Add Spice To Your Health Regime with Dupont Soy Protein : Enjoy a Better Tomorrow

Add spice to your health regime with Dupont Soy Protein

Hi friends …. Quite sure that you are all doing well in your life and to add some boost to your healthy lifestyle  I am all here to share some info on soy proteins. Heard it for the first time or already aware about it? What may be the case, I gathered good information about this superior plant based protein when I attended their very first PAN INDIA MEET which was held in Courtyard Marriot, Gurugram on 29th Sep, 2018. Dupont made their very first entry in the Digital Blogging world. The key Agenda of the meet was to promote awareness among people about the golden benefits of Soy Protein with evidence based studies.

Do you know that it’s, a high-quality protein sourced by plants? It is empowered with the qualities which can help to reduce the associated risk of any heart disease. If you Care for your heart and your loved ones then start making Soy protein part of your healthy diet. It can prevent cardiovascular disease and allow your heart to beat with confidence.

I came across many people who enquired me if actually adding protein enriched plant food in diet can help them in maintaining the needed balance of body protein needs or not.

Add spice to your health regime with Dupont Soy Protein

Soy protein is 100% authentic source of protein which delivers essential amino acids of required amount to boost growth and overall body development especially in children. The amount of protein which you can get from soya is equivalent to eggs, meat and milk. When compared with other animal based protein what makes soya an ideal choice is that it’s low in fat and also cholesterol and lactose free. Soy Protein is easily digestible and so it is considered good for people of all ages irrespective of gender. Add 25 Gms of soya protein in your daily diet chart and it will protect your heart from the risk of heart diseases.

I personally will recommend you to swap your low protein and heavy fact snacks with protein enriched soya. After certain passage of time you will yourself realize the effects of this super food on your body. If you are opting for a diet chart full of protein then that will increase your feelings of fullness when compared to a diet of high carbohydrate. If you are suffering from excess weight then incorporating soya protein in your diet will help you in your weight loss regime and help you to get a lean body.

If you are a health freak hitting the gym for toning the muscles then start taking Soya proteins from today. Wondering why? Well the fact is that many clinical studies proved the fact that soya protein along with dairy products when taken within 30 minutes of exercising actually makes the muscle recovery and muscle growth much faster than actual.

Add spice to your health regime with Dupont Soy Protein

With growing age there is constant need of high quality protein for the body to maintain muscle mass and its functioning. If required amount of protein is not taken on daily basis then there will be continued loss of our skeletal muscle with time with increase of fracture due to fall.

I have already started taking the suggested amount of Soya Protein as discussed during the event, enjoying the feeling of fullness. The session on Soy Protein was very informative and I personally so many things from this session 3 hrs of Dupont @ Courtyard Marriot.

Let’s all take the pledge to include soya protein in our daily diet from now and educate and encourage others to do so. A healthy body promises a better future for all and Soya protein is the source to make it possible.

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