The Incredible Journey Of A Simple Girl Meena Who Turned An Idol For Many Young Bloggers

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On 23rd July 1992, Thursday at 8.55 PM in Delhi, Mr Salig Ram and His Beloved wife Prema Devi was blessed with a little angel in their life. For them, she was no less than a fairy and they named her Meena. 

You got it right, it’s my story. Hello friends. I am Meena a passionate traveller and a professional blogger. What that is unique in me and different from many fellow and brilliant bloggers is that I was born to be the one. 

When passion and profession match together a life turns to be a blissful one and that is quite true for me. Since my childhood, my life was not a fairy tale but yes I am blessed with lovely parents who are my support system and two adorable brothers for whom I am like a gem.  I would like to thank god again and again for gifting me this lovely family. 

My Childhood, Teenage and My First Step in a Careerist World

Since I was from a middle-class family and my father was the sole bread earner working with MTNL we three siblings learned at an early age how to be happy with limited resource. I was an average student and understood the importance of being self-dependent at the tender age of 18 or 19 years. 

We still stay in a rented apartment. I’m happy to say now that we three siblings are now earning well and managed to give some relief to our dad and Mom.  When I look at my Mom’s face her divineness gives me the energy to do something crossing my limits. My father is nothing less than a fighter who taught me how to win the battles in life with dedication and hard work.  Still, to date, I’m a pampered child and my father never complains about it.


Oh yes, how I can miss telling you guys about my brothers. The one elder to me is Manish and my younger bro is Satish. They are my lifeline and so I am for them. They can do anything for me possible on this earth. They consider me as their lucky charm. I love both truly, deeply and madly.

I completed my schooling till 8th from Private school and later due to financial constraints I moved to a Government school (Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya) and from there I cleared both my 10th and 12th class board exams successfully. In the final stage of my school life, I realized that I need to do something to support my family and manage my daily expenses on my own. 

Office Journey

So I started doing job with a call centre as a sales executive besides doing my weekend graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi University. I feel proud to say that I completed my graduation with my own expenses and at that time I was earning around INR.6000 PM.   It was not so easy to survive with such a peanut salary, but that I time decided to take the challenge as I was quite sure in coming time a golden future is waiting for me. I decided to work even harder to make my dream come true.

Later I joined an IT company which offers training on different IT courses. I was appointed there as a counsellor and after working there for some time I switched to another company as a Counselor and served as the center head. A question may come to your mind as to why I choose to remain with the IT sector. Well, the fact is that I earlier did a graphic designing course from Techstack Pvt Ltd and I was also responsible for doing graphic designing in my second Job as centre head besides managing the centre. 

I was an avid learner and don’t leave any opportunity when I get a chance to learn something new. During the course of my job, I completed a Digital Marketing course which actually helped me to become what I am today.

So How I Became a Blogger? 

I not at all feel shy to say that I love to check me out in the mirror. I being a woman strongly believe in the fact that the way you carry yourself matters a lot towards creating a strong impact in the minds of others meeting you. You don’t need to be beautiful but your boldness should be visible on your face. 

meena instagram

I love styling me in a different way in different outfits and by now used almost all leading brand’s makeup products. I must say I have a strong sense of fashion and understand the trends.

Besides Fashion, I am a keen traveller who loves to spread the wings in the sky and explore the beauty of the whole world.  One fine day a thought came to my mind that why not share my views on travel and fashion with many more people who actually look for quality information online and which I can share.

Blog Setup

This is how on 21 st October 2015 I started my blog ‘Angel M Style’. I love travelling to different destinations as it gives me the scope to know different culture and nation besides getting a glimpse of the natural beauty of the destination.

Earlier I had no idea about how to run a blog and initially I remain restricted to writing only meaningful and interesting travel and fashion blogs. I used to wonder if my blog will ever reach to the targeted audience. I learned SEO and digital marketing long after I started my blog and so it was not popular that time. 

But later on, when I used my digital marketing skills my blog popularity reached a new hike. There was a huge increase in my follower list and it’s still increasing. There is a huge fan base of readers on my blog and with each passing day, the number of fans are increasing and with each increasing fan my happiness also keeps on increasing.

Offers started pouring in from different brands (both fashion & cosmetics and Travel). I remain strict at 1 specific thing. It is being genuine and authentic in my writing.  Still, till date, I have blogged for various brands and made their promotion but I always ensure to call a spade a spade.  If I like the product after using or the service of the travel agencies then only I referred them in my blog or else I remained very clear in case of dissatisfaction.

This genuine approach impressed many brands about me and so with time, I managed to create a niche for me in the industry. 

A Traveller by Passion

My first sponsored trip was to Hong-Kong and I travelled there with my one and only partner in crime my best friend Shivali Chauhan who is also a blogger. The trip was not just awesome but memorable too as we shared the same birth months and celebrated our birthday over there.

After this, I had several domestic and international trips sponsored by some topnotch brands. After working for a few years when I realized that blogging is something which makes me feel energetic and fresh I quit my job and started fulltime blogging.

How I Earn?

But how I earn? Well, I actually earn well through blogging and travelling. I make hotels and resorts promotion as well as air travel companies via my blog site and they pay me and also sponsor my trips. The rule remains the same for cosmetics and fashion products.

The brands with whom I worked so far are:Charles & Keith, STEVE MADDEN, FOSSIL, DEBORAH, Amway, Samsung, COLE HAAN, Lenovo, The Body Shop, Maybelline,  Daniel Wellington, VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY, Ebix, Fbb, Lenskart, Medlinks, KAZO, GUERLAIN, Accessorize, Myntra, Lakme, Linzi, Swiss Image, MYCHOIZE, MYGLAMM and Cath Kidston.

Many more brands are in pipeline and very soon I will be working for their brand promotion.                 

My Love Life??????????

Ummmmm…….. What to say and how to say I don’t know. I m not lucky yet in my love life and I must say that my heart has broken more than once. I failed to understand what they expect from a woman.

One of my EX wanted me to leave my career and become a dedicated homemaker which I strictly denied. I was Ok with managing both home and work but not ready to lose my originality.

meena influencer

It’s my choice what I want to do in life and no one, yes no one else can decide it.  People can share their views and suggestions but what to do and what not will be solely my call. Due to my workload, I need to travel a lot to promote brands and then need to invest time to pen down interesting brand promotion contents for my blog.  I came across many men who like me, my beauty, and my elegance but failed to recognize my heartbeats and its desire. If I decide to quit one day from working then that will also be my decision.

My dream man should be the one who is a true man in every sense. He must be supportive and caring and I swear I promise to make that man’s life heaven if I get my due respect as a woman in this world.

My search is still on for my Mr Perfect and I believe someday we will meet and decide to walk the rest of our life hand in hand happily ever after.  I wish to settle down in life in next 1-2 years time, I don’t mind even if it is an arranged marriage.

What that is important I look forward is a commitment for life and respect for me from that person. I am a woman and I know how to make a family I will be part of a happy one with my presence.  Hope god will be smiling very soon for me and I will meet my life partner quite soon. 

My Dreams and Plans

Well, I will keep continuing with my blogging and brand promotion business and take it further ahead with some expansion plans already in my mind.

angel m style

In the beginning, I already told you that I am a true Fashionista. I love to look fashionable and I am glad to say that I know how to carry my personality and give a jaw-dropping appearance. I love shopping western wear as well as designer kurtis online. Keeping this fact in mind I am planning for the launch of my own clothing line very soon.

Plans are in progress as there are so many things that I need to consider before making the final launch and represent me as a successful businesswoman. I know I will achieve what I want with the blessings and love of my parents, my elders, my adorable brothers, my fans and all my well-wishers. 

For those who want to make a career as a blogger, my suggestion would be to you guys is think big to achieve big.  Have faith in your dreams and work hard to achieve them …… Nothing is impossible in this world.  

Love for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngelMstyle:- Indian Professional Bloggers

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A Guide To Designing A Unique Halo Engagement Ring

A Guide To Designing A Unique Halo Engagement Ring

If you are planning to pop the question and are looking to design your very own engagement ring to surprise your partner, a halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect solution. You will, of course, need to enlist the services of a custom jeweller, who can work their magic on your design and come up with something unique.

The Metal

There are several metals you can use to create a diamond ring – rose or white gold and platinum, which is very hard and will not tarnish or fade. Talk to the custom jeweller, who can advise you on the best metal to use, pointing out the pros and cons of each. 14K and 18k gold is strong enough for a ring, while platinum is also another popular choice.

The Halo

There are design options for the halo itself and with a Google image search, you can view literally hundreds of fine examples of halo ring designs. If you find an image that really works for you, show this to the custom jeweller, which will help you to come up with the right design. Then you can build the ring from scratch, choosing the metal, the diamonds, the design and the setting, which all come together to make the perfect halo engagement ring.

Double Row Halos

Using tiny stones enables you to have a double row in your halo and with a larger central diamond, you can achieve maximum sparkle with the right setting. Of course, a diamond ring that will be worn on a daily basis should be of a practical design, and avoid the prong settings, as they can easily catch on fabric. The custom jeweller can advise you on safe settings, which will ensure that the diamonds are secure in their setting and there are a number of good settings for the halo design. There are many ring settings and some offer more sparkle than others, while some are more secure than others.

Calculating Your Budget

Prior to approaching a custom jeweller, you should decide how much you are prepared to invest in the engagement ring, and this will help the custom jeweller, who always tries to stay within the client’s budget range. Having a ring custom made is no more expensive than purchasing an off-the-shelf diamond ring, yet you are creating a unique symbol of your undying love.

The Custom Jeweller

When designing any ring, it is essential to enlist the services of a custom jeweller, who can help you to choose every aspect of the design from the base metal to the cut of the diamonds. When you commission handmade halo diamond rings from a custom jeweller, they assist you in the design process.

Check Client Reviews

The custom jeweller would have client testimonials and these are a very strong indication of what to expect should you decide to commission their services. If a custom jeweller has many happy customers, then they know how to please and if you have a friend who has had a ring made by a jeweller, if they are happy, then you can talk about designs and prices.

AngelMstyle:- Indian Beauty Blogger

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Wear These Party Tops To Slay At Your Upcoming Occasions

party tops angelmstyle

You’ve been invited to a party, and what’s the first thought you have in your head? It doesn’t take a mind reader to know the answer – You are contemplating what to wear. Most women worry about what their ideal outfit of the night should look like. It is tough to pick something which looks stylish, sexy, and just perfect for the occasion. Dressing up well is a priority for most of us but doing that effortlessly without creating a massive mess in our room is a task.

When you love your outfit and how it looks on you, it makes you feel rejuvenated, confident, and scintillating. From saving our favourite fashion influencers’ looks to doing some research on the latest trends online, we all have spent hours scrolling back and forth on the ‘Gram.

Hence, to help you select some of the best party tops to wear for your special occasions, we have a small guide:

1.       All-time favourite mesh tops

As soon as you hear the word ‘party,’ the first outfit pictures in your mind are a cool black mesh top with skinny jeans. Mesh tops are usually paired with a bralette or a camisole underneath. To complete your stunning look, either pair it with a high-waisted pant or skinny jeans. Never miss the opportunity to wear your favourite pair of heels with an edgy sling bag.

2. Flaunt your back

If you are in a complete mood to make heads turn and make a bold statement, then look no further than a backless crop top. It takes confidence and style to experiment with something so bold and hot. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and experiment a bit, then nothing can beat this style.

3. Satin Cross Neck Halter Top

Nothing will get you showered with more compliments than a Satin Cross Neck Halter Top. It will help you adorn a sophisticated, classy, and stylish look if you can carry it off well. These tops are always in vogue, so you need not worry about different necklines and styles.

4. Experiment the colours

Parties and get-togethers are the times when you can experiment with all the shimmer and bling. Add a silver/golden top and pair it with something sober. Include dainty golden or silver accessories to spruce it up.

5. The Bow Trend

The bow trend seems to be taking over the ‘Gram. A bow looks exceptionally cute when paired with any attire as it gives a unique and classy vibe to it. Name a better duo than off-shoulder top and projections, as they look super chic together. Add a pair of long dazzling earrings and a beautiful, elegant neck-piece to complete the look with a pair of high-waisted pants or skinny jeans.

6. Evergreen Off-Shoulder Tops

An off-Shoulder top seems to be a timeless outfit, and there is a reason for it. It is most versatile and can be paired with anything. You can mix them up with jeans or a body-con skirt, and you are good to go with such minimal efforts. Find out more about this evergreen trend on the internet.

7. The Bling statement

Love being in the spotlight? Then a halter-neck sequin top will undoubtedly help your bling game—the perfect amount of class and shimmer. Make sure to accessorize it with a demure jewellery item to maintain the look. Not everybody is capable of pulling off a bold bling look.

Buy these fantastic party wear tops online and slay at your parties. Do not forget to embellish your ensemble with classy heels or elegant pumps.

AngelMstyle:- Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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