5 Dress Types for Women: Do You Know How to Choose the Right Piece of Jewelry to Match Them?


Picking out the ideal dress for a night out, special dinner, or event is only half the task. Finding

that perfectly-suited jewelry item to coordinate with the outfit is like the icing on the cake.

Too many women overthink it. The average woman spends around 90 minutes in front of a

mirror or in their closet trying to decide between the little black dress and the strapless, the pearl

necklace or the choker. But this becomes counterproductive. Either you know what jewelry to

pair with a dress type or you don’t.

This is your cheat sheet for choosing the right piece of jewelry match your dress type.

A Note on Functionality

Before we start, whichever piece of jewelry you choose, it has to be fit for purpose. This means

if you are dressing for a work event, and you might have to demo a new piece of equipment or

will have to jump behind a keyboard, you might not want anything dangly hanging from your

wrist. Similarly, you won’t want to wear the same earrings you would choose before a night out

in a club. Before you start the search for jewelry, be smart, and give some thought to


Strapless Dresses

Celebrity Jewelry that accompanies strapless dresses is often limited to short necklaces and

chokers. However, it is worth going for something subtle and understated here, so as not to

distract from the dress.

Because the low neckline leaves the arms, chest, and shoulders bare, it is perfectly acceptable

to wear both a necklace and earrings with a strapless dress. But again, go understated. Classic

diamond studs are always a winner here.

High Neckline

With a high neckline, it is best to ditch the necklace. It will only make your neckline cluttered and

can make your neck look shorter. Instead, go for longer, more dangly earrings to elongate the

neck and a sparkly bracelet.


V-necks match perfectly with short necklaces with dangly pendants. The chain length should

match the scoop of the cleavage. You can pair earrings with the pendant, or if you have nothing

matching, go for something classic like small studs.

Finally, with a V-neck dress, it is best to keep bracelets solid and single-coloured. There is so

much action going on around the neck, you don’t want anything around your wrist that is going

to take away from that.

A Bateau Neckline

Bateau necklines are designed to show off your collarbone and angles. Therefore, you want

something that is going to enhance this. Short pearls are perfect, as are small drop earrings. On

the wrist, go understated, much like for V-necks. If you want to add a little more spice to the

look, then go big on the ring and make a statement there instead.

One-Shoulder Dress

Dresses that hang off one shoulder are crying out for some dangly bold earrings. Pair the

earring colour with the dress colour for the optimal effect.

Loud Patterns Need Quiet Jewelry

While these guidelines are good rules of thumb for each dressing type, patterned colours can

change the landscape slightly. If you have a loud pattern, you should opt for quieter jewelry.

Bold patterns call for solid bracelets, necklaces, and earrings without too much sparkle. Bold

dresses and bold jewelry together just brings too many extroverts to the party and leads to a

shouting match.

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