11 Last-Minute Celebration Ideas For A Romantic Successful Valentine’s Day

Every year in February, couples celebrate their love on the fourteenth of the month. The day is preceded by anticipation. It is the first big occasion after New Year’s for most people, after all. However, while some have been planning for the day since New Year’s, or even before, many find themselves short on time with Valentine’s Day a few weeks ahead. Whether the day has slipped your mind, and you are only aware it is closing now, or if you were waiting for the right idea to come by only to find yourself weeks away from the big day with no plans yet, this article will help you with eleven Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebrations that are last minute. Read on to save the day!

Let your Love Grow

Not all gifts are about the high price tag. Sentimental gifts make the best gifts because they are, simply, priceless. Planting a literal tree of love together can be a reminder of your love, not only on this Valentine’s Day but in all the days to come. As the tree grows, so will your days together, as it blossoms, so will your love. Choose a tree that is suitable for the area in which you live. Fruit trees and flower trees are the most romantic, but if your loved one has a favorite tree, take your cue from that. Celebrating that special day by plating a living being will also make you bond uniquely. And as you enjoy the Health Benefits of Drinking Water, so will your love tree.

Love in the Air

One of the simplest and most joyful ways to celebrate special occasions is balloons. The best thing? They are cheap, and very easy and quick to set up. If you didn’t make celebration plans for Valentine’s, simply make a stop at any supermarket or gift shop and buy balloons of different colors, red or heart-shaped are best, but not mandatory. Blow the balloons and use them to decorate your home to surprise your valentine when they walk in.

Relationship Tour

It’s Valentine’s Day morning, and you haven’t made any plans, what do you do? Take your special one on a relationship tour. Get in the car and make stop at places that witnessed good times or landmarks in your relationship. The spot where you first met, a park where you spent a memorable evening and the pace where you had your first kiss are some of the things you can include in your tour, but feel free to tailor the tour to represent your relationship.

Love Coupons

Have you been up all night with work only to wake up with a dull complexion and no ideas or time for this Valentine’s? Grab a pen and make coupons for your Valentine to be cashed in at their convenience. Be as modest or immodest as you like with the coupons. This will take you a few minutes, and it will give your partner days of fun with the coupon book.

Pizza and a Movie

No matter how many fancy dates you go on, there were always be something very intimate and special about a cozy night at home with pizza and a movie or two. Escape the hustle and bustle of this busy day this year, and prepare a few movies that suit your loved one’s taste, order your favorite takeout, and enjoy a relaxing, intimate night at home. No reservations are needed!

Let the Petals Speak

If you at loss of words and celebrations for this Valentine’s Day, let roses speak. Scatter rose petals for your valentine to see when they enter the house, or in strategic places like the dinner table or the bed. This small gesture can make an ordinary dinner Valentine’s Day Special.

Special Valentine’s Breakfast

Start the day off with the Valentine’s Day spirit, and make your special someone an occasion appropriate breakfast. No preparation or kitchen skills are needed. Simply cut a marshmallow into a heart to top your valentine’s drink, or if you have some barista skills, be creative with your latte art and top their coffee with heat, or several hearts. If you happen to have some strawberries at hand, roll them in chocolate or chocolate cream for a simple Valentine’s Day treat. If your culinary skills and pantry contents allow, maybe even bake heart-shaped cookies.

DIY Valentine’s Day Card

A card with a heartfelt message is a simple, yet sentimental gift idea. You can take this to the next level and make your loved one’s day extra special by making the Valentine’s Day card yourself.

Candle Light Dinner

Take your simple dinner to the level of romance suitable for that special day with a simple layout of candles on the table and throughout the house. Start your dinner off with a glass of water to enjoy the health benefits of drinking water with your valentine, then proceed to the main course that can be as complex or simple as your culinary skills allow.

Beauty Themed Celebration

A quick trip to Sephora can save Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend. Stock up on safety items like lipstick, black mascara, perfume and Eyelash Extensions to stay on the safe side. Avoid products that require special for skin type or skin tones like foundation or specialized facial masks.

A Bouquet of Flowers

The best things in life are classic and simple. Channel that “less is more” approach, and present a flower bouquet to your valentine. You can pick a simple arrangement from a florist, or pick some wildflowers yourself and wrap them with a simple ribbon.


If you’re short on time, there is no need to live through a dull Valentine’s Day and disappoint your partner. The above ideas can help you save the day and enjoy a romantic day.

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