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9 Must-Do Things In Indonesia

Unbeknown to many travellers, there are plenty of things to do in Indonesia. From unique experiences to swimming in a volcanic lake and shopping up a storm, Indonesia is awash with a vibrant culture and history. So, here are a few things to put on your to-do list the next time you visit.

Retail Therapy

One of the best Asian shopping destinations, if not in the world, is Indonesia. There are tons of international brands to be found in the world-class Jakarta malls, along with plenty of bargains in the smaller malls and markets.

See the City from a Becak

A becak is a trishaw and makes for a great way to see cities like Malang or Yogyakarta. This mode of transport effortlessly winds through the country’s narrow streets as you become immersed in the environment.

Culture and History

Indonesia is home to two ancient wonders – the Prambanan temple and the Borobudur temple. Take in the awe-inspiring remains of two very different religions.

Take a Hike to Watch the Sunrise

Take a hike up one of the many sensational volcanoes in the country, such as Mount Rinjani in Lombok or Mount Bromo in Java. It’s worth getting to the top just in time for sunrise or sunset, which are both truly breath-taking.

Diving in the World’s Most Beautiful Areas

Indonesia is no stranger to our world’s serious divers, with incredible islands like Togian Islands and Raja Ampat. The country’s marine life boasts over 3,000 species and a massive biodiversity. Put on your diving gear and start exploring the well-preserved ocean as you hunt for species you’ve never before come across.

Trek in a Natural Rainforest

Take an unforgettable trek in a natural rainforest and be on the lookout for orangutan. One of the last few places on our globe to see the majestic creatures living in their natural environment can be found at Bukit Lawang. Take a trek through the lush rainforest and enjoy a true jungle adventure as you hunt for the big, orange beauties.

Snorkelling and Island Hopping

There are plenty of luxury Indonesia island cruise tours to choose from and 17,000 islands to explore. It’s island hopping like never before. With the country’s crystalline ocean, snorkelling just seems like the natural thing to do at every spot, or, if you prefer, you can laze about on the pristine beaches.

Powerful Waves to Surf

Indonesia offers an abundance of spots complete with powerful waves for surfing enthusiasts. Some of the best spots can be found around the islands of Panaitan and Mentawai, as well as Lombok and Bali. You really are spoilt for choice, and there are spots that are ideal for all kinds of surfers, from beginner to advance.

Explore Ancient Cultures and Rites

Head over to the highlands of Tana Toraja where people still practice ancient funeral rites from over a century ago. Or, be sure to explore the Baliem Valley, Papua, land of an indigenous tribe. The tribe still live the way their ancestors used to in terms of clothing, way of life and culture.

These are just 9 things to do in Indonesia – there sure is something for all ages and preferences.

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