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Men’s Fashion Tips And Style Guide For 2018

Men’s fashion can be very influential when the celebrities is wearing it. They could be wearing something unique that makes them stand out. However, some fashion statements can even rub off on other celebrities.

And if celebrities are wearing it, fans might also. So in this article, we will cover 4 things that every male celebrity is wearing. If you’re into fashion, maybe you can get an idea to try for yourself.

1.     Jewelry

To celebs, jewelry is like an American Express card – they don’t leave home without it. In fact, some male celebrities are

Always Wearing Bling – even to bed!

There are lots of options here for jewelry. And it sounds like it came out of a movie, but they really do have jewelry for specific occasions, just as they would have clothing for different occasions.

A lot of male celebs wear earrings, not just for special occasions, but around the clock. Or, maybe it’s a certain ring, or more than one ring. While men are not usually inclined to wear necklaces, they can occasionally be found around the male celeb neck.

2.     Makeup

Some male celebrities wear makeup, but it’s not just onscreen. They are also wearing it to premieres as well as off-screen.

The fact is, male celebrities are just as concerned with looking good as female celebrities, especially on the red carpet. The most common makeup used is foundation, which covers up blemishes, reddish skin, even acne.

It has been reported that one celebrity even used a concealer to mask imperfections in his skin.

So kooky or not, Makeup is a part of men’s fashion, and male celebrities can be just as determined to look good onscreen as well as off-screen.

3.     Suits

It used to be an unwritten rule during the “Golden Age” of the movie business that male celebrities wore a suit on the red carpet. Cary Grant or Rock Hudson wouldn’t have been caught dead at a movie premiere without “putting on the Ritz.”

Today, casual wear has become the unwritten rule. However, many men are keeping the old suit fashion alive and well. You can still see the pinstripes, the patterned suits, some with ties – traditional or non-traditional – and some without.

Whether you like the new ensembles or not, it’s still refreshing to see that the suit is still around.

4.     Hairpieces

Going bald is tough for men, especially the ever-appearance-conscious celebrity. Admittedly, bald doesn’t work for everyone. Many celebs choose to wear hair pieces instead, and for them, it works.

You may already know some of these names, but here is just a small list of men who are making it work:

  • Ben Affleck – rumor has it that he is bald. It’s understandable why he would wear one.
  • John Travolta – sources have reported that if he didn’t think his hairpiece was perfect for magazine shoots, he would ask for a reshoot.
  • Jason Alexander – self-explanatory.

So in the world of fashion, there’s never a dull moment. We hope you found this article informative and helpful.

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