5 Professional Spaces Dominated By Saree-Clad Women!

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Fashion has always been so crucial in professional circuits. The brand value and sentiment fashion evoke are unmatchable. Say ‘Air India’ and all you could remember is the Maharaja icon and saree-clad air stewardess. However, today power dressing is all about being more sophisticated, more narcissistic – putting emphasis on visual imagery and more strategic.

An increasing trend of women wearing office sarees has changed the dynamic at the workplace. They don’t need a business suit because they aren’t competing with men. They are well aware of their femininity and are self-sufficient. Here, we are bringing you 5-professions where you can see women wearing sarees. These work areas are ruled by ‘women in sarees’ and it is so integrated and intertwined that it is difficult to imagine them apart.

The Upper Crust!

The Upper Crust!

Take any business run by women entrepreneurs and you can see a striking similarity- women with a penchant for Handloom Sarees. From a tussar silk saree to soft silk and cotton silk sarees, they own sarees that can give you major wardrobe goals. They might switch to western dresses on and off, but it is always the saree that they seem to have a soft spot for!

The Airlines Crew and Ground Staff

The Airlines Crew and Ground Staff

Honestly, can you ever imagine an airline staff without those neatly pleated sarees? Though nowadays you might not see them that dressed up in a saree but you would have to agree with us here that how those perfectly draped sarees compelled us to mimic their gait and left us wanting to wear a saree.


Doctors Sarees

A medical professional in saree looks elegant and inspires confidence. Most of them stick to cotton salwar suits and sarees for the practice and we have grown up seeing them like that.


Teachers Sarees

Can you really take Sushmita Sen out of your mind? The beautiful teacher who brought the sexy back to the saree! Swaying on the tunes of super hit number, she made us believe in the power of the saree! In real life though, it is cotton, silk cotton and Linen Sarees with ikkat pallu for teachers. These fabrics are easy to maintain and aren’t expensive. This is why it is a go-to option for workwear for many professional women. As usual, it is always a cotton one or cotton-silk to wear it for longer periods and crease-free.

The Front-Desk Executives and Receptionists

The Front-Desk Executives and Receptionists Sarees

The hundreds of women who coordinate work across offices and do such a thankless job without even as much as a crease on the forehead! A workwear saree seems to be their default dress unless there is a protocol for that.

Beautiful and classy, a saree is the perfect choice for workwear. It is definitely not a new trend since we have been seeing women in sarees all over the workplaces and corporate, irrespective of the work profile and work. The shift timings, the commute and the nature of work don’t let them stop wearing a saree to then work and flaunt it! So, what’s your excuse of not include a saree to the office wardrobe?

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