10 Best Beauty & Makeup Blogs For Women To Follow In 2018

Indian Beauty aand Makeup Blogger

10 Best Beauty & Makeup Blogs For Women To Follow In 2018 Delhi, India

With evolving Beauty standards and change in each perspective, Beauty and Makeup has found a new definition to it. From cat eye to smoky eye and smoldering Makeup, we’ve seen it all in the passing year 2017. Beauty and Makeup Bloggers are present everywhere but only few make it to the top list. Here are a few you can look forward to in 2018.

Meena – AngelMstyle

The blog has oomph, Fashion and Lifestyle. The blogger herself is very edgy and doesn’t shy away from experimenting. Her bang on beauty choices like the kohl eyes has made top the charts. Her blog is a total check out in 2018.

Indian Beauty & Makeup Blogger
                                                             Indian Beauty & Makeup Blogger

Be Beautilicious

This blog has all the flavors of Beauty and Makeup from hair to nail arts to extensions. The blog is all about basic needs and basic styling tips.

Makeup and Beauty Forever

If you are DIY fan and love trying all of that at home then this blog is going to get your 2018 pretty sorted. The blog has just the right amount of everything intact. You can get some unique beauty tips from this blog as well.

New Love- Makeup

The blogger to this blog is a complete skin freak. This is what drives her to this list wherein she gives some serious makeup tips. But is worth following is her skin care routine tips.

Everything That Matters

Skin Care does matter. And this is what the blogger wants to bring out with this blog. This blog is extremely useful to those who prefer keeping it classy and simple and putting their Skin Care on priority basis.

Makeup and Beauty Treasure

All those who dream of having nail arts and funky makeup sides must refer to this blog in 2018. All your queries will be sorted and how. The bubbly blogger is here to give us an insight of her makeup diaries.

Makeup and Beauty home

Coming year is all about taking good care of your skin. And product reviews are an essential part of it. So here’s a blog solely dedicated to this agenda. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Khadija Beiaty

Affordable Beauty hacks and beauty tricks are always a treat to the eyes. This blog has all of it and much more. There are beauty hacks, affordable alternatives and complete beauty magic.

Gorgeously Flawed

There’s perfection in imperfection. And this what this blogger comes up with. The blog has a series of completely honest review of products along with major makeup tricks to fall for.

Beauty and Fashion Freaks

This is the last but definitely not the least. The blog gives major experimentation goals to follow. Let this year bring some color and edginess to your life with this amazing blog.

Follow these blogs for an edgier and trendier 2018!

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