiful girls. I wish a super healthy day to all of you. I feel so good talking about dressing up and styling. And when it comes to stuff like talking about makeup, I get even more charged. I personally love using makeup and I the same for the college going young girls. So i have come with yet another fantastic hack on affordable makeup stuff for all the young beauties.

We girls become very choosy when it comes applying something. And tightly so, that should be the case. Anything local or unbranded might cause pigmentation and redness. So while using makeup, one has to remain careful. But I have got some super trendy makeup stuff which come on affordable prices and are branded as well. Fitting your pocket and giving you the right kind of result, here are some makeup products. Check them out and visit your stores immediately! Fashion blog.

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Affordable Makeup For College Girls :-


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

We girls need to be really particular about foundations as this is something which sets the complete tone for the makeup. The foundation needs to match your skin tone and shade. Anything just won’t work. You may pick one from the list below.

 Elle 18 foundation, light in shade will cost you 150 Rupees

 Lakme invisible finish foundation, a profound brand will range up to 225 Rupees

 Colouressence aqua liquid base foundation will cost minimally 150 Rupees

You can also go for brands like streetwear and Revlon within this range.


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

This is a must have in your vanity kit girls. We often tend to alternate between foundation and compact powders but both of them are equally essential for a better makeup finish. Choose this one according to your skin tone and you are good to go.

 Lakme radiance compact comes for 110 Rupees

 Maybelline All in one fairness glow powder costs around 199 Rupees

 Colorbar UV perfect compact ranges to 225 Rupees

You can also prefer Coloressence and Streetwear for this product


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

This is yet another basic necessity. You might feel it is just an addition to the list, but let me tell you that you can make your cheeks look fuller and give a shine to your makeup look just by applying a little of this product. Keep it girls.

 Maybelline cheeky glow blush costs for 220 Rupees

 Oriflame Cream blush comes for 250 Rupees


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

Talking about makeup, how can I miss on my favourite part. Use darker lipstick shades. That just enhances the look and brings out a bold personality out of you. Matt is in these days so go for a matt red or a matt maroon. These are some really emphatic colours. Nude shades also look super hot on lighter tones.

 Maybelline Color Show Lipstick comes for 299 Rupees

 Coloressence lipstick ranges for 175 Rupees

 Elle 18 Color Boost Lipstick costs around 150 Rupees

Go for Revlon, Colorbar, Lakme and Lotus brands as well while purchasing this product.


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

I simply never step out without applying my favourite kajal. And I feel eyes, if enhanced properly bring out the best in a girl. With so many different shades in the market like blue, silver, green , etc. You just need to use it the right amount with a nicer finish. And the kajal will do the magic!

 Lakme Iconic Kajal cost for 199 Rupees

 Maybelline Collosal Kohl is priced at 175 Rupees

 Coloressence Kajal Pencil is for 150 Rupees

Other brands are Revlon, Lotus.


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

What better a product for eyes could be that the sleek eyeliners. Apply it thin if you have lesser spacing and apply in double cotes for wider look. Any which way, the finish of the eyeliner has to be clean and complete and equal as well and rest you know is, Compliments!

 Lakme Black Impact Eyeliner is priced at 210 Rupees

 Maybelline Hyperglossy Eyeliner costs for 225 Rupees

 Miss Claire Prn Style Eyeliner is for 150 Rupees


Affordable makeup for college girls
Affordable makeup for college girls

To end my list, I would prefer adding mascara that anything else. They are a treat to the eyelids. If you have lighter eyelids, then mascara is the thing for you. You can apply them above and below the eyelids to have a complete look.

 Coloressence Mascara is for 200

 Lotus Herbal Mascara costs for 225 Rupees

So girls, this was my list of affordable product. And all you college going ladies, the best part about these products is all of them are so handy and would just fit in your purses and bags. So pick them up before you leave for college. Have a lovely day you all. This is all about Affordable Makeup For College Girls.




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