How 2016 changed the face of vaping around the world

How 2016 changed the face of vaping around the world

How 2016 changed the face of vaping around the world

What can we say about 2016? It was a pretty big year all round. Prince died, Britain effectively ended it’s 40-year marriage with the EU, and Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. How 2016 changed the face of vaping around the world It was a pretty mixed bag. And things were no different in the vaping industry. Here’s a roundup of the biggest developments in vaping around the world that took place in 2016.

How 2016 changed the face of vaping around the world

United States

First things first, let’s have a look at what happened to vaping here at home in the past year.

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve talked about the FDA here on the Blacknote blog, but the regulations continue to change the world of vaping and hit the headlines. On May 10th 2016, the FDA issued their ‘Deeming Regulations’. This meant that the FDA were officially deeming e-cigarettes to be the same as every other kind of tobacco product, and from that moment onwards vaping would be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as smoking. Vape manufactures will now have a million and one hoops to jump through in order to get their products on the market.

The full set of regulations will unfold over the next two years. So no doubt this would be the last time we talk about the FDA – sorry guys! We talked about the FDA rulings a little more in depth late last year, so, if you’re interested, you can check out that blog post here.

The EU

Over in the European Union vapers were hit with new regulations in May – May 20th to be exact, just ten days after the FDA announced their ruling here in the States. The radical new regulations imposed in the EU include smaller refill containers, restricting the size to 10ml; a drop in permitted strength from 24mg to 20mg; a reduction in cartridges to a maximum of 2ml; and greater government scrutiny of manufacturers. And yes, these regulations do still apply in the United Kingdom.


Up in neighbouring Canada, vaping regulation has been described as ‘heavy handed’ for some time now, and 2016’s ‘progress’ was no exception. 2016 saw more major cities in the country take a hard line against indoor vaping, and Bill S-5 was proposed in front of the House of Commons. Advocates of the bill are pushing toward measures that ensure vaping is treated the same way as smoking traditional cigarettes – giving the government the right to impose tougher regulations, monitor warning labels, and change the way e-cigarettes are packaged. Some regions of Canada already have restrictions on the way e-cigarettes are displayed in retail stores. Canada seems hellbent on making vaping difficult, and 2016 saw anti-vape proponents push things ever further.


You might be surprised to learn that quite a lot happened to the vaping industry in Australia this past year. Australia have been keen to protect kids from the ‘dangers’ of vaping for some time now and the regulations proposed in 2016 follow that same golden rule: think of the children!

The Tobacco Amendment Bill was enacted in Victoria, which subjects vapers to the same regulations as smokers. Meaning no vaping in designated smoke-free places, no advertising in shops, and no vaping outdoors within 4m of food being served.


Many Asian countries have taken a hard line against vaping for years and years now. Some countries have bans that date back to 2003, but 2016 did see some developments in the region.

In April of 2016, the FDA in the Philippines issued an important advisory, stating that e-cigs are not a proven nicotine replacement therapy. This prompted some anti-vape factions to call on the government to impose new restrictions and regulations on the industry.

Over in Malaysia the political system is a little complicated. The country is a federation, made up of 13 autonomous states with the power to enact their own laws. The good news is not all of Malaysia’s regions are taking a stand against vaping. The bad news is 4 states imposed a full-on ban of e-cigarettes and vaping on the 1st of January 2016.

Vaping around the world changed quite a lot in 2016. But what will 2017 hold? You’ll have to wait until next year’s roundup to find out!



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