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Bite What’s Rite – Rite Bite Max Protein Bars – AngelMstyle
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Bite What’s Rite- Rite Bite Max Protein Bars

For all those who are following me on Instagram and Snapchat know the kind of blood and sweat I have been putting up in getting a perfectly shaped body. And trust me guys it isn’t that easy. But it is not impossible as well. Just takes the right kind of exercising and motivation to get what you actually want to achieve.

Hello all you people out there. For quite a lot of time, I have been emphasizing on why it is so very important to not just have a fit body but a healthy body too. Excess weight brings with itself a lot of uncalled for diseases. And nobody wants to fall into that kind of trap. So better late than never. Getting into the desired shape never comes easy. Weight Loss or body shaping was never easy to anybody. Not even to the fittest of people. Blessed are those who do not gain weight even after hopping all day. But if you aren’t one of those and gain kilos just by the presence of food, like me, then you definitely need to pay attention.

Indian Fashion Blogger
Indian Fashion Blogger

Healthy lifestyle is the best kind of lifestyle one must tap into. With everybody getting into shape and firming muscular biceps and triceps and abs, remaining out of shape can get you a little outdated. Also a fit body is sure to boost up your morale. This is coming from some experience guys. But the question in all this process tapping arises it what to eat and what to avoid. So if you have been following me religiously, you know the tips that I have been giving you all on a better and fit life routine. And if you still haven’t seen that, now is the time. Check out the older posts to know about healthy routine and diet charts and exercises.

But this post is about something that tastes good and sounds even better. So while I was on my speed of reducing weight and getting those abs, I got introduced to these super delicious super healthy proteins bars and trust me they have become my taste buds savior since. These protein bars are just the right kind of fodder to your taste buds. And the best part is that they are extremely healthy. Even your gym instructor would be suggesting you of some protein bar or protein intakes to keep your body channelized.

Indian Lifestyle Blogger
Indian Lifestyle Blogger

Rite Bite Protein Bars are nutritional bars made up of an amalgamation of protein and fiber. There is absolutely no added sugar content to it but it still tastes so good. Diet food can make you feel a little mundane and taste deprived. These rite bite protein bars can be a change to that routine. These protein bars not just taste good but come some really essential advantages. These bars help your body in the digestion process which is extremely important when your having diet food that is low on crabs and fats. These bars also help your body to absorb other important proteins.

With so many advantages and taste on the finger, this protein is a must addition in the diet chart of all this se aiming high and wanting to get there- to their perfect kind of body. These bars come in multiple flavors like green tea orange and green coffee beans and Choco fudge and more to satisfy every taste. So go ahead guys. Wait no more and trust on me when I say that you can rely on this protein bar to balance out your meals. It’s tried, it’s tested and it’s super amazing. Go grab your bars today!

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Top 5 Summer Clothing Brands

Top 5 Summer Clothing Brands
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Top Summer Clothes – Inexpensive Summer Clothing – AngelMstyle

Now when the most awaited summer season has arrived, does this happen with you too, that when you open your wardrobe it is exposed that you have nothing to wear? Maybe that happens with all of us or else you are also suffering from the same disease, the cure to which is the Amazon coupons for summer clothing brands sale.

With Amazon Coupons you can have all the kinds of clothing that you have always desired to have and that can be highly comforting in this hot and scorching summer and that too with huge discounts. The list of all the best brands of clothing that you have always desired to own and that can be highly comforting this summer is provided below:

  • Forever 21

Unless you are living under a rock, the brand itself like Forever 21 needs no formal introduction. The brand which every girl owns and rather the brand which represents the inner beauty of a girl or a woman is Forever 21. With the clothes and dresses of Forever 21, every girl can be herself and still be cheerful and happy. The best part about Forever 21 is that, it provides a wide range of dresses and other essentials for every woman. The clothing is so versatile that whatever you wear will enhance your individuality. From the sheath blue body con dress or the Polka dotted skirt, or the blue laced sleeveless top, whatever you wear will enhance more of your beauty.

A comfortable Forever 21 dreamy jersey cotton nightshirt
A Comfortable Forever 21 dreamy Jersey Cotton Nightshirt
  • TruthandFable

With a brand like Truth and Fable you can explore to unique designs, embroidered mesh, jacquard lining, elegant styles, graceful organza and satin in every color that you have someday desired of. The brand ensures that the clothes you buy fit you and fit you so well that every first piece of yours would be the best piece of yours. So, get the best products and the best styles that would name your personality in every way and you would be regarded the epitome of beauty and elegance wherever you will go. The brand Truth and Fable is always an affirmation when you want to buy the best of all products.

A beautiful TRUTH & FABLE Women's Dress Lace Halterneck Pleated
A Beautiful TRUTH & FABLE Women’s Dress Lace Halterneck Pleated
  • United Colors of Benetton

No matter whatever you may wear, every shirt, top or t-shirt is incomplete without a proper pair of jeans that gives definition to your personality. So, reap your reward with the best skinny fit jeans available at United Colors of Benetton and the best most comfortable pair for you when you are in a mood to work. So, get the best slim fit pair of jeans of United Colors of Benetton that hugs you in all the right places and still allows ease of movement with huge discounts at Amazon. So, don’t wait for much because slim fit jean is staple in our jeans diet. Check out Amazon Sale to avail the discounts on top brands.

  • New Look

If you want to give your wardrobe a complete role reversal, or it is the time when you are joining a new firm, institute or college. New Look is the best brand that you can look up to. With New look, you can get a huge variety of clothes that would be trendy, classy and up to the latest trend. From Court shoes, dresses, jumpers, t-shirts, tops, jeggings or jeans there is a huge variety of products that would make you feel elegant and graceful from time and again. With New Look, every time to look up to this brand you have something more diverse and more interesting to explore.

  • Taken

With a brand like Ms. Taken which is styled by Kriti Sanon, make a lasting impression with dresses that are as fresh as your beauty. With these brands you can give a new definition to your personality and can get your simulative stance increased with all the appreciation from time and again. Let it be the white quoted top, or the regular plain fit shirt or the famous striped t-shirt, add a grace to all your clothing and attire. Not only this, with the prepossessing A lined midi dress you can be the centre of attraction at any occasion or celebration. These dresses and casuals are best available at Amazon coupons because with these coupons you can have great savings and manage to have high discounts.

So, whichever brands you want to look up to get the best of all of them on Amazon. So, we are calling it, with stunning and best rated dresses pamper yourself the most outstanding attires that you always wanted to grab.

Whether you want to keep it simple or casual or want to add some drama to your current metallic accents, grab the best summer clothes and add more and much more refinement to your old-fashioned wardrobe. So, you want to check out for some new words in the lexicon of fashion, these brands will also add meaning to them. Happy Summer.

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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5 Easy-On-The-Pocket Stylish Heels Every Woman Must Own

indian beauty fashion blogger
5 Easy-On-The-Pocket Stylish Heels Every Woman Must Own
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5 Easy-On-The-Pocket Stylish Heels Every Woman Must Own


Is there a woman who doesn’t love heels or trying new things in the world of shoes??? I don’t think so that any such lady exists on our planet. But what always hit us badly are the heavy prices and sky-touching rates of these designer shoes. Fret not ladies, it’s time to discover some of the most fashionable and trendy Women Footwear which are enough to turn heads around while staying peaceful with your budget. All these chic women heels are must have for every fashion loving diva and can actually do wonders to the personality of the wearer in an instant. Be it party, office event, wedding or casual occasion, find your perfect rescue for everyday and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Here are 5 easy on the pocket sandals which won’t let you down on any day and are the best options to come under the spotlight of every event. Sneak in…

Chunky Heels

Indian Beauty Blogger

Women who work for crazy hours and have no time to relax must own a pair of chunky heels to support their hectic life while staying pristine to their fabulous fashion statement. Chunky heels are generally recognized by their square base and high heels. The wide square base provides better stability and cushioned feel to the wearer, making these heels an ultimate saviour on important days.

Comes in highly versatile price range and reasonable rates, chunky heels are a great option to stay stylish without making a hole in pocket. Hurry up!!!

Kitten Heels

Delhi Fashion Blogger

Be it Women Flats or high heels, there is always an option to stand apart and simply outstanding in every kind of footwear. If you can’t make peace with slinky high heel, kitten heels are the most ideal pick for you and your dazzling personality. These are stylish, sophisticated and extremely affordable. Not just affordable, but these evergreen women heels are easily available too.

Shop quirky colours and patterns in this style and get ready to strut like a diva.

Ankle Strap Heels

Delhi Beauty Blogger

How about wearing a style which has caused sensation in the fashion industry!?

Ankle strap heels are the new trend in town and are hugely admired by fashion experts and young divas. These heels are supported by a strap around the neck which provides greater stability and ease to the wearer. To your surprise, these stylish heels are easily available in market in quite nominal prices and rates.


indian fashion beauty blogger

Designed with an aesthetic of traditional oxford shoes, these are the perfect essentials to put your best foot forward and call it vogue. Oxfords are incorporated with small heels and flat base, making them look extremely stylish and sassy. These are also in your budget.


delhi fashion beauty blogger

A stylish pair of heels gliding over the legs is what gladiators are. These stunning pair of heels are must have for modern women to flare their overall personality and style statement. Don’t worry, these are not going to burn a hole in your budget.

Manisha Dubey

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Best Diet Chart For Weight Loss – The Perfect Weight Loss Tips

Best Diet Chart For Weight Loss
Best Diet Chart For Weight Loss – The Perfect Weight Loss Tips
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The Best Weight Loss Diet Chart – Weight Loss Resources – AngelMstyle

Everyone on this given point on earth is very particular about their looks and most importantly their flab. Nobody wants to roam around with those extra kilos flubbing over the body. But losing weight is another complicated issue that haunts a lot of people. For those who think that losing weight is all about exercising are still living in a bubble. One can’t just exercise vigorously all day long and munch all sorts of food. A strict diet plan needs o be followed.

Here’s a 3 Week Diet Chart For Those Who Want Give it Their Best Shot.

Week 1: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- have one fruit of your choice along with 4-5 seeds like watermelon or sesame or melon mixed.

Breakfast- mixed paneer sandwich with green mint chutney or 2-3 idles with I bowl of sambhar or 2 omelettes with 2 brown bread slices or 2 mixed multigrain wholesome paranthas or I bowl of oil less poha + 1 glass of healthy vegetable juice.

Somewhere mid morning- 1 fruit of your choice or 1 glass coconut water

Before Lunch- suggested I plate of healthy vegetable salad with vinegar dressing

Lunch- 2 wholesome multigrain chapatti or I bowl of brown rice with 1 bowl of pulses/ kindey beans, egg bhurji + I complete of low fat curd.

Afternoon-Evening- one cup of coffee or tea preferably black or I glass of buttemilk

Evening Snack- I fruit of your choice or 1 bowl of sprouts

Dinner- 1 bowl of gray chicken with brown rice or 2 multigrain chapattis with salad and 1 bowl of low fat curd or 1 bowl of soup or salad.

Week 2: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- I full glass wheatgrass juice along with 4-5 almond seeds

Breakfast- 2 vegetable uttapam along with sambhar or 1 vegetable dalia or upma with mint chutney or 2 semi paneer/ otas/rai dosa with sambhar or 1 bowl of sproted red rice poha along with 1 glass of vegetable juice

Somewhere mi morning- I glass of tender coconut water malai included or I plate of assorted fruits or 1 glass of whey protein shake

Before Lunch- I bowl of minestrone or tomato soup

Lunch- 2 fuller multigrain chapaid with 1 bowl of vegetable or I bowl of fuller steamed rice with sambhar or I bowl chicken or vegetable salad or vegetable curry of your choice and salad

Evening Snack- 2 multigrain Khakhras and 1 possible fruit or I cup black tea or black coffee

Dinner – 1 bowl of brown rice chicken biryani or vegetable biryani + mixed curd + I plate salad or 1 bowl chicken or vegetable salad and steamed red rice and mixed vegetable sambhar or 2 multigrain Chapattis with pulses

Week 3: Diet Plan

Early in the morning- 1 glass green leafy vegetable juice or 1 fruit of your choice

Breakfast- 1 bowl of sprouts or poha with mint chutney or 2-3 oats idlis with sambhar or 2 vegetable uttapam with 1 bowl of sambhar or 2 paranthas along with vegetable curd raita

Somewhere mid morning – 4-5 dry fruits or 1 cut prepared fruit

Before Lunch- 1 bowl of sprouts or salad or grilled chicken or grilled fish

Lunch- 1 bowl of khichdi with mixed vegetable or 2 multigrain chapattis with 1 bowl of non veg curry or vegetable with 1 glass of buttermilk or 2 fuller stuffed vegetable utappas with 1 bowl of sambhar

Snack- 1 bowl of bied corns spiced with 1 cup of green tea or coffee or 1 fruit or whey protein

Dinner- vegetable mixed salad seeds along with 2 multigrain chapattis and pulses or non-veg gravy or brown rice and sambhar and egg mashed

Late in the night- 1 glass of warm tender toned milk.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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5 Practices to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
5 Practices to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
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There has never been a good thing as having a swimming pool at your place in summer. A Swimming pool will help you to relax and enjoy cooler moments every time you swim. However, if you have a swimming pool but it’s not clean, you will still not enjoy the

summer as you’ll find it difficult to use when in that condition. Make a point of ensuring that your pool is clean at all times for you to enjoy this time of the year in style. The pool healthy for use by you, your family members and friends and you’ll wish that the summer never ends.

Though a swimming pool makes summer to be a lot of fun, ensuring that it is always clean at the time is demanding. You have to take the necessary precautions and carry all the required practices to keep your pool clean. If it means getting the Best in Ground Pool Vacuum cleaners for this purpose, then don’t hesitate, go for them and make this period worthwhile. You will have the best time of your life remain healthy throughout.

Here are the five practices that will help you keep your swimming pool clean in this Summe​r.

Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
 Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Clean Out The Skimmer Baskets Twice a Week. Skimmer baskets ensure that no debris gets into the pool. For these baskets to perform their intended function, you must clean them as often as possible. If it isn’t clean, it means that a lot of debris gets deposited in the pool. To avoid such a situation, ensure that these baskets get cleaned regularly. The trash can contaminate the water leading to skin diseases. Since your health is of paramount importance, take all the necessary precautions and remain healthy throughout the summer.

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Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Ensure that the water level in your pool isn’t too high or too low. An average level of the water in your swimming pool is the best. This water level ensures that your pump doesn’t burn up. It also makes it easier for your skimmer basket to carry out its functions properly and thus prevent any chance of ruining the proper state of your pool. It is therefore wise to check the water level on a daily basis to avoid such an encounter.

Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
                                                      Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Monitor your pool on a daily basis.Doing this will help you to ensure that the pool has no dirt or debris and the surface is visible. If you can’t see the bottom clearly, it merely means that your pool isn’t clean. By monitoring it every day, you’ll quickly notice any bad odors coming from the pool and thus take the necessary steps towards removing the smell.

Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Make sure that you weed and grass or vegetation near the pool.Weeds may contain insects or mosquitoes that may fall into the pool and contaminate the water, snails from the plants may also crawl and drop in the water making the swimming pool unsafe for swimming. In addition to

this, ensure that animals do not go near the swimming pool. Animals may leave their droppings into the water making algae to start growing in the water. Once these algae start hibernating in the water, the pool becomes unsafe for anyone who takes a dip.

Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer
Swimming Pool Clean in this Summer

Ensure that your pool has the right pH. A pool with a balanced pH. is the best for your swimming escapes. You won’t have to worry knowing that your pool meets the required level. The reason why you need to know the Ph. of your pool’s water is because if the pH. is too high, the water in the pool can cause a lot of damage to your body as it may make your eyes and skin to be irritated. This pH also affects the equipment’s in your pool as it can lead to their destruction..


Having gone through these practices, you should find it easy to clean your swimming pool and get ready to have fun during this summer. Your swimming pool should always be clean for you to avoid unwanted expenses which might be accrued by repercussions from having a dirty pool. Ensure that you check your pool from time to time and you will always have a clean pool in your backyard. Make the necessary changes, clean your pool and enjoy this summer as you’ve never before.

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Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight – AngelMstyle

Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight
Amazing Diet Tips And Diet Chart To Gain Weight – AngelMstyle
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Simple Diet Tips And A Diet Chart To Gain Weight

People often think that gaining weight is like shooting fish in a barrel, all you have to do is eat more. Well, it’s a totally mistook concept and its time people understand the reality. Gaining weight requires as much hard work and right eating as losing weight does. Here are a few tips that can help you gain more healthy kilos.

Add More Calories

Increase the amount of calories you take in a day by 250 to roughly add half a kilogram to your current Weight. Include cabbage, carrots, healthy red meat, spinach, asparagus in your diet. The aim is to add weight and not cholesterol so avoid fatty foods and gain healthy kilos.

Increase Your Meals

Take more meals a day No we are not suggesting you to hog food but divide your meals into. Breakfast, lunch,dinner and 3 snacking meals. Have nuts,dry fruits,cream,cheese,veggies and milk in your diet.

Protein Rich Food

If you want to have a fit body you need to improve muscle and not flat. Protein helps your muscle grow and give you the desired shape with right workout.Add eggs,lean meat,chicken,pulses,sprouts and dairy products in your meals.

Include Healthy Fats

Eating more doesn’t mean that you increase the intake of junk food items like pizzas, burgers, cakes and soft drinks in your meals. It is advisable to enjoy junk once a week to satisfy your taste buds but other than that you have to consume Healthy Fats like salmon, flax-seeds ,leafy veggies,avocados and nuts.

Things you can eat while aiming at gaining weight. Although you must consult your doctor before starting any of the diet plans.

Before breakfastA cup of tea or coffee with full fat milk
BreakfastMultigrain bread with low fat butter and omelette
or Poha, upma, daliya, khichdi and veggies

Or 2 stuffed chapattis with bow of veggies and milk

Fruits or a glass of fresh fruit juice.

After breakfastFull cream milk with whey protein
LunchSmall bowl of rice and 2 chapatis
1 bowl of pulses
1 bowl of curry
2 pieces of chicken ,eggs or paneer
Green salad comprising cucumber,cabbage,carrots,radish,tomatoes and lemon
Evening SnackVegetable or chicken soup
Vegetable of chicken cheese sandwich
DinnerAvoid rice and take a full meal just like lunch
Before bedA glass of milk

Weight gain won’t happen overnight but nobody can do it for you except yourself.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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9 Must-Do Things In Indonesia – AngelMstyle

9 Must-Do Things In Indonesia
9 Must-Do Things In Indonesia – AngelMstyle
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The 9 Best Things to Do in Indonesia

Unbeknown to many travellers, there are plenty of things to do in Indonesia. From unique experiences to swimming in a volcanic lake and shopping up a storm, Indonesia is awash with a vibrant culture and history. So, here are a few things to put on your to-do list the next time you visit.

  1. Retail Therapy

One of the best Asian shopping destinations, if not in the world, is Indonesia. There are tons of international brands to be found in the world-class Jakarta malls, along with plenty of bargains in the smaller malls and markets.

  1. See the City from a Becak

A becak is a trishaw and makes for a great way to see cities like Malang or Yogyakarta. This mode of transport effortlessly winds through the country’s narrow streets as you become immersed in the environment.

  1. Culture and History

Indonesia is home to two ancient wonders – the Prambanan temple and the Borobudur temple. Take in the awe-inspiring remains of two very different religions.

  1. Take a Hike to Watch the Sunrise

Take a hike up one of the many sensational volcanoes in the country, such as Mount Rinjani in Lombok or Mount Bromo in Java. It’s worth getting to the top just in time for sunrise or sunset, which are both truly breath-taking.

  1. Diving in the World’s Most Beautiful Areas

Indonesia is no stranger to our world’s serious divers, with incredible islands like Togian Islands and Raja Ampat. The country’s marine life boasts over 3,000 species and a massive biodiversity. Put on your diving gear and start exploring the well-preserved ocean as you hunt for species you’ve never before come across.

  1. Trek in a Natural Rainforest

Take an unforgettable trek in a natural rainforest and be on the lookout for orangutan. One of the last few places on our globe to see the majestic creatures living in their natural environment can be found at Bukit Lawang. Take a trek through the lush rainforest and enjoy a true jungle adventure as you hunt for the big, orange beauties.

  1. Snorkelling and Island Hopping

There are plenty of luxury Indonesia island cruise tours to choose from and 17,000 islands to explore. It’s island hopping like never before. With the country’s crystalline ocean, snorkelling just seems like the natural thing to do at every spot, or, if you prefer, you can laze about on the pristine beaches.

  1. Powerful Waves to Surf

Indonesia offers an abundance of spots complete with powerful waves for surfing enthusiasts. Some of the best spots can be found around the islands of Panaitan and Mentawai, as well as Lombok and Bali. You really are spoilt for choice, and there are spots that are ideal for all kinds of surfers, from beginner to advance.

  1. Explore Ancient Cultures and Rites

Head over to the highlands of Tana Toraja where people still practice ancient funeral rites from over a century ago. Or, be sure to explore the Baliem Valley, Papua, land of an indigenous tribe. The tribe still live the way their ancestors used to in terms of clothing, way of life and culture.

These are just 9 things to do in Indonesia – there sure is something for all ages and preferences.

AngelMstyle – Indian Travel Blogger

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Top 10 Fat Burner Supplements In India – AngelMstyle

AngelMstyle Fitness Blogger
Top 10 Fat Burner Supplements In India – AngelMstyle
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Top 10 Fat Burner Supplements In India | Top Rated Fat Burner

Losing weight and getting in shape takes a great deal of effort, endurance and patience but sometimes even after repeated attempts some people find it very difficult to lose weight. Sometime age becomes a factor and sometimes it’s the metabolism or some prolonged condition like PCOD or Thyroid. This is where the fat burners come in picture and act a catalyst in the weight loss process. However they are not the key to faster weight loss their inclusion in your diet adds both added motivation preferable results.
Down below is the list of top 10 FAT BURNERS that will surely make your fat cry.

1) MuscleTech Hydrox Cut Hardcore Elite

These Fat Burner capsules have metabolism stimulating components that aids in keeping you alert, maintain a person’s energy levels and boost muscle intensity. These capsules contains Yohimbe extracts that burn your fat and increases your athletic performance.

2) BSN Hypershred

These capsules area mixture of black pepper extract,bitter orange and caffeine which helps to keep one’s body alert It is advisable to take one capsule a day to catalyze fat burning and maintain energy levels in the body.

3) MusclePharm Shred Matrix

This Supplement uses the fat stores in your body for energy consumption and burns or melts down the fat.It’s consumptions helps you kill hunger pangs and makes you eat less.

4) Dymatize CLA

They are safe and gel based tablets that easily dissolves in your body to give you a positive effect. It’s virtually impossible to eat foods rich with Dymatize CLA which is why these tablets are advised.

5) MusclePharm CLA

This supplement increases lean body mass by reducing total body fat. The correct usage and intake of these capsules combined with the right workout increases metabolic rate and boosts energy levels in the body.

6) ProLab Advance Caffeine

It gives your body a lean physique by burning extra fat.60 Grams of calcium present strengthens your bones and teeth health.

7) Nutrex Lip6

The formula contains tyrosine that suppresses your appetite and helps you manage your weight.

8) Universal Nutrition Fat Burner

It is an amalgamation of 10 essential nutrients that work together as fat cutters and manages and maintain healthy body weight.

9) ON Mega Fat Burner

It ensures that food is used in the right manner in the body.It is designed to increase metabolic rate and Reduce Fat stores in body.

10) Cellucor Super HD

These capsules are to be taken with right amount 0 Workout and daily healthy dietary routine. They helps in increases the efficiency of fat cutting in the body while improving digestion and metabolism rate.

Although it is highly recommended that you take assistance from your personal fitness trainer or gym instructor and your doctor who clearly knows your medical history. Only after both the approvals you must invest in a fat burner.

Start today to see your desired result tomorrow.

AngelMstyle – Guest Post Blogger

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Spring It Like Earring- Jivaana , A One Stop-Hop!

Spring It Like Earring- Jivaana , A One Stop-Hop!
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Spring It Like Earring- Jivaana , A One Stop-Hop!

Seasons come and go, whatever outfit it is, there’s one thing that can never go wrong, and that is earrings. I am big big earring fan. I make sure that I have piece in every possible colour available on earth in probably every design. Jhumkas or tassels,  gold stud earrings or kundans, every pair of my earring is very close to my heart. And guess what? I just got a new one stop destination to heal my earring purchase syndrome and how. Ya if that’s even a disease, I am on the last stage for sure. Spring it like Earring- Jivaana , a one stop-hop!  My earring collection has already filled a number of my pretty jewellery boxes. But I don’t regret buying even one of it.

 gold stud earrings

Jivaana brings to the finest collection of precisely decorated and crafted pieces of earrings that will make you feel nothing less than gorgeous. Jivaana has a collection of some of the classiest designer earrings to grace your every occasion. These can be some of the best designer earrings for weddings that you would have purchased so far. The precision on the earring, the designer, everything is worth every penny that you spend on it. I am primarily a fan of ear studs. They are easy and fill every purpose. But designer earrings from Jivaana just made me change my mind.Spring it like Earring- Jivaana , a one stop-hop!

Indian weddings are all about glitz and glamour and everything loud and shimmery. You can’t even imagine a wedding dress without being paired with a pair of beautiful looking jhumkas or heavy earrings. We’re customed like that. And I don’t complaint! Earrings make a female, look more petite and delicate. That’s the beauty of Indian jewellery. They are simply gorgeous in every which way. And to do justice to that sentimental attachment which we women hold with are jewellery pieces, Jivaana has come up with a range of exclusive and glamorous earrings which will be the right choice to every occasion. There are lighter ones for haldi and mehendi and quite a few heavy ones for the main events. You name it and the store has it for you. You have everything from jhumkas to beads to tassels and everything that you can probably think of. And the best part remains that these are crucially designed designer earrings customized to grace your events and add value to it.

                                                                           Designer earrings for wedding


                                                                                            Designer Earrings

Girls usually prefer old ear studs  and studs online for easy carriage and maintenance. Also not designer earrings can be worn on a daily basis. But when there’s a occasion, it ought to be special. And Jivaana makes sure it does that for you. So girls, if you have a wedding coming up anytime soon, get your beautiful and stunningly decorated pair of designer earrings for weddings from

This is the time to fill your wedding Pandora with the most amazing and designer pieces straight out from the gem itself. Some earrings never hurt anybody. And designer earrings from Jivaana are sure to make you look drop dead gorgeous .


AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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A Great Idea For A Unique Wedding Ring

A Great Idea For A Unique Wedding Ring
A Great Idea For A Unique Wedding Ring
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Unique Wedding Ring Ideas – AngelMstyle

When we think of the word fingerprint, we think firstly about the hand and we think about something that identifies who we are, and it is individual and specific to only us. It is imprinted on our fingers and this is significant, because we use these same fingers, to hold and to touch, the one we love. The hands are the bond that holds people together and we use our hands to show love and to give protection to those we love and cherish. Our children will reach for our hands for security and safety when we are in a strange place or crossing a busy road, and the people in our lives who we have romantic relationships with clasp our hands as a token of romance and closeness.

A Part Of Yourself

When we touch an inanimate object, we leave behind our fingerprints which identifies that we have held and touched that item, and in a similar gesture, when we hold the hands of a loved one, maybe we are attempting to leave a part of ourselves with them as well. Fingerprints never change and fingerprints never leave us, and they are a direct representation of us, and this explains why more and more couples are imprinting their fingerprints onto jewellery like rings when they get engaged or married.  For those of you who were not aware that you can now do this, don’t worry, you can now Get Fingerprint Wedding Rings in 5 Easy Steps.

The Heart

The concept behind putting your fingerprints onto an engagement or wedding ring comes from the times of the early Egyptians, who believed that the fourth finger on your left hand, had a vein inside that ran straight to the heart. As we know, the heart is a modern symbol of love and even though it’s not true, the connection between the finger and that of real love, stays with us even today. Essentially then, there is nothing more romantic than getting your fingerprints from that finger, imprinted onto your engagement or wedding ring. It really is a beautiful notion. For more on the Origin of The Wedding Ring Finger, have a look interesting articles online.

Modern Or Traditional

Getting a fingerprint wedding ring is one way to connect your loved one’s fingerprints right to your heart, and there is nothing on this earth as romantic as that. There are a number of ways to get this done. You can get the fingerprint put on the inside or the outside of the ring, and the jeweller will let you decide which one you want. Putting it on the outside makes the print an integral part of the ring design, but opting for the inside allows you to make the romantic gesture, while maintaining the traditional look of the ring on this type of occasion.

It is a wonderful and meaningful gesture to get this done with your wedding ring and putting your fingerprints on this ring is a permanent record of your love for someone else.

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