5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need

5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need

Although it is still not officially winter, the frost in the air that greets us every morning says otherwise. For those of us that like to get stuck in our gardens in the spring and summer months, fall and winter can be a depressing time of year.

That doesn’t mean to say that we should completely disregard our gardens during this time, in fact it should be just the opposite as this is the time when the garden requires the most amount of maintenance.  5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need With our list of five useful hacks, your garden can stay strong over those cold winter months.

5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need

5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need
5 Winter Garden Hacks You Definitely Need


A greenhouse is the gardener’s first port of call when the weather turns sour, as it offers a safe haven for plants to thrive in. Not only does the greenhouse maintain a warm climate, but it also shields plants from heavy rainfall and wildlife that may cause harm.

Available in a range of sizes, even the smallest garden can accommodate a greenhouse. Depending on the number of plants that you want to grow over winter, a small one-tiered greenhouse could be all that you may need.

Winter Crops

Just as many thrive in the heat of summer, there is also a selection of winter crops that are perfect to keep you busy. Spinach is one of our favourite winter crops as not only does this provide nutrients aplenty, the plant itself provides gorgeous colour in the garden and, once leaves have been cut, will continue to grow.

Other crops that are ideal to grow over winter include; garlic, kale, onion, lettuce and, everyone’s favourite festive treat, sprouts. With the right care and attention, all of your fruit and veg needs will be catered for by your thriving winter garden.

Artificial Grass

One of the biggest annoyances for any gardener is seeing the time and hard work put into keeping your lawn pristine throughout the spring and summer all fall apart. Grass turns to mud and green turns to yellow as the weather becomes bitterly cold, leaving you with an unsightly garden.

Traditionalists may be against this, but an artificial lawn will mean that you need not worry about a deteriorating patch in the garden. Not only that, you won’t need to drag the lawnmower out in the summer, allowing you more time to focus on growing plants and crops.


Weeds are a right pain, seemingly popping up from out of nowhere and have no respect for where they decide to sprout up. One of their favourite places to reside is in between plants and crops, taking more than their fair share of nutrients.

When weeds are growing in between your plants, you want to resist from using harmful chemicals as they will kill off what you want to grow as well as the weeds. Mulch is a safer and greener alternative to fighting off weeds, by prohibiting rainfall and sunlight from reaching the weeds, whilst allowing plants all of the nutrients they require.


If you have never heard of the term ‘deadheading’, then you are not alone. This is when the flowers heads of flowers that are beginning to fade are cut off, allowing the plant to focus on becoming stronger and growing more flowers.

Although this may seem barbaric to the untried eye, this can be the best thing that you can do to encourage plants to grow stronger and live longer.

With these five helpful hacks to get you through winter, we are confident that your garden will power on through the wind and rain.

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