4 Innovative Appliances Every Modern Home Needs

Many of the appliances in our homes have remained relatively unchanged since their initial invention. Your washing machine washes clothes, your dryer dries them, and so on. Perhaps your appliances have gotten more efficient over the last few decades, but have any shown true innovation? If your modern home seems a little dated when it comes to gadgets, consider upgrading with these four smart appliances.

Sonos Wireless Home Speakers

4 Innovative Appliances Every Modern Home Needs
4 Innovative Appliances Every Modern Home Needs

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A home audio system used to mean an unsightly mess of tangled cords, an array of speakers that take up space, and a one-room experience. Sonos wireless home speakers change all of that. You can put a Sonos speaker in every room of your house and control them all with your voice using the Sonos One, which supports Amazon Alexa and 50 music services. Sonos offers three different speaker sizes for general use, plus a Playbase, Playbar, and Sub for your TV and two different speakers for your stereo.

Evolution Control System

You probably aren’t still using a rotary phone or a big, boxy television, so why hang onto your outdated thermostat? A smart thermostat like the Evolution Control system will pay for itself over time by optimizing your HVAC system’s settings, increasing both efficiency and comfort. You’ll be able to control every aspect of your HVAC system, from temperature to relative humidity, right from your smartphone. The Evolution Control system can even detect dirty air filters and remind you when to schedule system maintenance.

Behmor Brewer Connected Coffee Maker

Surprised to see a coffee maker on this list? After all, you already have a single-cup system that produces a cup of specialty coffee in a handful of minutes. What else could you need? The answer is Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’ve ever wished you could have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you when you get out of bed, a Behmor Brewer connected coffee maker is the answer.

Simply connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi and download the app. Then you can use your smartphone or Amazon Alexa to start a fresh pot of coffee wherever and whenever you want, such as before you leave the office. Take advantage of a pre-soak setting, variable brewing temperatures, and saved brewing profiles.

Amazon Echo or Google Home

Speaking of Alexa, if you don’t already have a home assistant, now is a great time to buy one. You’ll find two excellent systems available: the Amazon Echo or Google Home. The former supports more smart-home devices, offers more than 10,000 “skills” (similar to apps), and can play music from the most popular streaming apps. Google Home brings Google’s search and voice control expertise to your home assistant, and you can link it to multiple Google accounts. This allows you to check your Google calendar and manage reminders.

The best news for anyone trying to build a smart home is that these four appliances are just the tip of the iceberg. From light bulbs to refrigerators, almost every aspect the modern home can enter the 21st century with Wi-Fi connectivity, app integration, voice control, and energy-saving updates.


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