25 Simple Outdoor Activities For Kids

25 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Are you wondering how you can keep your children busy when they are outside the house? Outdoor activities such as games are an important part in kid’s development. They help the kid to develop different skills.

If you are not sure about the best outdoor activities your kids can engage in, we’ve got you covered. As you will see, most of them are easy to understand and will not get your kids tired.

And, before you head out to these fun activities, always keep safety in mind. Please sure your kids are safely strapped in their car seats when you are about to drive to these events. See more on car seats and its safety here: https://10bestranked.com/best-convertible-car-seat/

Nature Hunt

You can come up with a list of flowers, trees and other things in your compound and direct your kids to look for them as they take their photos. To make the activity more enjoyable, the kids can use simple binoculars made from toilet paper rolls.

Spray Painting

You can mix a non-toxic paint with water then request your kid to dip the brush inside the paste and spread on a paper. Let them try this with different colors. The activity helps your kid to develop painting and art skills.

Water Painting

Instead of using paint which is a bit messy, the kids can use water to paint their desired shapes on the surface.The best thing with using water is that no clean up is required.

Escape The Water Jet

You can attach a hose to a water tap and stand at a distance. Direct the water to the kid as he/she tries to escapes from the water. This enables the kid to gain physical strength.

Beam Balance

You can set up a beam balance outside your house. This is a great outdoor activity that kids love.

Garden Hide and Seek

This is where children hide in different parts of the compound and one of kid searches for them. This game is one of the easiest and favorite games amongst children. The game enables the kids to develop social and cognitive skills.

Lawn Bowling

The major benefit of this game is that you do not require pins. All you need to do is to keep the rock 8 feet from the starting point. Divide the balls amongst the kids and tell them to remember the color you have assigned to each of them. They should then throw the ball and try to get it as close as possible to the rock to determine the winner.

The Sliding Ball

This game is usually played in a park that has a slide. The game involves passing the ball by a team through the slide. It enables the kids to develop team building and social skills.

Prick The Soap Bumbles

Kids normally use a bubble-making gun to create many bubbles. All that is required is soap and a bubble-making gun.

Mud Hand Impressions

You just direct your kid on how to make hand impressions on the mud or sand.  Let your kid repeat the process several times.

Hula Hoop Challenge

This one is very simple since you only need to show your kid how to rotate the hula hoop.

The Car Race

You can draw lines on the surface and ask your kids to move the toy cars along the lines. You just need a toy car and chalk.  The game enables the kid to develop fine motor skills.

Stack and Balance The Rocks

This is a very simple game where kids try to balance small rocks on a surface.

Alphabet Game

Direct the children to sit in a circle then tell them to say the alphabetical letters in sequence.

Sponge Bull’s Eye

Use colored chalks to draw bull’s eye on the ground. The kid should stand at a distance and throw a watered sponge aiming at the center.

Musical Chairs

Keep chairs which are less than the number of kids near the children and let them walk around the chairs as the music is playing. They should stop when the music stops and sit in the closest chair. The kid who does not get a chair is eliminated and one chair is removed. At the end, there will be only one chair remaining with one kid who becomes the winner. 

Playing Hopscotch

When playing this game, kids normally draw a hopscotch on the ground where each grid is numbered using a colored chalk. The kids then jump to specific numbers. This is a very easy and interesting game. It enables the kids to gain basic mathematics skills also enables them to gain physical strength.

Fastest Rope Pullers

A group of children who divide themselves into two groups plays the game. You can tie one end of the rope to a tricycle or toy and then the kids try to tug the tricycle as quickly as possible. This game enables the kids to develop team building skills as well as gross motor skills.

Pass The Ball

This is a game whereby one kid passes the ball to another who says one then passes it to another who says two and the game continues like that. It enables the kids to enhance their knowledge in numbering.

Painting Stones

Kids usually arrange stones and then paint them in different colors. This game enhances creativity in children.

Treasure Hunt

You can hide some edible items within the compound and request you kid to search for them.

Walking Race

You can stand far from your kid and direct him/her to come for a toy. Move further as the kid approaches. This will enable your kid to gain physical strength.

Sandbox Game

Keep a sandbox in the compound and place all the favorite toys of your kids in that sandbox. Let your kid sit on it and enjoy playing with the toys.

Sow Seeds

You can guide the kids on how to sow various seeds in the garden.  Give them gloves, shovel and the seeds.

Collecting Seashells

Our Final Take

This is a very simple activity for your kids. Just take them to the beach and guide them on how to find seashells.

It is my hope that your kids will enjoy find the above games interesting. The best thing is that they are easy to understand and the materials required are easy to find. They will also learn different things as they play.


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