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20 places to visit in gangtok

Have you thought of taking a long summer break to ease yourselves from the stress that daily routine gives? Then think no more and plan for a trip to the most adorable and must visit place which is the city of gangtok which is the ready made solution to all your holiday plans. There are an umpteen number of places that you may want to visit at gangtok. Hurry, make a trip to Gangtok right away and get some exciting discounts through akbar travel offers.

Specialties of Gangtok

The best tourism friendly spot that you may want to explore is the capital city of india’s most clean state Sikkim. It is rich in mountain and scenic view of the places nearby with a mix of cultures and inhabitants like Nepalis, Lepchas, and bhutia. It’s a cooler climate there and is ambient for a happy day vacation. Now check out the places that are a must visit when you decide to go there.

Phodong Monastery

Built in the early 18th century, the monastery is considered to be the right place to find peace and realise your inner self in this monastery. This place is believed to be built on a foundation of an existing monastery. It is the most deeply respected and followed ones among the residents of Sikkim and shows you great insights on the cultural heritage of Sikkim.

Nathu La Pass

This is the place in Sikkim that connects the state of Sikkim with China and Tibet’s autonomous regions. This pass was believed to be on of the most ancient trade routes that was used for catering to the transport of the silk trade and this nathu la pass is famously called the silk trade route which is considered to be of prime importance.

Kanchenjunga Mountain

Popularly referred to as the third highest mountain peak in the world, the keanchenjunga mountain is an absolute pleasure to explore in this scorching heat of our place. This place is believed to be the best attracted spots in gangtok which is always crowded during the vacation season. The peak can be viewed as a central point to view the entire city of gangtok.


This small yet beautiful town which is situated near gangtok at a countable distance of 6.5km is a place that you must visit. You may get to explore the serene beauty of the place with a sense of calmness and equanimity in the lifestyle of people living out there. There are some great events that keep going on in the tiny city to keep the tourists glued to explore the town further more.

Tsongmo Lake

It is always a pleasure to view the site of a running lake and once you started exploring the beauty of gangtok, you will get to know the charm of this Tsongmolake situated in the city of gangtok. It reflects multiple colors in different seasons and has a maximum depth of 15 metres. The lake is known to be the most cleanest lakes in india and is an absolute delight to watch the water running in that lake.

Ganesh Tok

This place is known to be situated at a 6500 metre above the sea level on the top of a breath taking hill. The famous lord ganesha is the main attraction in this temple. The Ganesh lok temple is located near the Tashi view point which is nearby a hill adjacent to television tower of Sikkim and gives a bang on view of the city. The road to the ganeshtok is popularly called the rainbow route due to its uncanny resemblance.

Seven Sister Water Falls

Soak under this wonderful water falls and get the eternal bliss as this waterfalls is a delight for the eyes and is sure to blow all that stress and sadness of your feet by just basking under the waters falls. They are the gift of the nature where seven different types of falls are seen at one bend and flows in a gracious manner. They are the top visit of you intend to visit gangtok.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple

Another site of attraction at the gangtok interiors is the Baba Harbhajan Singh memorial temple where in the temple is built in the memory of a soldier named harbhajan singh who died in the singh war when protecting the country and fellow soldiers near the nathu la pass. This is considered to be a temple built on the holy belief and is one of the must visit at the gangtok city.

The Flower Exhibition Center

After visiting some of the top spots at gangtok, this flower exhibition center is a light and worthy place that takes little time to explore. This place would be a treat to the eyes as the view of the various varieties of flowers blossoming at one place would blow your mind off and would make you lost in the ever green beauty.

MG Marg

Bored of roaming the spots and want to hit the markets and own the exotic produce of gangtok? Then the MG market is the right place where you may get to witness a lot of things that is needed on a daily basis is put on a attractive manner for a huge sale.

Khecheopalri Lake

This is a place that s deeply respected by both hindus and buddhism followers and has its own mythological connections with either religions. It is mostly respected for gods like Guru Padmasambhava, lord shiva. The place is easily accessible by all the tourists and can be of great experience for all.

Sa-NgorChotshog Centre

The place is located in the upper Tatchanchen area in gangtok. It is the one and only monastery in Sikkim which is owned by the Sakya order of Tibet buddhism people. There are a great range of paintings to be explored carefully and a still calmness makes it even more attractive and brings peace to the inner mind.

Fambong La Wildlife Sanctuary

A place where you can have a glimpse of the wildlife at one shot is the Fambong La wildlife sanctuary. The place is filled with wild orchids, Cat Binturongs, Himalayan beer and other exotic species. The highest point is this place is tinjure which is the highest point of the place. Come and get ready to explore this nature’s gift to us.

Himalayan Zoological Park

If you are looking forward to visit the biggest zoo in India and observe a combination of flora and fauna at one click then here is your bumper deal to hit the Himalayan zoological park. Here you may find Satyr Tragopan, barking deer, etc. Its surrounded by 260 acres of natural beauty and is a top catch if you come to gangtok.

Tashi View Point

The sunrise and sunsets are a delight to see and can be observed only from a few places and this Tashi view point is one of them where you can completely witness a full rise and set of the sun. You can combine a visit to the many nearby tourists spots here which are also of profound importance.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

This is the prime center where the tibetianbuddhism is studied and is carefully preserved in the state of gangtok. The visitors get a great opportunity to understand the culture and also mingle with their cultural heritage. The place is built in with carefully designed architecture that has a lot of intricate detailings. Do not forget this center when you plan a trip to gangtok.

Tashiding Monastery

The tashiding monastery is being run and maintained by the Nyingma sect of the tibetianbuddhism with a great legendary history of the people who lived there. The monastery is located the Rathongchu and the Rangeet rivers spicing up to its serene beauty. A little time spent in knowing the history of the place will leave a sense of satisfaction in getting to know

Rumtek Monastery

Known for its cultural heritage and significance. The rumtek monastery is the most ancestral monastery where the school there strictly follows the tibetianbuddhism and is specially famous for its Kagyu teachings. The building is based on a gompatibetian style architecture with deep history related to every antiques placed there.

Ban Jhakri Falls

Soak your selves in the goodness of this divine waterfalls placed at the city of gangtok that replenishes all he love for nature in your soul. The silence and happiness out there is the one we need for driving away every problem of your head. It is believed to be strongly connected to the local culture and is believed to drive away the bad spirits in the locality with its powerful waves of water.

Do Drulchorten Stupa

This place in the city of gangtok was built around the year 1945 by the head person of Nyingma order old buddhism of Tibet. The Mani lhakor referred to as the prayer wheels is the central theme in the place. It is placed at the top with a number of stairs that might be taxing but is all worth the peace and calmness that is present in here.


There are a lot of places outside the country which might give much more thrilling and joyous experience but Sikkim is one state in india which is a must visit by all the citizens as we get to experience a wholly different culture, mingle with them and get to visit their places of worship and realise a lot about the cultural heritage in india.

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