A Visit To The Glorious Valley – Aamby Valley

Aamby Valley

Travel is what stays on my mind. And to fulfill all your travelling expeditions and curiosity of discovering a new, I have brought to you people a place which in literal sense is beauty and magnum opus. And it is none other than the beautiful valley of Aamby .  So if you are a travel buff like me, check out the post with utmost curiosity.

I love places that are glorious and magnificent in their own sense and have something unique to serve. This hunger of mine has literally made me travel places, even internationally. But let me introduce you all to our very own national sophisticated beauty which is definitely on my travel list. The Aamby valley in itself is a house of beauty. It is creatively India’s first planned hill city. Isn’t that super cool? It is genuinely India’s finest abode places, a travel can visit. The valley city is actually located some distance away from Mumbai and Pune. And the city is nothing like a beginner.  It is one hell of a travel tour place.

The city owns it all, right from high standard and well developed infrastructure to quality living and grooming places, the  Aamby Valley masters it all and much more. There is lot to explore once you enter this beautifully and creatively designed hill city. The city lies just a few kilometers of the Lonavala city which itself makes it a hub for luxury and quality arrangement. In a series of the fantastic view and luxurious lifestyle the city offers, Aamby Valley has accommodation to around 300 guestrooms which majorly include luxurious suits along with posh dining places. The place is set out to deliver a feel of serenity and pious self amidst the natural surrounding and the clear weather.

Not just the city alone but its attached surrounding destinations are places worth a visit. North to the beautiful Aamby Valley is a place primarily for adventure seekers. It incorporates activities like Paintball shooting, Rappling, jungle Safari, Remote control car racing, Zorbing and plethora of other adventure activities which would keep you both booked & hooked! The hill city is not just a landmark for the land giants but serves as an interesting place for the water junkies as well. Wetlands at Aamby Valley is a punch place for a plethora of diverse water sports including jet skiing, water boat riding, banana boat riding and number of other water favorable activities. For those who remain immerse in some quite and ‘me’ time- jungle night safari is the thing for you.

Aamby Valley is not just a real estate project but has raised its scale and is of a magnitude to be known as the ultimate travel destination. The leisure facilities and recreational options served by the hill city are one of a kind. The city has gone ahead to become a magnum opus. The price structures of the luxurious stays vary from the kind you pick. But every moment spent in Aamby Valley is worth the experience. The Valley is a blessing to all the adventure seekers.
Travel fills an empty stomach. Visit Aamby Valley yourself to feel the nature in your hands!



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