7 Tips for Buying the Perfect Trainers According to JD Sports

Tips for Buying the Perfect Trainers According to JD Sports

Maybe you have resolved to stick to a running routine this year or perhaps you feel like your old training shoes need a change. Either way, you should shop wisely for your new trainers. They’ll make a big difference in as far as your workout routine is concerned. It takes a substantial amount of money and effort to get the right trainers.

If you are looking for the right place to shop, then you should consider JD Sports. They have been in the sportswear business for quite some time and they are associated with leading sportswear brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas. The advantage of shopping there is that you are likely to get a JD Sports discount code 2019 that you can use to claim a massive discount on the trainers that you choose to buy. We talked to them about the secrets of buying the perfect trainers and here are 7 tips that they recommend:

A Perfect Fit

It sounds obvious that you should always go for what fits you but we have to insist on it. You have to get the size correct. So, if you were a size 8 a couple of years back, you shouldn’t assume that your feet are still the same size. You have to confirm their current size. JD Sports recommend buying trainers that are slightly bigger than your day-to-day shoes. Simply put, they should leave a gap for your toes to stretch.

Functionality Over Trend

It’s generally tempting to look for trainers that are fashionable and trendy but this doesn’t always go well if you are looking for a better investment. JD Sports insist on prioritizing functionality over trend. Thus, you should buy something that you’ll be able to wear for a couple of years to come and not just something that will wear in a few weeks even if they are fashionable. This means looking at factors like comfort and quality when making the decision.

The Brand Matters

Would you rather risk your money on a brand that you have never heard of or would you go for a reputable brand despite being expensive? Of course, it makes sense to consider the latter since you are guaranteed performance. As aforementioned, JD sports are closely associated with brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, VANS, Under Armor, and the North Face. So, they tend to recommend these brands. Though they don’t advise against going for less known brands, you have a higher chance of getting a high-quality pair if you buy a design from these top brands.

Ideal Style

Essentially, trainers come in three major styles: minimal, stable, and neutral. Minimal styles usually have less cushioning while stable styles are their direct opposite. As for neutral trainers, they have properties in between the minimal and stable styles. Are you feeling overwhelmed by this revelation? Well, the secret is to try all these styles so that you can pick one that you are really comfortable with.

Plan to Spend

Perfect trainers don’t come cheap. You have to spend. On average, you should prepare to spend about $100 on a single pair. If the price is too low, they may not be of good quality. Expensive trainers are normally more likely to give you better and long-term service than cheaper ones.

Invest Time

It’s not just money that you should plan to invest but time too. A pair of trainers is a great investment that needs to be sourced wisely. You shouldn’t make a quick purchase. You need to take time to shop around as you compare the prices, styles, and brands. Once you find options that feel good with your feet and pocket, buy them.

Consider Return Policy

Lastly, before you pay the seller and head home with your trainers, it’s wise to confirm their return policy. First, do the trainers come with a return policy? If they don’t, look for a store that offers it. Secondly, what are the terms of the policy? For example, most stores give you a 30-day window period to return the shoes if they are not satisfactory. You need to consider such a provision.


According to JD Sports, there’s more to consider in a pair of trainers than just their price. You need to spend your money on a pair that suits your athletic needs. This will ensure that you are able to use them for longer and get to enjoy wearing them.

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