8 places to visit in Mcleodganj (2019)

Places To Visit in Mcleodganj

When it comes to visiting places in Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj is one of the best places you can go and visit. Also known as Little Lhasa, this place is an Indo-Tibetan culture blend with breathtaking views of mountains, forests, and beautiful people. Most people visit this place for taking a break from the hectic schedule and sit in the lap of nature. So, if you are looking to visit Mcleodganj anytime soon, here are some places listed which you must visit and make your journey memorable:

Visit the Masroor Temple

Masroor Temple is one of the most visited places in Mcleodganj. Reflecting the North Indian Nagra architectural style, Masroor Temple is an 8th century Hindu Temple. If you are planning to visit this beautiful town, then Masroor Temple is a must visit where you can witness the artistic architecture and carving son the rocks inside the temple. Just take self driving car options with zoomcar offers to visit all places nearby Mcleoganj.

Night Camp at Triund

Triund is another one of the most famous places in Mcleodganj and is also known as the crown jewel of Dharmashala. To reach the place, you have to trek from Mcleodganj to Triund and witness the natural serenity and beautiful landscapes. Triund is known for the night camping experience it offers to the visitors. You can go for night camping at the hilltop and sit under the sky full of stars which will make you spellbound.

Dive into the Bhagsu Falls

Located in the village of Bhagsu, Bhagsu Falls is one of the most popular sightings in the Mcleodganj which is known for its sceneries and beautiful tranquil surroundings. The pure white freezing water showering from the lush green mountains is a treat to watch. You can also dive into the freezing cold water falling from the green mountains. Moreover, the lush green environment makes everything serene and tranquil and you can also click some pictures there to remember the moments. Also, you can have hot delicious food like Maggi and take a sip of Coffee in the cold weather.

Meditate at Nichung Monastery

Located at Gangchen Kyishong, McLeod Ganj, Nichung Monastery is one of the most visited places in Mcleodganj. Though there are many monasteries in the city of Dharmashala- especially Mcleodganj region, but most of the visitors go and visit Nichung Monastery. The beautiful surroundings, calm environment, and family-like hospitality by the locals make this monastery visit such a memorable experience. From the monastery, you can witness the mountain ranges of Dhauladhar and click pictures to capture the moment.

Go and seek blessings at Guna Devi temple

Located at Naddi Village, Dharamsala, Guna Devi Temple is dedicated to the mighty goddess Kali and many Hindu visitors tend to go there and seek blessings from the Indian goddess. Not only visitors go there take blessings from the God almighty but also they witness the large green Oak and Deodar trees. So, if you visit Guna Devi temple, you can witness the beautiful ethereal views of Kangra valley along with seeking blessing from the goddess, Kali.

Meditate at Vipassana Meditation Centre

If you are looking to rejuvenate your soul and sit in a calm and peaceful environment, then in the Dhauladhar ranges of Kangra lies a meditation center called as Vipassana Meditation Centre. You can go out there in the calm and tranquil environment- in the sky-touching Himalayan mountains, and lush green forests and meditate. Far from the hustle-bustle of the cities and towns, meditating at the Vipassana Meditation Centre will eradicate all the negativity from your body and bring positivity to your mind, body, and soul.

Sit amidst nature at the Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake

Located in the Kangra district, Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake is an artificial lake from the water of Beas river. Also known as Pong Dam Lake, it is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Mcleodganj. You can do many activities at the beautiful serene lake- from boating, fishing to bird watching. If you are a lone traveler, you can sit at the lakeside for hours admiring the natural beauty surrounded by mountain ranges, forests, and birds. You can book your hotel in Mcleodganj with Oyo Coupons which will giving amazing rates.

Enlighten your soul at the St. John’s Church

Near Mcleodganj Road, St. John’s Church is known for its neo-Gothic architecture and is made in the memories of John. John was the Baptist and the church is amidst the forest of Forsyth Ganj. In the wild lush green surroundings, St. John’s Church is known for its beautiful architecture style. If you are looking something enlightening in the wild, then this might be the place for you.

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