Show Your Seductive Side With Hot Dresses For Women

Show Your Seductive Side With Hot Dresses For Women
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They say “Women are those species which are capable of getting anything in the blink of an eye”. They know how to cast a spell on anyone they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. And if they happen to slip on a stunning hot dress for the event, even god cannot save you from falling head over heels in love with them.

In this article, we will shed some light on Hot Dresses For Women that not only accentuate their voluptuous curves but make them look like an angel from above.

Planning a night out with your besties? Or, eagerly waiting for a romantic dinner date with someone special?

 Whatever the reason, you cannot afford to settle for the second best when it comes to dressing yourself up from head to toe. Being an ultimate fashionista, you need a sexy party dress that will make you ooze oodles of oomph from every inch of your curvaceous figure. With a body to die for, get ready to spoil yourself for choice with an exciting range of sexy dresses to choose from, including:

  • Bandage Dresses
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Evening Dresses
  • Gowns

All of these above-mentioned will make your man go weak in the knees the instant he lays his eye on you. Truth be told, all the men around you will turn green with envy of your partner. After all, who would not want to hang around with a classy diva who’s an epitome of sexiness and sophistication? Sex appeal galore for you as and when don such a hot dress making you a mysterious woman that every other man wants to explore deep inside but they are not as lucky as your partner is.

Hot Dresses – Making You Unleash Your Seductive Side Wherever You Go…!

Getting yourself into a sexy dress will let the hidden woman out of your sensual curves. You cannot afford to go wrong with a hot dress you’re looking for. It will transform you into an ultimate diva and let your kinky nature loose. What are you waiting for? No matter you are about to take a plunge into a pool loaded with eroticism on your first night or looking something exotic with a bit of naughtiness laced in the fabric, it’s time you slide into a sexy hot dress.

Do you know why sexy lingerie is such a good thing?

Remember those iconic Bond girls – the sexiest divas always turning their charm on when getting up close and personal with Mr. Bond? Or, Hollywood bombshells who broke many hearts with their seductive eyes and luscious curves?

Any idea what’s common among them? Sexy lingerie. Hands down!

Be like them when you select Sexy Lingerie Online of your choice. Don’t you think it’s good to act like a perv when it comes to knock your partner out donning a dangerously red camisole or chemise? You may find yourself overwhelmed with myriad choices available online for the type of lingerie you’re looking to. Buying sexy lingerie online is the smartest move as you various styles, colours and sizes to choose from according to your body type. The feeling of silk, satin or lace cannot be defined in mere words. It makes you feel so good and gorgeous that your man will have a hard time taking his eyes off you.

No matter what you opt for, your partner will give all to have not just one but many nights with you just to feel your body next to his.

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The Buyers Guide to Car Covers

The Buyers Guide to Car Covers
The Buyers Guide to Car Covers
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There are many different types of car covers available on the market, and before purchasing one, it is important to find out which cover is best suited to you and your car. You will need to ask yourself a few basic questions; Where do you live? What type of climate do you live in and what is the general weather conditions there? Where do you keep your car? Do you keep it in a garage or on the street?

What is Your Budget?

These are three basic, fundamental questions, that when you can answer them fully, you will be able to Find The Best Car Covers for your car. Where you live will very much depend on what type of cover you get. Someone living in Phoenix, for example, will not need to purchase a cover that specializes in the area of waterproofing. It would be a sheer waste of money for such a person. Better he should use that money and get a cover that concentrates on being ultra-violet resistant.

There is a cover for almost every type of climate. There are the different combination of resistance and at varying level. Hence there is a cover for everyone, no matter where you live, so it would be a shame not to be able to get a cover that would prove to be most advantageous for you, and you’re their car.

The next question, about storage, is also vital. You may live is a very wet, and rainy climate, but if you keep your car indoors, is it so necessary to spend the money on a waterproof car cover? Your car is any way shielded from the rain when kept indoors but needs other sorts of protection from indoor damage. Indoor covers tend to be cheaper, as they do not need so many combinations of resistance, and you would otherwise be wasting your money. However, you will still want an indoor cover that has some type of protection against rain etc, for that odd, occasional outdoor use.

Lastly, the budget. For some, this may have been the first question, but I have put it last, as I believe that you cannot completely decide you budget before sorting out the type of protection. I believe so, simply because a person might totally under-cut himself, and then end up with an inadequate cover. This, in my opinion, is a waste. He will still have to then spend money on things like car-washes, polishes etc, and in the end would have saved more had he bought a more expensive cover, to begin with.

I put budget the last because once you have chosen the cover, you choose the size, and this varies in price. There is the universal cover which will fit any type of car, no matter what size. This is, of course, the cheapest type as it can be mass-produced. However, people don’t always like to buy the universal size simply because it doesn’t look so nice. Often there is lots of excess material hanging around the car, and it doesn’t look so pleasant.

The custom cover is tailor-made for the car. It will fit the car like a glove and maximizes the type of protection offered. A custom cover looks very sleek and chic and therefore lots of people tend to buy it. Naturally, this works out the most expensive though. The last size is called a semi-custom. It is a compromise between the universal and custom. It is made to fit a selection of cars that are of similar shape and size. Therefore the fit is better than the universal, but not as snug as the custom. This is cheaper than the custom, hence it is often termed ‘the happy medium.

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Determining Whether or Not a Titanium Wedding Band For Men Is Genuine

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The wheel of fashion never ceases to turn, with new and innovative things emerging and as Titanium is becoming a very popular metal for jewellery, one needs to be sure that the item is, in fact, made from titanium. Like any precious metal, there are imitations similar to titanium and with that in mind, here are some important things to look for when inspecting a titanium men’s wedding band.

Titanium Is Very Light

Titanium not only has amazing strength. It is also incredibly light and when you hold a titanium ring, this should be noticeable. If it has a heavy feel to it, then it cannot be made from titanium. Titanium is a very abundant metal and its strength to density ratio is higher than any other metal, which makes it ideal for jewellery. When looking to buy Men’s Wedding Rings in Sydney That Buyers Go For, choose a reputable local jeweller who would have an extensive range of titanium men’s wedding bands, all at affordable prices. As you can imagine, resizing a titanium ring is no easy task, so make sure the ring you purchase fits well before buying.


Varying Grades of Titanium

Like any other metal, titanium can be mixed with other metals to form alloys, yet for jewellery, the best titanium is commercially pure (99.2%) grade titanium. Commercially pure titanium comes in 4 grades, 1-4, with 1 being the hardest, and for a ring, 2-4 would be fine, while graded 1 titanium would be impossible to cut off in the event the ring needed to be removed in an emergency situation. There is also aircraft grade titanium, which is a mixture of 90% titanium and alloyed with vanadium and aluminium, making it even stronger, therefore, aircraft grade titanium is not really suitable for jewellery as it cannot be cut or resized.

Scratch Resistant

Being such a durable metal, Titanium is completely scratch-resistant and if you hold a titanium wedding band at the right angle, you should see a smooth and unblemished surface. One of the main reasons why men like to wear titanium rings is the durability they offer. You can work on your engine or go abseiling down a cliff without having to worry about scratching your wedding ring.

An Allergy-Free Metal

Titanium is used in dental implants because it bonds so well with human bone and tissue and while some people are allergic to gold, silver and other metals, titanium is 100% hypoallergenic. While this is something you can’t see with a visual inspection, if you do suffer when wearing any metal object, titanium is the ideal choice for your wedding ring.

The best way to ensure that a titanium wedding band is in fact genuine is to acquire it from a reputable jeweller who will stake their reputation on the authenticity of all their items. A titanium wedding band will last a few lifetimes and is the ideal choice for a men’s wedding ring and by talking to an established online jeweller who specialises in titanium pieces, you can be sure the ring is genuine.

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The Dating Advice Everyone Needs to Stop Following

The Dating Advice Everyone Needs to Stop Following
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When it comes to love, everyone wants to have the perfect partner who thinks just like them, who likes the same things, and who acts the same way. In reality, this rarely happens. For those who find their soulmate, they will tell you that a relationship is beautiful like a rose, but that it still has its thorns. The only difference among various relationships is how well the couples are able to solve disputes and to understand one another. In a busy world where you barely have time to socialize, people have chosen to look for love through dating sites. Finding your perfect match is now easy because can connect you with a person who is in line with your specifications. Falling in love is easy, but keeping the romance alive requires making the right decisions. Also, it requires some useful advice that can help to build your relationship. However, there is some dating advice that is just wrong. Below is some dating advice that everyone should ignore:

  1.   Comparing your relationship with others

We are all unique, and there is no standard of what a couple should be like. Comparing your partner with someone else makes them feel that they are not valued. People may show you the happy side of their relationship, but that does not mean that they don’t have disagreements. There are different faces that we all have: the one you wear when you are alone, the one you show to your close friends, and the one you put on when you are in public. So, stop comparing yourself to the public face that many couples show, and instead concentrate on discovering what makes the two of you happy.

  1.   No privacy

Your partner owes you explanations on anything that affects your relationship, but they also have the right to their personal space, which they may not want you to interfere with. It is always good to give your partner some privacy and independence for your relationship to last. Trying to access your partner’s information on their social life, their private devices, and their money without their consent can create severe disputes and mistrust, and may lead to them withdrawing from you. Being in love does not equate losing your identity.

  1.   Competition

Trying to outdo your partner and winning all the arguments will only kill your relationship. Your strength should be helping your partner, and not creating a rivalry. A perfect relationship is the one in which couples play equal roles in nurturing the relationship to grow.

  1.   Hiding your feelings

Starting a serious relationship with someone means that they are going to be a part of your life. Since we all have different likes and dislikes, it is good to let your partner know what makes you happy, or what upsets you. Being open with your partner may make you feel vulnerable, but that is the only way to learn about each other. Talking out issues as they arise will also avoid building up frustration and bitterness.

  1.   Your partner should not change

There is a stage in dating at which many couples break up. When your partner is no longer all over you, you may start feeling like you are no longer loved. It is a stage at which you also start getting irritated by your partner’s silly mistakes, and you blow everything out of proportion. Instead of forcing them to do the things you want, be the one to start doing them, and with patience, the love will come back. Changing the environment and spending time together can also help to improve the situation. You don’t have to break up. It is only a stage that is going to pass sooner than you can imagine.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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The Perfect Eyelash Routine

The Perfect Eyelash Routine
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Having Individual Eyelashes or lash extensions means proper maintenance and a specific beauty routine. At first, some women are shocked due to the change and all the rules that they need to follow in order to have a long-lasting outcome. However, with some practice and patience, you will get the perfect results.

 How To Take Care Of Your Lashes?

Simple and easy, just make sure you follow some rules and avoid some of your previous habits.

  1. Lash Hygiene + Makeup Removal

Lash Extension Care should be consistent out of an oil-free makeup remover. Each night before you go to bed remove all of your makeup with an oil-free product. Also, you might want to avoid anything that contains alcohol since this is a bad idea because alcohol can dry out your lashes. Use the right set of products and lukewarm water and pat dry your face, don’t make a lot of rubbing motions. Redo this step twice a day and you will have clear skin and voluminous lashes.

  1. No Cotton

Since being so sensitive and bendable, your extensions won’t probably react as good to cotton and q-tips. This fabric can get stuck in between your extensions, so make sure you use as little of these two (preferably none) if possible when removing your makeup. Rather turn to a washcloth or your hands for a practical solution.

  1. Use A Spoolie

A so-called brow spoolie is an excellent idea for morning and night that you can use on your extensions. Use it to comb them through and to give them back some definition and to separate them. A spoolie will also remove any traces of makeup or mascara and will prep your extensions for a new batch of makeup. If you don’t own a spoolie, a clean mascara wand or a clean brow gel will also get the job done just as well.

  1. Slow & Steady

Slow & steady moves will guarantee you a long-lasting outcome. Avoid touching, tugging, or rubbing your extensions for as long as possible, especially after just getting them done. In the first 24-48 hours after getting them, the lash glue will still take some time to set. Give it enough time to bond with your natural lashes, and avoid being too rough until they don’t set.

  1. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back might not be the comfiest sleeping position, but it is beneficial for your posture and your back. If you are someone who has sensitive eyes, or skin, you will want to avoid sleeping on the sides since you are more prone to losing your extensions. Sleep on satin sheets, and not only your extensions, but your skin, face, and hair will thank you due to the comfort of this fabric. Also, avoid sleeping masks or sunglasses since these two will move around your extensions.

  1. No Mascara

It might be hard to say bye to your favourite mascara at first, but you will see that there is no point of it. Lash extensions can stand on their own, can look voluminous, and are very sturdy. However, once you apply some mascara on top you are actually tugging and moving them, which may cause them to fall out sooner than expected. If you can, try to avoid mascara at all cost and enjoy your extensions on their own. 

  1. Avoid Heat

Lastly, high heat is acceptable only for some shorter period of time. Being overexposed to the sun, saunas, humidity, or water for hours is a bad idea since it can ‘melt’ your glue off. Avoid scuba diving, and avoid chlorine. This might be hard when you are enjoying your day at the beach, so make sure your level of exposure is as little as possible.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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The Importance of Looking Your Absolute Best Every Day

The Importance of Looking Your Absolute Best Every Day
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How often do you spend time in the mirror fixing yourself up? I only do it once a week, and only when I know I need to be impressive for that day. On those days, I felt like the most happy and fulfilled person I could be. I thought to myself, “Maybe I am starting to be vain and superficial. I dig deep to try and  justify the outlooks that I have.”

I came to the conclusion that we should not see taking the time to improve our looks every day as a hassle, or as unnecessary. There are great benefits that make our lives far more fulfilling. Let me discuss the reasons why looking good every day is essential.

Positive Perception

We have heard the phrase “first impression last” and it is true. It is normal for people to form an impression the moment they see someone or something new. It may sound superficial, but appearance and clothing are a major factor in forming an impression. A study conducted by Neil Hewlett from the University of Hertfordshire, revealed that a person, even young children and teens, received more positive impressions from others when they wore better quality clothes. Think of your clothes as an extension of yourself and start thinking of ways to improve your style.

Also, people will take you more seriously and see you as trustworthy. A study shows that attractive people are perceived as a person with credibility, a sense of purpose, kind-natured and someone with a good moral compass. This is what they call the “halo effect”. Humans can pick up positive cues, either visual or auditory, from your appearance and self-presentation.

Boost Self-Confidence

When I fix myself up, I cannot help but smile all throughout the day. At first, I did not know the reason behind it, but I discovered that it was because I had a boost in my confidence. Looking in the mirror, appreciating yourself and knowing you are looking good all boost your confidence. Taking the time to improve your appearance gives you a sense of self-assurance and self-gratification. In the long run, this confidence will help you shape your image for the better, and is helpful in many settings in life like school, work and relationships.

Keep the Blues Away

Wearing the best clothes you have can lead to what they call dopamine dressing. It is the idea that wearing clothes you perceived as fun or stylish can boost your mood and keep your blues away. According to Carolyn Mair, of the London College of Fashion, dopamine dressing is correlated on the significance of an item to the person. If the person believes that wearing certain clothes or colors boosts their moods, then it will have an impact on their emotions.

Nothing beats the feeling of a rush when you see yourself in the mirror somewhere along the street and you look great!. So go ahead and shop: there are a variety of products offered online that caters to everyone’s needs.

Make More Friends

When you look good, people will be more prone to look your way, and you can easily mesmerize them and catch their attention. Together with your confidence, persuasiveness, and positivity, you are more likely to attract people into your space.

Taking Care of Yourself

 To look beautiful, you need to take care of yourself in terms of proper hygiene and health. You will build habits and routine in order to maintain yourself. Brushing your teeth every day, twice a day; putting moisturizer on your face; and using sunscreen on your skin. All these lead to a healthier you.

Professional Help

Appearance can influence your professional life. According to a study conducted at Fairleigh Dickinson University, people with a polished look can receive up to a 20% higher salary than others. And individuals with poor personal appearance have an increased likelihood of rejection after initial interviews

Looking good need not be about living a superficial life. Rather than using the term vain, let’s start using the term self-respecting. Making a conscious effort to yourself reveals that you have accepted yourself and are working towards your ultimate destination: a fulfilling life.

AngelMstyle :- Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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Addressing Your Concerns: Are Fat Burning Supplements Healthy?

Fat Burning Supplements
Addressing Your Concerns: Are Fat Burning Supplements Healthy?
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Fat burning supplements have been on the market for decades, many of them promoting the thermogenic power that many natural foods already possess. After all, caffeine, capsaicin and resveratrol are all compounds naturally occurring in foods that we eat every day.

On the other hand, there have been many supplements over the years that have contained Dangerous Compounds with side effects such as high blood pressure, insomnia, heart palpitations with some even leading to heart attack and stroke. How is it possible that these products were on the market long enough to injure a consumer? How can you know if a fat burning supplement is safe to use?

Dietary Supplement Regulation

 The FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of our food and keeping the public informed of hazards to their health as well as promoting health through medical innovations. Supplements fall under this umbrella of responsibility.

However, since supplements are not classified as a pharmaceutical they do not need to be reviewed and approved before going on the market. The Manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the product they sell is safe and their labeling is accurate and truthful.

Ingredient List

 Supplements are not allowed to contain any pharmaceutical ingredients so everything in a fat burning supplement is listed as all natural. Both the National Institute of Health and the FDA provide lists of common ingredients found in fat burning supplements, including notes about their safety, efficacy and recommended doses. However, fat burning supplements can often have a long list of ingredients and since the FDA does not test these products, there is no strong evidence of the side effects of these natural products when taken together.

What You Can Do 

  • Read Labels: Review the ingredients on any product you consume, but particularly any supplement. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, find out before consuming anything. Use and to help provide you with unbiased information on the product you will be consuming daily. Additionally, read reviews on the best Fat Burning Supplements on the market to find out what those combination of ingredients has done for other consumers.
  • Use Only as Directed: Anything can become toxic at high enough levels. On a weight loss journey, it can be tempting to try to speed things up by taking higher doses than recommended, especially when many fat burners can provide a boost in energy that makes your workout feel easier. Do not overdo it or it could lead to burnout.
  • Consult Your Doctor: Your doctor should be made aware of any change to your diet, including supplementation of any kind. Something as simple as grapefruit can interfere with many blood thinner medications, so this step is especially true if you have a pre-existing condition being managed by prescription medication. Your doctor should work with you to recommend healthy diet and lifestyle changes that will be complemented by the addition of a fat burning supplement. 

Are fat burning supplements healthy? Yes. Many of the ingredients listed are often touted as super foods when taken in their isolated forms. However, you as the consumer must remember that anything in large doses can become dangerous and supplements are not as carefully studied before being placed on the market as other drugs, even though they can be as powerful.

A quality fat burner will enhance your weight loss goals by promoting a healthy metabolism and increased energy. For short term use, these supplements can provide you with the boost you need to succeed at your weight loss goals, which in and of itself will make you the healthiest version of yourself.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Remortgage Or Second Mortgage – Which Is Better For Home Improvement?

Remortgage Or Second Mortgage
Remortgage Or Second Mortgage – Which Is Better For Home Improvement?
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When it comes to home improvement, many of the changes you might wish to make to your property can be pretty costly. From time-consuming and expensive extensions to extensive renovations, there are several ways in which home improvement can hammer your bank balance. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.

If you seriously need to improve your property, or you’ve got a dream layout in mind and want to make it a reality, then two options should immediately jump out at you: remortgaging your home and taking out a second mortgage. Neither of these is as scary as it sounds; in fact, they can both provide the financial injection you need to begin those all-important home renovations, and they can be pretty simple to set up, too. We’d strongly recommend that you Research Second Mortgage Loans and remortgaging; going into the process armed with information is incredibly helpful.

Remortgaging your home is pretty self-explanatory: you simply take out a new mortgage on your existing property with your current lender. This mortgage will be the combined value of your existing mortgage and however much you need to borrow. Let’s say you had £100,000 left on your mortgage. If you needed £15,000 for your home improvement programme, then you’d need to remortgage for £115,000.

Remortgaging has some benefits and some drawbacks. On the plus side, remortgaging allows you to borrow at a lower interest rate, so the payments won’t pile up quite as much. In addition, you can utilise your home’s equity in order to get more money. Equity might sound complicated, but it’s just the difference between your home’s current market value and the mortgage payments you’ve got left to make.

What this means in home improvement terms is that you’ll have a bit more cash to play with, and it’s compounded on top of the original mortgage you took out, so if you trust your current lender then this is a great way to get money for your DIY Project. Of course, it has drawbacks too. Remortgage loans are secured against your home, so if you can’t pay, it’s possible that your home could be repossessed. In addition, remortgaging is often accompanied by severe fees, and can take a number of weeks, so you’ll need to be 100% sure this is what you want to do before you go ahead.

Your other option when it comes to home improvement loans is a second mortgage. This second mortgage would be determined by your home’s equity, so the higher your equity, the more money you could stand to borrow. As a second loan taken out with a separate provider, this second mortgage can often be a much higher amount of money than you’d get if you remortgaged, and can be stretched out over a longer period of time, resulting in smaller payments month-by-month.

If you’re looking to improve your home, then this could be the perfect option for you. A higher cash injection means more money to play with to Create Your Dream Home, and with less to pay each month (but not overall), you’ll feel the sting of it a little less initially. Of course, there are drawbacks here too. A second mortgage, just like remortgaging, is secured against your home, so failure to pay could still mean repossession. In addition, the payments are completely separate to your original mortgage, so you’ll need to make sure these payments sync up and are both manageable for you (especially if you’ve borrowed a higher amount than you would have with remortgaging).

Both remortgaging and second mortgages have significant drawbacks and positives. We’d urge you to think carefully before you make a decision, as it will affect you and your property in the long term. That said, both of these options can be compelling for home improvement, so your perfect home could be just a phone call away.

AngelMstyle – Lifestyle Blogger

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Handpick the Best of Must-Have Summer Watches Exclusively on Souq

Handpick the Best of Must-Have Summer Watches Exclusively on Souq
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Tired of buying branded watches at such high prices? Souq’s summer sale on watches is your solution then. It has brought to you the biggest sale on all branded watches. You get up to 70% off on almost every product. It is literally raining discounts and with all the great deals coming up every hour, you get to save even more. This is surely a sale that is not supposed to be missed.

Click Here To Avail Souq App Coupon

Branded Watches on Souq

TimexMin 10% off
VestalMax 25% off
NixonUp-to 45% off
Game timeMin 9% off
InvictaFlat 5% off
NaivoUp-to 20% off


  • A minimalist stainless steel watch with black dial featuring gold-tone case and stick hour marker for a price of 782.89 AED.
  • The Vestal Unisex Helm Surf & Train Digital Display Watch has a 40mm wide polyurethane wrapped abs plastic with 20 mm wide polyurethane band and is available for 386.85 AED
  • The brand has a gold-tone watch featuring tonneau-shape case and dial rings inspired by C-3PO’s chest detail for a price of 255.41 AED.
  • A watch featuring round black dial with logo, date window, and chronograph functions with 60-second, 30-minute and day-of-the-week sub-dials is priced at 306.17 AED only on Souq.


  • One of the best watches from Nixon has 3-hand movement with understated contemporary appeal and a classic 37 mm case size offers a clean look suitable for any setting, priced at 335.81 AED.
  • A clean, modern dial features applied hour markers and custom moulded hands in a slightly domed dial that gives personality to this watch from Nixon and has a great price of 675.98 AED.
  • In this silver watch from Nixon, the 35mm tank case adds depth to the debutante aesthetic and miyota Japanese quartz gives 3 hand movement. The discounted price of the watch is 772.45 AED.
  • In this Nixon watch you get 3-hand movement with fashion and function sensibility. The 38mm case gives you a little more than enough but not too much, all under a price of 776.61 AED.


  • Timex has a round watch featuring Arabic hour markers, 24-hour time on inner dial, and date window at 3 o’clock for a price of 151.41 AED.
  • Unisex watch is available with Timex that has Casual Outdoor Design, nylon Performance Strap, stopwatch, countdown timer & Alarm for a price of 115.90 AED.
  • This exclusive Timex watch has round watch featuring easy-to-read round dial with Arabic hour markers, Indiglo nightlight, and date window at 3 o’clock and is priced at 148.86 AED only
  • Only from Timex you will get this watch with blue Floral Nylon Slip-Thru Strap, round White Dial, full Arabic Numerals & 24-Hour Military Time, polished Silver-Tone 31mm Case at a price of 131.33 AED


  • The brand has a rugged watch featuring multifunction dial with magnified date window, GMT time, and luminosity, priced only at 345.02 AED
  • You can get a left-handed watch featuring black dial with yellow contrasts, date window at 4 o’clock position, and trio of sub-dials for a price of 288.50 AED
  • This rose gold ion-plated watch comes with magnified date window, large round crystals at bezel, and smaller crystals inset at Roman numeral 12 and 6 o’clock indices for a price of 328.06 AED.
  • This watch from the brand features Flame fusion crystal; stainless steel case and bracelet with black ion-plated stainless steel centre links. Its discounted price is 211.49 AED.

How to Shop for these Watches?

Open the Souq website or app in your phone and search the product you are looking for. You will find a lot of categories on the home page along with discounts, you can choose from that too. Once you find the product you are looking for, add it to cart. Keep shopping if you want or proceed to checkout. Further, add in all your details and proceed for payment. Add on a promo code if you have it, in the offers section. Go for online banking if you want to avail any bank offer and complete your payment. Soon you will receive a confirmation message.

AngelMstyle – Lifestyle Style Blogger 

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How Gucci Went From Good To Gucci

How Gucci Went From Good To Gucci
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Gucci has always been a runway staple in Milan and Paris and a household name for more bourgeois families the world over. But, with the growing power of small street wear brands and the emergence of new perspectives in both street and high-fashion design, the company saw itself in a predicament and they had to get out. However, the steps that such an innovative brand took to go from upper-crust norm to a street-known name and a well-desired high-end designer by the upper classes and broke teenagers alike are to be applauded.

Gucci has not always known such success in its creative energies. On multiple occasions over the last two decades, the brand has found itself without CEOs and creative directors at the same time, leaving it in unknown hands treading in unknown waters. However, after its most recent change-of-face, the brand underwent radical shifts in its aesthetic.

Marco Bizzarri, the new name behind Gucci, is credited with creating looks people love for their non-gender-conforming cuts and the way they redesigned their brand to be less about the brand and more about poking fun at industrialized fashion. The younger buyers and critics absolutely loved this new take on the Gucci aesthetic, but die-hard fans took to social media to show their disinterest in some of Bizzarri’s first collections, especially considering that the first menswear collection designed by team Bizzarri and Alessandro Michele was designed in a mere five days.

In order to pacify some of these long-time supporters and prevent becoming another Museum Designer, Bizzarri made no error in selecting Alessandro Michele as the new creative director of Gucci. A man well cultured about the history of the brand that he took on, Michele understood the need for design compromise in the beginning of this rebrand the situation, but was also unafraid to incorporate his own personal touches and tastes into the fashion icon’s aesthetic, such as his influences from Elton John. Michele was also advised by Bizzarri to use his creativity to the fullest advantage because anything in the fashion industry that is not as big as it can be is deemed mediocre and quickly stamped out by more risk-taking competition.

This success has been further propelled by Celebrities. The launch of rapper Gucci Mane and the release of music like the song “Gucci Gang” celebrate and hype the brand up to younger markets. To have a Gucci belt is to have status with a simple street look. To have anything of Gucci’s is to have a piece of fashion history that always retains its value for its continually renewing creative vision and its hype.

On a more corporate level, the brand also redefined what it meant to have successful sales. Instead of staying so focused on the numbers, the shows and the designs that Gucci puts forth are created with the feeling and sensibility of the product in mind. The design team understands that the buying public wants to buy, not just to be a number in a record somewhere, and they put this concept to work in their newest collections. These pieces feel so much more different than anything the brand had ever produced before, and it is a refreshment not just on its own runway, but in the fashion world at large.

Other brands and other people look to Gucci to see where they can add a creative edge into their lives. These ensembles look just as fashionable and chic on the street ad they do on the runway, and it is for this newfound success in the cutthroat world of fashion that Gucci should be one of, if not the, most celebrated haute couture brands of today.

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