7 Wristwatch Trends You Need To Know About

7 Wristwatch Trends You Need to Know About

A wristwatch is more than a timekeeping piece. It is an accessory, a style statement and a collectible, and is in fashion even in the digital age of smartphones, tablets and wearable. For instance, a diamond encrusted gunmetal watch glams-up your dinner date outfit while a “sporty” piece with a pop color strap compliments your workout gear.

Having said that, with so many varieties of wristwatches available on the market, selecting the best one from the mix puts you in a dilemma. This is where you can do with some of the latest wristwatch trends. Go through the following pointers to narrow down your choices.

7 Wristwatch Trends You Need to Know About


Big dials have been ruling the roost for quite some time in the realm of wristwatches. However, smaller dials have made a comeback and are steadily making their presence felt on the market. There is a demand for smaller watches for both men and women.

Take your pick from small, vintage timepieces from top wristwatch brands, which will be the highlight of your wardrobe and make heads turn for sure! You can also opt for pocket watches from Panerai, which will add to the eclectic mix of watches in your collection!

Trend #2: STRIPE IT UP!


The retro look has made a comeback and so has the stripes in wristwatch belts! Pair a stripes strap wristwatch with all the time classic combination of a white shirt with blue denims and you’ll be ready for a casual Sunday brunch with friends or movie. Alternatively, pair them up with a tank top and shorts and get ready to hit the pool or the beach.

Seiko 5 Sports has the perfect striped watch that help you rock the casual look!


While minimalist watches in pastel shades are very much in demand, bold colors also seem to be popular with avid wristwatch collectors. For instance, you can go for a timepiece with a pop-colored dial or a timepiece with a brightly colored strap. Blues and reds are the all-time favorites, but you can also opt for other colors, if they are available. All you need to do is take a pick from your favorite brand of watch such as Omega, and give it a shot.


Before you get any ideas, I am talking about matching your wristwatches with your outfit and accessories. Say for example, a wristwatch from the collection of Tissot watches will be an ideal match for your Gucci bag, Versace dress or Jimmy Choos. Also, gemstone studded watches from various brands can be easily paired with danglers or a statement necklace having similar designs. The idea is to match your outfit and accessories such as – necklace, earring, shoes, belts, bags, ties, cufflinks and so on and so forth, with the perfect wristwatch, no matter what the occasion is.

The Tissot T Trend series brings forth some remarkable timepieces that complement your outfit and accessories.



Image Source: Pexels.com

Classic watch styles can never go out of fashion! They have been there since ages and are loved by most of the watch-lovers! And the best part is that there are choices aplenty, when it comes to classic wristwatches!

Take your pick from any luxury watch brand such as Armani or Hublot, which have some of the best classic timepieces in their collection. As an alternative, you can also opt for vintage classic watches or modern watches with a classic twist. Some of the common features that make a wristwatch ‘classic’ include but are not limited to – subtle colors palette, open dials, slim cases, leather straps, metal straps with vintage clasps etc.


Who said wristwatches need to be made up of only one particular kind of metal or material?! You can opt for modern wristwatches, which are made from mixed alloys of metals or of several materials. These can include titanium alloys or a mix of metal, fabric, leather and ceramics. Some of the watches made using different materials are lightweight, which is one of the main characteristics watch-buyers look forward to nowadays. Moreover, dual colored watches are also quite in trend these days and you can take your pick from – gold and silver, white metal and gold, white metal and rose gold, silver and rose gold etc.

Want to give such watches a try? If your answer is affirmative, then you can go for the Rado Centrix collection, which offers a range of watches with a metal case and ceramic strap.

Trend #7: Bracelet Style Watches


Image Source: Pixabay.com

Is it a bracelet? Is it a watch? Is it both?

Bracelet style watches are a savior! They come to your rescue when you are about to attend an event where you want to don a traditional attire or fusion wear but don’t quite know how to accessorize it. Or, when you are in a dilemma over wearing a bracelet or a bangle instead of a watch, you can always take the middle path and settle for these watches.

With tiny dials that are often encrusted with shiny stones and intricate designs, the bracelet or bangle-styled watches are a prized possession for all the women out there. By wearing these watches on their wrist, they can skip wearing any additional jewelry and get a chic, elegant look for any event.

To Conclude

Although we are currently living in the age of smart-watches, the importance of wristwatch remains the same. They are irreplaceable and will always top the ‘must-haves in the wardrobe’ list.

I hope that the points mentioned in the write-up will help you choose the best watch that is in trend nowadays. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. So, go ahead and choose whatever catches your fancy! Don’t forget to share your opinion with us!

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