7 activities to do when travelling

7 activities to do when travelling

Travelling before the cold weather hits the main regions is something you should take advantage of now.Remember when you used to have loads of fun at the beach, or spending time at the theme parks, or wherever you would spend that mini vacation with your family before the winter break? Well, you can relive that time again. Below are some of the things which are somewhat beach-worthy activities, as well as some other activities worth noting. In fact, you don’t have to even spend a dime except for your vehicle’s gas to get to your destination.

7 activities to do when travelling


The 7 things to do before winter break.


  1. Collect seashells

This one is a no-brainer. How can you not go to the beach without collecting shells? For every shell you pick up try to get another. This way you have two and you’ll “double your winnings” on shell collecting. With so many shells on the beach, regardless of where you are at, you are bound to find them. From sand-dollars, conch shells, starfish, pelican’s feet, whelks, and many more…you’ll discover that beaches offer many treasures from the beautiful ocean.


  1. Time capsule creation

Before you head to your destination,take some mementos that represent you as an individual as well as anyone else who is going with you. If your friends, or other family members go too, then have them take something that represents themselves. This can be a picture, a skateboard wheel, a golf ball, or whatever you feel that can identify you as an individual. You can create a “time capsule” with a shoe box. Bury it in a safe spot where you may be able to find it the next time you go to that beach town you were visit.It’ll be more exciting next year when you hunt it down and open it!


  1. Cameras and photo taking

Whether you take your polaroid camera for old time sake, or you have your mobile camera, taking pictures is one of the best things to do while travelling. When you head to your destination,it becomes an oasis for you, your friends, and your family. This is the perfect time to pose or take live photo shots of your children or group of friends at the museums, dining out, on the Ferris Wheel, or whatever you plan on doing at your mini-travel destination. You’ll never relive those moments so take a snapshot of it and live with it forever!


  1. Use an inflatable paddle board

Take an inflatable paddle board with you to the river. They are safe and secured to use plus you’ll have loads of fun with your friends or the kids. Some are easy to use and affordable, but you’ll find some on the higher-end price range, although depending on your level of skill, you may want to go with the least expensive one for the river or camping trip. They’re easy to use and with most of them, you will have plastic or aluminum paddles, removable fins, repair kits, shoulder straps, pumps, and even a carrying bag. Since all you do is pump it up with air, you’ll be on your way for a nice paddle ride along down a river.Again, depending on your skill level will determine how far you’ll go in the water. (Don’t forget to always wear a life jacket when in the water!)


  1. Limbo dance competition

If you have your family in tow when you travel, or if you’re with a group of friends, one of the best past times is having a “limbo dance” competition.The famous Limbo dance activity can be held at the hotel you’re staying at, the pool,the beach, anywhere outdoors and plus, this is another perfect photo op as well. Have a competition with blaring music in the background and show your dance moves as you waddle under the Limbo stick. You can make one out of two broom sticks tied together which is the cheapest way to do this, plus you’ll need some blaring music to get things going!


  1. Skate at the local skate park, ice rink, or roller rink

When travelling to another state, most big cities you visit will have one of these: skateboard park, ice skating rink, or roller skating rink. If you do any of these, go for it! If not, go to it and learn. There’s always lessons being taught in these places. Plan ahead and maybe you can schedule a lesson when you go on your trip. Go to the city’s official website and find out who and what is going on with their local parks and recreation centers or department. Normally, they’ll have a calendar of events link that you can click on to find out.


  1. Volleyball

Gather your family and friends and plan on having a volleyball tourney. Playing a game with others shows great team work whether it’s with friends, co-workers, or family, you’ll have a ball! It’s another popular activity you allcan playing at a public park ora beach.It’s as popular today as it was decades ago. All you need is about 8 people and a ball, even if it’s a beach ball. You do not have to be a pro either.


Finally, you’ll always remember the trip to the beach with these 7 fascinating things to do at the beach this year. Most adventurers like this don’t cost a penny because it’s the backdrop that serves as the most valuable thing for you and your guests as well as the laughs you’ll have while enjoying yourself at your beach destination.




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