6 Small Changes Your Family Can Make To Save Money

Saving money can seem like a daunting mission, especially if you’re trying to do it as a family. It’s impossible to control what everybody is doing all the time, but with a few tricks, you can make some small changes in your household to help you keep money in your pocket.

The best way to accomplish it is by being creative about how you spend your money, like buying clothes off-season or getting a museum membership. Another option is to make “invisible” changes like installing LED lights and eco shower heads, to save electricity and water. Here are six small changes that can help your family save more money.

Consume Less Water
Consume Less Water

A simple way to reduce your water bill is to install eco shower heads and eco taps around the house. They usually mix air with the water flow, and you can end up reducing your consumption by more than 50 percent. The great thing is that you won’t even notice the difference.

Cut Your Family’s Hair at Home

If you have a big family, going to the salon every six weeks or so can quickly become expensive. Cutting your kids’ hair at home is a lot simpler than you think and can help you save money. If you fail miserably, you can always try a buzz cut and not worry about cutting it for a couple of months.

Start Using LED Lights

LED lights are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, but as they are super efficient, you can save as much as 90 percent on lighting bills. They also tend to last for a long time — sometimes over a decade — and generate little to no heat, which makes them safer than traditional light bulbs.

Look out for Off-Season Deals

You shouldn’t wait until it gets cold to buy a warm winter coat; they can be a lot cheaper during the summer. It’s also a good idea to service your HVAC unit during the off-season as you may find attractive discounts, and the system will be working efficiently, saving you even more money on utility bills.

Consider Using Power Strips

Did you know that even when you turn electronic devices off they still consume energy? Instead of unplugging each device off the wall, the best course of action is to use a power strip and shut all devices down with one button. Nowadays, there are even smart power strips that automatically power down printers and scanners when you turn your PC off.

Get a Museum Membership

If there’s a museum near your house that frequently offers interesting activities and exhibitions for your kids, you should consider getting a membership. They usually pay for themselves with a couple of visits, and you can have fun for a whole year.

At the end of the day, saving money is a lot more about changing your habits than turning your life upside down. You don’t need to change everything in one go, but as long as you make sure you’re buying things smartly and not wasting energy or water, you should have more money in your pocket every month.


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