5 Things to Do in Japan This February

5 Things to Do in Japan This February

5 Things to Do in Japan This February

There is no bad time to visit Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is a country that offers so many experiences that will fascinate any tourist that visits it. You can visit this 5 Things to Do in Japan This February country in any season. Your experience will surely create memories that will enrich your existence. Just make sure you fit it in your vacation schedule as soon as you can and you won’t regret it.

5 Things to Do in Japan This February
5 Things to Do in Japan This February

If you are planning to go to Japan this February, you are in for a treat. And if you didn’t plan until now, you should seriously think about it. There are plenty of travel companies offering tailor made holidays in Japan. It will certainly make February 2017 a month to remember.



Did you know that spring starts on the 4th of February for the Nippon people? Let this new beginning for them be an inspiration for you to start a long-lasting affair with this country. Explore the opportunities February lies ahead for you in addition to the all-season must-see places. Choose from the 5 things to do in Japan this February:


  1. Setsubun Celebrations

Setsubun is an important day in Japan that marks the eve before spring according to the lunar calendar and is celebrated on the 3rd of February. While some families celebrate the coming of spring inside their home with specific family traditions that are meant to scare demons away, lots of people take to the streets especially near shrines and temples.


A tourist will be marvelled and immediately be immersed in the Japanese culture during this celebration when people throw roasted soy beans in the air and shout “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” which means “Demons out! Happiness in!” Also, prizes and even money are thrown out at the crowds.


  1. Winter Sports

For those that love skiing or snowboarding and didn’t think to associate winter sport with Japan until now, this is your epiphany moment: Japan has many mountainous regions with a lot of snow fall making it a perfect destination for winter sport aficionados. There are more or less 500 ski and snowboard resorts (also called as “ski-jo”) that offer a massive range of choice for even the most scrupulous skier.


  1. The Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival gathers about two million people from Japan and from abroad every year at the beginning of February, and 2017 will be no different. Remarkable snow and ice sculptures will make Sapporo a fantasy land for the 68th time. The festival is staged on three sites: Odori, Tsudome and Susukino each providing different activities and attractions. But whatever your cup of tea is, do not miss the 25 metres wide and 15 metres high sculptures from the Odori Park.


  1. 2017 Tokyo Marathon

On the 26th of February, you can participate in the Tokyo Marathon either as a competitor or as a spectator as it is a fest in itself. In 2016, 36000 runners participated in the competition and 1.7 million people cheered on the side. You may wonder why there is such a big turnout at a sporting event. Because of course in Japan, things happen differently and they turned the marathon in a parade. If sports and costumes are your thing, then book your February holiday in Japan today. Travel blog


  1. The Blossoming of Ume

The images that are associated most with Japan are temples and pink blossoms. The blossoming of Ume, the Japanese plum, marks the start of spring; and a new beginning is celebrated with festivals and events in public parks, shrines and temples all over the country. In Tokyo, blossomed umes can be admired and celebrated in late February.

February is a perfect time to plan a vacation in Japan. Whether you love to ski or snowboard and look for the perfect resort to show your talent or you want to experience first-hand what a 25-meter-high snow sculpture looks like, you will have plenty of things to do in Japan. The country’s unique culture will leave you enchanted as you experience some of the many festivals and events that take place in February in the Nippon land.

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