A Guide To Designing A Unique Halo Engagement Ring

A Guide To Designing A Unique Halo Engagement Ring

If you are planning to pop the question and are looking to design your very own engagement ring to surprise your partner, a halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect solution. You will, of course, need to enlist the services of a custom jeweller, who can work their magic on your design and come up with something unique.

The Metal

There are several metals you can use to create a diamond ring – rose or white gold and platinum, which is very hard and will not tarnish or fade. Talk to the custom jeweller, who can advise you on the best metal to use, pointing out the pros and cons of each. 14K and 18k gold is strong enough for a ring, while platinum is also another popular choice.

The Halo

There are design options for the halo itself and with a Google image search, you can view literally hundreds of fine examples of halo ring designs. If you find an image that really works for you, show this to the custom jeweller, which will help you to come up with the right design. Then you can build the ring from scratch, choosing the metal, the diamonds, the design and the setting, which all come together to make the perfect halo engagement ring.

Double Row Halos

Using tiny stones enables you to have a double row in your halo and with a larger central diamond, you can achieve maximum sparkle with the right setting. Of course, a diamond ring that will be worn on a daily basis should be of a practical design, and avoid the prong settings, as they can easily catch on fabric. The custom jeweller can advise you on safe settings, which will ensure that the diamonds are secure in their setting and there are a number of good settings for the halo design. There are many ring settings and some offer more sparkle than others, while some are more secure than others.

Calculating Your Budget

Prior to approaching a custom jeweller, you should decide how much you are prepared to invest in the engagement ring, and this will help the custom jeweller, who always tries to stay within the client’s budget range. Having a ring custom made is no more expensive than purchasing an off-the-shelf diamond ring, yet you are creating a unique symbol of your undying love.

The Custom Jeweller

When designing any ring, it is essential to enlist the services of a custom jeweller, who can help you to choose every aspect of the design from the base metal to the cut of the diamonds. When you commission handmade halo diamond rings from a custom jeweller, they assist you in the design process.

Check Client Reviews

The custom jeweller would have client testimonials and these are a very strong indication of what to expect should you decide to commission their services. If a custom jeweller has many happy customers, then they know how to please and if you have a friend who has had a ring made by a jeweller, if they are happy, then you can talk about designs and prices.

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