How To Achieve And Maintain A Cool Model-Off-Duty Style

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Models always look elegant and well-put-together as they strut down the runway and hop from one show to another during popular fashion events. But despite all the endless hours in front of the camera, early morning calls, and late-night fittings, you’ll always find Dubai models still looking effortlessly chic.

What’s their secret? Apart from excellent genes, they stick to fashion basics that always work wonders. They know just how to achieve that cool, model-off-duty style.

7 Supermodel Fashion Secret Weapons

Designer Eyewear

No model leaves the house without a pair of sunglasses. With the right eyewear, you will look catwalk-ready even if you just stepped off a 14-hour flight, had a horrible night’s sleep, or skipped putting on lots of makeup.

Apart from hiding tired eyes, designer shades will also protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Hair Elastics

Hair elastics are a must-have in a model’s arsenal; they help resolve a bad hair day (No time to style? Just put up your hair in a simple yet sleek ponytail). Also, they come in handy if you have a casting or you need to show off your pretty face. Most agents and clients would want to see you in your natural state.

Clear elastics always look best, but you can also use a more colorful hair tie. Bear in mind that elastics break, so make sure that you always carry a few with you.

Skinny Jeans

You will look leaner and longer when wearing a pair of fitted jeans. Also, they go with everything, from a simple white T-shirt to a more attention-grabbing top. You can tuck them into your boots, dress them up or down, pair them with a fitted tee, or wear them with heels.

Fitted Jacket

A high-quality fitted jacket is among the best fashion investments that you can make. You can buy any classic and simple jacket that you can easily dress up and down – it does not have to be leather. This is a wardrobe must-have that you can easily wear over a sexy after-hours outfit or bring with you when hopping from one airport to another.

Black Garments

Black is not just classic and slimming; it also goes with almost everything. It will also add to the black canvas look that most modeling agencies in Dubai love. If a model is dressed simply yet stylishly, it would be a lot easier to picture her in the designer’s clothes.

Black shoes, black top, black bottoms, and black accessories – this is the simplest trick to getting ready quickly while still looking great. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to wear all black without repeating a look. So start building your monochromatic wardrobe now.

Killer Heels

Heels will help you maintain better posture, which makes you look slimmer, taller, and more confident. Also, they prove that you can walk flawlessly in these sexy shoes.

The last thing you want to do after walking in stilettos all day, however, is to slip into another pair of heels. Note that heels don’t always translate to skyscraper stilettos – you can also mix it up with wedges or heeled boots which can be more comfortable, but equally sexy.


What is on the inside matters as much as what is on the outside. If you are confident in whatever you are wearing or doing, people will sit up and take notice. Let your inner supermodel shine through, and it may reward you in many ways.

4 Preparation Tips

Reduce Stress

Stress is inevitable, but there are ways to keep it at a manageable level. If you want to be a model, expect that you will be pushed and pulled in different directions. Finding your own happy place and being patient are essential to achieving a healthy mind and body.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is tough on your body. When experienced repeatedly, it can have a negative impact on your appearance and health. Other people can easily notice if you are depriving yourself of enough shuteye, so make sure that you are well-rested and you will always look your best.

Follow a Healthy Diet

A well-rounded diet is a must for a model and for anyone who wants to become one. Although most models stick to a light and healthy diet, some also opt to eat satisfying and nutritious food like steaks, mashed potatoes, salmon, and vegetables in the right portions to keep their weight and figure where they want them.

Staying hydrated is also a part of a healthy diet. Increasing your fluid intake will make your skin look younger and speed up your metabolism. Professional models know that staying hydrated prevents dizziness and fainting caused by dehydration.

Increase Workouts

Apart from a healthy diet, exercise is also important. Most supermodels work hard to achieve and maintain their perfect form. Besides, a huge part of their job is to look great.

Modeling takes practice, preparation and hard work. A model’s perfect form is the result of months or years of putting in plenty of effort and hard work to be and look their best. Try these proven-effective secret weapons and tips now, and who knows? You may just get discovered.

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