10 Historic Buildings to Visit In New York

10 Historic Buildings to Visit In New York

The best way to witness the magnificent concrete structures of New York is from air. Your Airport Helicopter Tour Of New York is sure to give you a glimpse of iconic buildings like the Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty. While airport helicopter tour of New York can take you close to the iconic buildings here are a few historical destinations you must visit. Whether you view these buildings from your airport helicopter tour of New York or go to them on the ground, they should definitely be on your sightseeing bucket list.

Federal Hall

The architecture of the Federal Hall is based on Greek revival architecture. The building served as New York’s first City Hall. Guided tours of the buildings can help you understand the historical significance of the buildings.

Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic steel wire suspension bridge is one of the oldest roadways bridge in the country. There are guided tours which can take you on a walk across the bride. Fall is the perfect time to take a bike ride along the bridge and satisfy your soul with a beautiful sunset.

Trinity Church

The Trinity Church has played a key role in the history of New York. While the church is overshadowed by the tall buildings that sandwich it, the soaring Gothic revival spire attracts the attention of the crowds that pass by. Even if you are not particularly religious, the architecture and the historical significance of the church makes it a must-visit building.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Another religious building that everyone should visit is the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is a magnificent Neo-Gothic structure that can be seen from the airport helicopter tour of New York. You do not even have to enter the church to enjoy the architecture of the building.

Flatiron Building

From your airport helicopter tour of New York, you are sure to get a glimpse of the triangle skyscraper. Standing tall like a metallic cake slice is the Flatiron Building. The unique shape and scale are what invites visitors to it.

Apollo Theatre

The still functioning music hall has played a key role in the career of many Famous Musicians. You need to book your tickets in advance if you want to cherish the history of Harlem Music.

Chrysler Building

In New York, Art Deco lives on at the Chrysler Building. The building used to hold the record of being the world’s tallest building a long time in the past. While it may not be the tallest building in New York anymore, it still is worth a visit.

Carnegie Hall

The dream venue of musicians around the world should be on top of your bucket list. Even if you visit the building when there is no performance, you are sure to be enthralled by the magnificent decor.

Dakota Apartments

Home of the rich and powerful, Dakota Apartments is the perfect place for star spotters. You will find constant paparazzi monitoring the building due to the Building’s Noteworthy Residents. The building is also famous for the death of John Lennon and the shooting of Rosemary’s Baby.

Woolworth Building

Standing lonely after the 9/11 attack is the Woolworth Building. The building used to be framed perfectly between the two towers. Today this National Historic Landmark remains an awe-inspiring structure in the New York Skyline.

Visit these buildings to understand the spirit and history of the city of New York.

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