3 Ways To Pack and Move Quickly

Moving can be a stressful process. If it is your first time, you might already be dreading the experience. If you are not a first-time mover, you might already be giving yourself a pep talk on why you need to embrace the process. Do not worry as you are not alone. As much as we would all want to stay in one place forever, we often find ourselves moving to a new home sooner. To make this process easier and faster, here are a few moving tips.

Look For A Mover

There are different ways to move which depends on the things you have, your budget and how far you are going. You can choose to move alone, or hire a professional mover. If you are comfortable driving a truck to your new home and you have good friends who can help you pack and unpack, then you can choose to move on your own especially if you want to be in control of the moving. However, be prepared for hidden costs such as the moving truck insurance, gas and the rental of equipment such as furniture covers.

You can choose to hire a professional man and van company such as the well-known Supreme man and van  that offers moving services for small and large moving at an affordable price. This option is great as it saves you the trouble of packing your stuff and driving to your new place it is also cheaper as you can share the van space with other customers if you do not need the whole space.

Start Early

Packing can take a lot of your time, and it is advisable to start two to three weeks earlier. Start by packing things that you use least. If you plan on using a professional mover, contact them beforehand so that they can book you in their schedule.

Strategy Packing

Mark the boxes with things you will need first with a symbol. To access things you might need on the day of moving such as change of clothes or toiletries, put them in a suitcase or somewhere where you can easily find them.

Use Boxes Well

Put small light stuff in big boxes and heavy stuff in small boxes so that they are easy to carry and do not break.

Make Use Of Trash Bags

Trash bags can be stuffed into the truck and squeezed into shapes than boxes. Fill them with soft non-breakable stuff.

Pad, Stack, And Pack

Don’t pack towels or blankets rather, use them as pads and save on the boxes. You can wrap them on artwork and lamp bases. For lampshades, remove them to protect them from breaking and stack them from small to large and put them in a box to ensure they arrive safely.

Be Ready

When the movers arrive, you should have your stuff packed. Dissemble items that will need to be loaded apart, pack your bolts and nuts well. Roll up items such as rags and tape them. If you are organized, you will spend less time and money moving especially if the movers charge per hour.

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