7 Adorable Small Wedding Bouquets for Your Big Day


Wedding Bouquets are undeniably one of the most significant parts of a wedding ceremony. With their elegant presence, they add on to the beauty of the bride and give the feeling of the perfect choice for the big day. Wedding bouquets come in different types of colors, textures, sizes, and designs to choose from. The latest trend is to have Small Wedding Bouquets, which work like magic with their small size and yet manage to look completely mesmerizing that can amplify the look of the wedding dress. They triumph over the others for their affordable price and are easier to handle and carry around. Smaller wedding bouquets are usually referred to as nosegay or even posy bouquets for their small appearance, they are very pretty and stand to be very practical to use. Read along to find out all about small wedding bouquets and get to see 7 adorable small wedding bouquets that you can flaunt on your big day. Take some gorgeous inspiration from these petite bouquets.

Smaller Blooms

Smaller blooms like Gypsophila along with lavenders and a slight touch of wildflowers can be a great choice for a bouquet that looks simply adorable to carry around. The ratio needs to be just right to make sure it looks good with the rest of the blooms. If you are swooning over a particular flower which is out of your budget, then you can get a few flowers of the kind and compromise with it. There are many cost-saving ways to handle the flower decorations.

Lightweight Flowers

If you want a light bouquet option, then you can go for lightweight yellow and white flowers which will look adorable to carry. Make sure that the bouquet isn’t too small. These can be very easy to carry as compared to a large wedding bouquet. It’s just not worth it to carry around a large lump of heavy flowers for photo sessions and while walking down the aisle.

Thick Stems Look Prettier

You can go for flowers with thicker stems as it makes the flower volume more. Even if you go for less number of flowers, it will be enough to make it look appealing. You can cover it with a lace cover or even cotton to make it easier to carry. The smaller wedding bouquets make sure that the overall focus gets to be on your wonderful wedding dress. It will accentuate your dress without taking over the whole look.

Don’t Miss Out On The Elegance

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Bridesmaid will also be relieved from carrying around huge lumps of flowers all day long. A small bouquet with pretty white and elegant roses would also be a great choice for your mother or grandmother to carry even. And these flowers are also very much on the affordable side if you are looking for a way to cut down some bucks. Given that you want to spend more on the actual wedding ceremony than just the bouquet, small wedding bouquets with adorable flowers are a good and practical choice.

Go Colorful!

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Against the darker shades of dresses for bridesmaids, colorful blooms will be a great choice to make the colors pop. And each flower will make sure that the contrast looks mesmerizing. Lilies would be an elegant choice to bring out the beauty of the dresses.

Roses Are Evergreen

                                                                                      Roses are Evergreen

Roses are one of the top favorite choices for wedding bouquets, and they can be perfect for smaller bouquets and make the flowers look vibrant and colorful with less number of flowers. With these effective choices, the small wedding bouquets make a proper impact.

Why Stick To One Flower?

Brides can also go for a color popping mix with roses, tiny daisies, peonies, and billy balls. The light color combination will go in sync with the pleasant theme of the wedding ceremony. These small but elegant wedding bouquets make sure that the flowers don’t steal the show yet make a very composed add-on to the wedding attire.

Small wedding bouquets are adorable to carry, and they let the focus on your overall getup rather than focusing on the big flowers that you would be holding. There have been many high profile weddings where brides choose to carry smaller wedding bouquets instead of huge ones, and this trend continues to reign and makes its impact. For the wedding dress to take center stage, it is essential for the wedding flower bouquet to be of the right size. The bouquet should go in theme with the rest of the wedding ceremony. There are many other reasons you should opt for small wedding flower bouquets. They look classy and rusty which gives the wedding ceremony an extra edge to feel a little retro, and they might go perfectly in sync with your bridesmaids. Check out the best Wholesale Flowers Online and get pleasant and fresh flowers for your wedding.

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