The Incredible Journey Of A Simple Girl Meena Who Turned An Idol For Many Young Bloggers

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On 23rd July 1992, Thursday at 8.55 PM in Delhi, Mr Salig Ram and His Beloved wife Prema Devi was blessed with a little angel in their life. For them, she was no less than a fairy and they named her Meena. 

You got it right, it’s my story. Hello friends. I am Meena a passionate traveller and a professional blogger. What that is unique in me and different from many fellow and brilliant bloggers is that I was born to be the one. 

When passion and profession match together a life turns to be a blissful one and that is quite true for me. Since my childhood, my life was not a fairy tale but yes I am blessed with lovely parents who are my support system and two adorable brothers for whom I am like a gem.  I would like to thank god again and again for gifting me this lovely family. 

My Childhood, Teenage and My First Step in a Careerist World

Since I was from a middle-class family and my father was the sole bread earner working with MTNL we three siblings learned at an early age how to be happy with limited resource. I was an average student and understood the importance of being self-dependent at the tender age of 18 or 19 years. 

We still stay in a rented apartment. I’m happy to say now that we three siblings are now earning well and managed to give some relief to our dad and Mom.  When I look at my Mom’s face her divineness gives me the energy to do something crossing my limits. My father is nothing less than a fighter who taught me how to win the battles in life with dedication and hard work.  Still, to date, I’m a pampered child and my father never complains about it.


Oh yes, how I can miss telling you guys about my brothers. The one elder to me is Manish and my younger bro is Satish. They are my lifeline and so I am for them. They can do anything for me possible on this earth. They consider me as their lucky charm. I love both truly, deeply and madly.

I completed my schooling till 8th from Private school and later due to financial constraints I moved to a Government school (Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya) and from there I cleared both my 10th and 12th class board exams successfully. In the final stage of my school life, I realized that I need to do something to support my family and manage my daily expenses on my own. 

Office Journey

So I started doing job with a call centre as a sales executive besides doing my weekend graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi University. I feel proud to say that I completed my graduation with my own expenses and at that time I was earning around INR.6000 PM.   It was not so easy to survive with such a peanut salary, but that I time decided to take the challenge as I was quite sure in coming time a golden future is waiting for me. I decided to work even harder to make my dream come true.

Later I joined an IT company which offers training on different IT courses. I was appointed there as a counsellor and after working there for some time I switched to another company as a Counselor and served as the center head. A question may come to your mind as to why I choose to remain with the IT sector. Well, the fact is that I earlier did a graphic designing course from Techstack Pvt Ltd and I was also responsible for doing graphic designing in my second Job as centre head besides managing the centre. 

I was an avid learner and don’t leave any opportunity when I get a chance to learn something new. During the course of my job, I completed a Digital Marketing course which actually helped me to become what I am today.

So How I Became a Blogger? 

I not at all feel shy to say that I love to check me out in the mirror. I being a woman strongly believe in the fact that the way you carry yourself matters a lot towards creating a strong impact in the minds of others meeting you. You don’t need to be beautiful but your boldness should be visible on your face. 

meena instagram

I love styling me in a different way in different outfits and by now used almost all leading brand’s makeup products. I must say I have a strong sense of fashion and understand the trends.

Besides Fashion, I am a keen traveller who loves to spread the wings in the sky and explore the beauty of the whole world.  One fine day a thought came to my mind that why not share my views on travel and fashion with many more people who actually look for quality information online and which I can share.

Blog Setup

This is how on 21 st October 2015 I started my blog ‘Angel M Style’. I love travelling to different destinations as it gives me the scope to know different culture and nation besides getting a glimpse of the natural beauty of the destination.

Earlier I had no idea about how to run a blog and initially I remain restricted to writing only meaningful and interesting travel and fashion blogs. I used to wonder if my blog will ever reach to the targeted audience. I learned SEO and digital marketing long after I started my blog and so it was not popular that time. 

But later on, when I used my digital marketing skills my blog popularity reached a new hike. There was a huge increase in my follower list and it’s still increasing. There is a huge fan base of readers on my blog and with each passing day, the number of fans are increasing and with each increasing fan my happiness also keeps on increasing.

Offers started pouring in from different brands (both fashion & cosmetics and Travel). I remain strict at 1 specific thing. It is being genuine and authentic in my writing.  Still, till date, I have blogged for various brands and made their promotion but I always ensure to call a spade a spade.  If I like the product after using or the service of the travel agencies then only I referred them in my blog or else I remained very clear in case of dissatisfaction.

This genuine approach impressed many brands about me and so with time, I managed to create a niche for me in the industry. 

A Traveller by Passion

My first sponsored trip was to Hong-Kong and I travelled there with my one and only partner in crime my best friend Shivali Chauhan who is also a blogger. The trip was not just awesome but memorable too as we shared the same birth months and celebrated our birthday over there.

After this, I had several domestic and international trips sponsored by some topnotch brands. After working for a few years when I realized that blogging is something which makes me feel energetic and fresh I quit my job and started fulltime blogging.

How I Earn?

But how I earn? Well, I actually earn well through blogging and travelling. I make hotels and resorts promotion as well as air travel companies via my blog site and they pay me and also sponsor my trips. The rule remains the same for cosmetics and fashion products.

 The brands with whom I worked so far are:Charles & Keith, STEVE MADDEN, FOSSIL, DEBORAH, Amway, Samsung, COLE HAAN, Lenovo, The Body Shop, Maybelline,  Daniel Wellington, VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY, Ebix, Fbb, Lenskart, Medlinks, KAZO, GUERLAIN, Accessorize, Myntra, Lakme, Linzi, Swiss Image, MYCHOIZE, MYGLAMM and Cath Kidston.

Many more brands are in pipeline and very soon I will be working for their brand promotion.                 

My Love Life??????????

Ummmmm…….. What to say and how to say I don’t know. I m not lucky yet in my love life and I must say that my heart has broken more than once. I failed to understand what they expect from a woman.

One of my EX wanted me to leave my career and become a dedicated homemaker which I strictly denied. I was Ok with managing both home and work but not ready to lose my originality.

meena influencer

It’s my choice what I want to do in life and no one, yes no one else can decide it.  People can share their views and suggestions but what to do and what not will be solely my call. Due to my workload, I need to travel a lot to promote brands and then need to invest time to pen down interesting brand promotion contents for my blog.  I came across many men who like me, my beauty, and my elegance but failed to recognize my heartbeats and its desire. If I decide to quit one day from working then that will also be my decision.

My dream man should be the one who is a true man in every sense. He must be supportive and caring and I swear I promise to make that man’s life heaven if I get my due respect as a woman in this world.

My search is still on for my Mr Perfect and I believe someday we will meet and decide to walk the rest of our life hand in hand happily ever after.  I wish to settle down in life in next 1-2 years time, I don’t mind even if it is an arranged marriage.

What that is important I look forward is a commitment for life and respect for me from that person. I am a woman and I know how to make a family I will be part of a happy one with my presence.  Hope god will be smiling very soon for me and I will meet my life partner quite soon. 

My Dreams and Plans

Well, I will keep continuing with my blogging and brand promotion business and take it further ahead with some expansion plans already in my mind.

angel m style

In the beginning, I already told you that I am a true Fashionista. I love to look fashionable and I am glad to say that I know how to carry my personality and give a jaw-dropping appearance.  Keeping this fact in mind I am planning for the launch of my own clothing line very soon.

Plans are in progress as there are so many things that I need to consider before making the final launch and represent me as a successful businesswoman. I know I will achieve what I want with the blessings and love of my parents, my elders, my adorable brothers, my fans and all my well-wishers. 

For those who want to make a career as a blogger, my suggestion would be to you guys is think big to achieve big.  Have faith in your dreams and work hard to achieve them …… Nothing is impossible in this world.  

Love for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AngelMstyle:- Indian Professional Bloggers

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An Adventure Trip To The Less Explored Part of Himachal Pradesh: Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

Jibhi and Jalori Pass Trip

My best friend is my travel companion and we both love to explore the various places in the world. After our travel experiences in tourist destination foreign lands, we made a visit to the Kullu Valley recently and headed our ways to the less explored parts of the. We planned for Jibhi and Jalori Pass and that was the best travel decision we took. 

On the long weekend of fall, we headed with our SUV and reached the Aut tunnel at a chilly and misty morning. Reaching till there was a great experience altogether however we had no clue what all was waiting for us. After having tea at a small shop near the tunnel we started driving towards the Banjar valley. Banjar is on the left Bank of River Beas so far it is a place that is less crowded. With the Majestic Mountains lined up across the entire view, Jibhi is a place that has not attracted a chunk of travelers like Manali or Parvati Valley. I and my best friend decided to visit Jibhi because we wanted to soak in the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. Staying for a couple of days in Jibhi let us unwind our mind and we wanted to stay there for a few more days but sadly, a trip has to end. So we returned. While coming back, we took the way from Jalori Pass and reached Shimla. The roads were adventurous and the entire trip was full of enjoyment and peace that we cannot find in the city lives.

Here are The Highlights of Our Jibhi-Jalori Pass Trip in The Mountains:

There are two beautiful yet small treks that we did in Jibhi. A three hours trek from Jibhi led us to the magnificent Chaini Village that is famous for its ancient architecture that is inspired from Chinese art work. The trek begins at the place named chiladhar and we just loved walking up while enjoying the breathtaking view that got more gorgeous with the height we gained. We also went to the Sharing Bagi temple from Chiladhar which is another gorgeous place.

On reaching Chaini Village, we were surprised with the architecture of the village. There were historic buildings and relics of many abandoned buildings that were made up of rocks. My friend suggested that we should take some pictures here and we clicked some highly impressive images of the old and mysterious marvels of architecture with the backdrop of the view that is blessed with natural splendor. It was indeed a sight that filled our mind and soul with peace and happiness. 

After our visit to Chaini Village, we went to Jalori pass and Sarehul Lake and then we returned to our home. Jalori is a mountain pass that connects Kullu District with Shimla District and it is a lovely place with a low altitude of 3120 meters. Our visit here was while we were driving back home. 

Altogether it was a memorable trip that I and my friend will appreciate for lifetime.

AngelMstyle :- Indian Travel Blogger

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A Memorable Birthday Trip To Hong Kong and China

AngelMstyle Indian Travel Blogger

I and my best friend are born in the same month, July and we share our birthday together with 22 and 23 of July respectively. So, we decided to make our birthday memorable and exciting with a holiday in Hong Kong and China. It was one of the best birthday celebrations that we had together. So here are the highlights of the things we did and places we visited in both the places.

Kowloon and Victoria Harbor:

We both had fun enjoyed riding the Star Ferry that we took from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. It was ten minutes ride and a perfect way to explore the historic harbor. We clicked some great pictures of the skyline while we had the cruise ride. Later we went to the Temple Street Night Market on Kowloon and we enjoyed having some delicious and spicy noodles at restaurant that are lined up across the streets. The Temple Street Night Market is beautiful and inexpensive market from where you can get indulged in shopping spree.

Victoria Peak

As we both were exploring the gorgeous city we reached the Victoria Peak that is a mountain peak located at the western half of Hong Kong Island. Being a popular tourist attraction we thought of spending some moments of joy here do we took the Peak Tram funicular railway to reach the top. The breathtaking experience is still in our memories and we loved the experience of watching the panoramic view of the city and the harbor from up there.

Tian Tan Buddha

One of the best highlights of our Hongkong birthday trip was the visit to the Tian Tan Buddha. Situated in Ngong Ping on Lantau Island, it is a very big metal statue of Buddha Sakyamuni. It is a symbol of harmony and compassionate relationship between the humans and Mother Nature, according to the local belief. I and my best friend boarded the MTR train to Lantau Island and from there we shifted to the Ngong Ping Cable Car in order to reach the Ngong Ping Village and from there we had a short walk towards the Tian Tan Buddha. Trust me; it was worth the efforts we put in order to reach there. Having religious vibes and spiritual ambience, it was a great experience to reach there.

Later we went to Chins during our Birthday trip and here are the highlights from our trip:

We reached Beijing which is the capital city of China and the first thing we did was to experience the walk up to the Great Wall of China. Being the eighth wonder of the world, it is a great experience that can add fun and frolic to any trip to China. Later we visited the Forbidden City and enjoyed visiting Temple of Heaven which is the enormous place of heaven worship; at last we went to explore the Summer Palace. Later we visited Shanghai which is one of the largest cities of China and has many historic sites.

Al together it was a marvelous birthday trip with my best friend.

AngelMstyle:- Indian Travel Blogger

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The Kikar Lodge and Fun-Filled Zipline Flying Fox Adventure Activities

AngelMstyle fashion Blogger

Hi, Friend, ’s I am back again after a long time to share my latest travel experience which was full of activities, enjoyment, and fun. Guess where I have been this type? Still guessing… Ok, relax let me share the experience with you all my fellow readers. Well, this time I went for a 2-day trip to THE KIKAR LODGE, which is a lovely property in the ravishing state of Punjab located at Village – Kangar, Nurpur Bedi.

This time was fortunate enough to get the invitation from Flying Fox, Zip Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd, which is a Zipline Adventure Tours company offering exclusive zipline flying fox adventure activities in various locations of India. This company is having its services available at Kikar which offers you the scope to Fly fast right above the jungle to enjoy the longest zip tour of South Asia. The other spots where you can enjoy this adventure activity by this company include Neemrana fort, Rishikesh, and Jodhpur. The activities are Inspected annually to International Standard EN15567

 I went to Kikar Lodge Punjab just for the urge to give a kick to my adventure side and experience the zipline flying fox activities for the very first time in my life. I Must say that the Flying Fox team was very professional in dealing with tourists like us trying their luck in Ziplining for the very first time. The complete team available there at Kikar was polite and well organized. One my personal view I must say that I felt completely safe and good care of was taken for everyone. As I already told you that I was trying this adventure act for the very first time I was very scared and was questioning them so many times about the safety features they are having for the tourists. They were so patient in answering all my queries and explained to them in such a lovely way that half the fear was gone already. The safety features which you can see here is true of international standard and you will feel every penny you invest is worthy. I just felt right at the top of the world when I tried this adventure act and my dear friends, I request you to come here and enjoy at least once and you will not regret rather thank me for recommending this adventure act in Kikar.

Well, I would like to add here is that Flying Fox is the only Zip tour company of India having International Standards certification. The safety equipment’s which are used by the company are sourced from Petzl, France. Before the Zipling activity starts every person attempting this adventure activity is given a brief about the safety features besides practice as well as an assessment session. All in all, the experience was a fabulous one for me.

The Kikar Lodge is the nation’s First Private Forest Reserve located at the foothills of Shivalik and spread across 1800 acres of area with greenery all around. 24 hrs power backup is there in the lodge. For the guests, there are 22 beautiful Luxury air-conditioned cottages besides 8 other Garden View Rooms. Check into any room of your choice and budget you will get all modern facilities of life like LCD TV, built-in cupboards, writing desk, mini-refrigerators, tea & coffee makers, 24-hour power back-up, and attached bathroom with all amenities. 4 types of rooms are there forest view cottage, pool view cottage, family suit, and dream luxury tent.

If you wish to go for a casual walk then take a tour of the marked trails and explore the forest and spend time mingling with the 180 species of birds residing in the forest. The Kikar Lodge is home to some of the wild animals and birds who reside in their habitat. If you visit here with your gang of friends then you can enjoy various sports like cricket, volleyball, badminton, dartboard, basketball and water polo. Arrangements for carom and other indoor games are also there.

It’s just not Zipline you will find many other adventure sports to enjoy like paintballing, mud driving, night safari, and horse riding. I tried horse riding and it was an amazing experience like never before. If you are fond of trekking then you will not miss that here at Kikar Lodge. All and all it are going to be an outstanding experience for you.

Delhi Travels Blogger

I am very particular about my health and wellness and so I didn’t miss the chance to have a full body massage at the hotel spa. The experience was just awesome. If you wish to soothe your body, mind, and soul then choose any of the spa services you wish to avail like head massage, neck & back massage, hand & feet massage, Shirodhara (Kerala oil massage) treatment, steam bath or sauna bath.

If you wish you can soak the body in the well-maintained swimming pool of the lodge and if traveling with gang why not enjoy some bonfires at the Amphitheatre. For romantic couples’ arrangements for candlelight dinner can be done close to the pool.

The lodge is having a dedicated AC restaurant serving multi-cuisine food. Besides Indian food, you will also get excellent Continental and Chinese cuisine. Food will be served both in buffet and a la carte Menu style. Separate kid’s menu will be there for families with kids. Very well-cooked food is served at the restaurant perfect to satisfy your taste buds.

The experience was all in a fabulous one for me and I enjoyed the 2 days trip courtesy Flying Fox, Zip Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd. All thanks to the amazing team of Flying Fox and The Kikar Lodge to turn my weekend a memorable one.

Indian Travel Blogger

If you are looking for some getaway destination from Delhi for a weekend trip amid nature and with some adventure activities then nothing can be the best destination for you other than The Kikar Lodge. Plan for a trip to this amazing land and I strongly bet you will not repent on your decision.

AngelMstyle:- Indian Travel Blogger

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Finding a Great Restaurant in London After Work

restaurant in London

When you have that big meeting at the client’s office in London, sometimes all you will see are the hours of preparing and planning you will be going through in the preceding week. Then the meeting ends and you have to find somewhere to finally eat. Well, the good news is that you are in one of the culinary delights, London has a wide range of everything to offer and especially world-class restaurants. There are some you really shouldn’t miss.


When you walk into Scully, you cannot fail to see the influences on chef Ramael Scully’s like. Coming from a heritage of Irish, Balinese, Chinese and Indian backgrounds, the food Scully creates takes the best of all these influences. Take the less-than-classic 36 hours, slow-poached goat, which is served on a yoghurt flavoured with green chilli, pickled red onions and urd lentils.

There is nothing normal about Scully’s and it’s all the better for it.


If you have been to or heard of the Smoking Goat, then you will know of Ben Chapman. If you haven’t then this is going to be a real treat. Right in the heart of Soho, Kiln offers a minimalist dining experience with hints of Thailand infused throughout. Imagine the best of British meat, cooked over a firepit of chargrilled embers, then served with traditional Thai sauces. The flavours last in your memory for weeks.

The Barbary

The Barbary is renown for its outstanding food and the fact that you’ll have to queue. If you’re planning on heading to The Barbary, it’s wise to also book into London Apart Hotels and spend as long at the restaurant as you possibly can. The atmosphere is filled with the joyous sounds of laughter, music and the smell of great food.

Taking the best of the old Barbary Coast and enthusing it with modern Israel, the menu offers delights you’ve never heard of and will never encounter anywhere else.


Hoppers is proudly Sri Lankan. It does pure Sri Lankan food and nothing else. The way it specialises allows you to already know that it’s going to be world-class. Anyone first-time visitors must try the hoppers pancakes, from which the restaurant gets its name. It’s a small restaurant and therefore filled every night. The upside of this is the personalised experience you will get and you know that no two nights are ever going to be the same.

Smoke and Salt

Feel free to judge a restaurant housed in a shipping container, but then when you taste the food, you know you’ll be judging it in a hugely positive fashion. This ridiculously affordable pop-up ha to be high on any list. The mix of food changes with each fresh delivery, so it’s always worth popping in just to see what’s new.

Heading out to a restaurant after work is sometimes the best part of the day. One of these will definitely be the highlight of any week.

AngelMstyle:- Top Lifestyle Influencers in India

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Women’s Fashion Glove Styles For 2020


Winter is less than three weeks away which means women everywhere will be, if not already prizing open their wardrobes open and ready their winter garments for the next few months! Coats, hats, scarfs and gloves that have not seen action for the best part of a year will be dusted off and recommissioned to face the winter of 2019. Warm winter clothing is essential for comfort no matter what lifestyles we lead but with cold-weather garments being used only a portion of the year, it’s easy to forget that fashion changes over time. Ladies Leather Gloves are the pinnacle of winter clothing accessories because they have the power to completely alter the context of your outfit. With this in mind, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on the freshest women’s fashion glove styles for 2020.

Velvet Gloves

If you’re looking for a subtle yet eye-catching material glove, then king among them is the classic crushed velvet glove. Velvet, once a 1970s formal wear staple has experienced a modern-day revival mainly due to its unrivalled smooth and refined look. One of the unique things about velvet is how the fine surface pile catches light and takes on a wondrous luminous quality making it both matte and incandescent at the same time. You can only imagine how wonderful this looks on a golden sunny winters morning as the light highlights the surface of velvet. 2019 has seen a rise in popularity of velvet gloves which can in part be attributed to a vintage rework scene which has seen a revival of classic materials and styles.

Evening Gloves

Arm gloves or “evening gloves” are the perfect example of a formalwear classic that screams elegance. Popularised by style icons like Jackie Kennedy, the arm glove has enjoyed status as a much loved timeless accessory since the 1800s. The evening glove is a long-cut glove that reaches roughly just below the elbow and can be made from a number of thin materials like silk, velvet or satin. The thinner the better as these gloves are designed to look streamlined and fitted without showing any baggage or excess material. If you have a calendar packed full of formal occasions be it dinner parties, black tie events or weddings, a pair of silk evening gloves are sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons and they look fantastic when paired with a strapless frock and small envelope handbag.

Technology Gloves

With the ever-rising popularity of touch screen features like iPads and smartphones it is becoming a necessity to have gloves that keep you warm and are compatible with touchscreen devices. One of the largest bug bearers for many women when it comes to gloves is the inconvenience of having to take one glove off to check a phone. Repeated exchanges of WhatsApp messages and texts are huge inconveniences and often end up in having to compromise warmth and comfort for phone functionality.

Technology gloves are the answer to this but if you thought that functionality overrules fashion you are mistaken. Patagonia, Timberland and UGG are a few among many brands that have managed to develop an amazingly diverse offering of touchscreen gloves across many spanning many styles. Touch screens work by using minute electrical charges in your body to initiate certain actions on a device eg. opening an app or scrolling through a text. Whereas normal Glove fabric obstructs your natural electrical charge, technology gloves contain conductive fingertips which carry the charge from your fingertips through to the screen.

Faux Fur Gloves

2019 has seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of ethical and vegan fashion. For many women, the faux fur is now a credible means of enjoying the majesty of fur whilst abiding by vegan principals. Dents and Jayle both offer some of the highest quality faux gloves in terms of luxury, style and warmth so we advise that you check these brands out. There’s no denying that faux fur gloves smoulder with classic glamour which makes them a great option for adding an extra touch of finary to both smart and casual outfits.

While being glamorous, it’s possible to use faux fur in a way that’s not too austintactions and It’s more than possible to wear it in a restrained way that’s not too rocky horror-esque. Simply find a pair where the fur lining does not exceed from the cuff more than a couple of inches, this way you will get the wrist-warming comfort without having showing too much of the faux fur itself.

AngelMstyle:- Lifestyle Blogger India

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My Date with Orient Electric at Delhi Fashion Week

Delhi Times Fashion Week Sep’19, in association with Orient Electric, hosted an amazing evening and trust me, we all painted the town red.

The show was presented by designer duo Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor who presented their collection that showcased a stunning set of shimmering evening gowns, lehengas with off shoulder cholis and layered dresses. The night was immersed in fashion, pomp and exuberance to the fullest. This blog post is a narration of my awesome evening.

 It began with a meet and greet session with my fans, where we exchanged a lot about the latest trends in fashion. Not just about the event but in the world of internet too. The icing on the cake was the outflow of fashion, style and hotness all around. But, if you ask me about the highlight of the show, then it had to be the Orient Zone. This experience was something you would love to know about.

People, just gear up because now I will be telling you about these innovative Orient fans in detail. But before that, let me prep you up a little; I hope that you people are aware of Orient Fan’s new ‘Lifestyle’ range, because if you are not, I recommend that you look up at the website right here to explore some really beautiful and smart range of fans. Believe me, you will be thanking me later. Yes, this was my showstopper at the Delhi Fashion Week – 2019.

So, as I entered the event area, there was this pretty ‘Orient Zone’ featuring these stylish fans that are very unique and innovative in my opinion, like the Bladeless fan, that fits oh so well in the modern homes, the Monroe, which is a tower fan, is awe-worthy, the Proteus happens to be a luxurious box fan with super silent motor and last but not the least, the Aeroslim, a new-age IoT-enabled fan. My first reaction was ‘Why a Fan Brand at a Fashion Show?’ But as time passed, I started connecting the dots. In the mean while I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Atul Jain, Executive Vice President, Fans, Orient Electric. He explained in detail about how Orient Electric envisions the future of smart fans. He also further shared his vision on how effortlessly these fans would fit our modern homes. I literally related to that as I could come up with 10 different ways, I could use the innovative features of these fans. And my dots were becoming clearer deep within.

I was spellbound by the various features of Aeroslim – Voice Control via Alexa and Google Assistant with super-efficient inverter motor, Slim Cylindrical Design, Telescopic Adjustable Mounting, Aerodynamic Profile Blades and what not.

My personal favorite is Aeroslim. Which one’s yours? Check out here, you will thank me yet again.

AngelMstyle:- Indian Lifestyle Blogs

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Do’s And Don’ts In A Dental Emergency


Although dental emergencies, by their very nature, occur when you’re least expecting them, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Have a list of things not to do and things you should for such dental emergencies.

You will need to find an emergency dentist quickly in the event of an issue. It is made easier if you have the contact details. Whether it’s a sporting accident or just a tooth that causes pain all of a sudden. Your emergency dentist will be on hand to alleviate your suffering. Dental emergencies do not always happen during normal business hours. So, it’s important to find a dentist that is available around the clock.

An after hours emergency dentist is a specialist that should be in your contacts before you actually need him.

You may think that’s a low priority task when your teeth are fine. But trust me, trawling the internet and business directories when you are in severe pain is a job that no one wants to do.

dental problem

Below you will see a list of things that leading dentists recommend you don’t do in the event of a dental emergency and things you should do.

Don’t Panic

Panicking in the event of a dental emergency is unsurprisingly common. But it’s important to keep a level head. If the tooth has been knocked out or hanging by a thread, try and reinsert it back into the socket.

Please be careful, the last thing you want to do is swallow or loose the tooth. Getting to an emergency dentist as soon as possible will considerably heighten your chances of saving the tooth and also will require a less complex dental procedure.

Don’t Ignore It

It’s always tempting to swallow the strongest painkillers you can find. You also hope that the problem will go away. But this only delays the inevitable and can possibly exacerbate the problem. There is a root cause to dental pain, you cannot do the dental equivalent of ‘running it off’ and hope it heals of its own accord. If you have a severe problem with your teeth, see your emergency dentist as soon as possible, your teeth will thank you for it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Emergency Services

In the event of a serious emergency, you shouldn’t hesitate to use the emergency services. You are not wasting their time and again, the quicker you are treated the quicker the pain will go away. Many hospitals have a 24/7 emergency dentist on the premises who you can see until you visit your regular dentist for secondary treatment.

Prevention is better than Cure

Of course, the easiest way to avoid non-accidental dental emergencies is to have regular dental checkups. Swtiching to a Keto diet plan India would definitely help you avoid dental problems.


Also Read: Food Supplements

They may not negate the need for occasional emergency treatment, but your dentist may be able to see a problem developing before it becomes a source of severe pain.


When you next visit your own dentist, find out if they provide an after hours emergency service. If they don’t they will surely know a dentist in the area that does.

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The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake Gurugram

The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake Gurgaon

After a hectic schedule, I was looking for a getaway location to relax my mind and soul.

So, I Planned a weekend getaway to experience the hospitality of The Gateway Resort Gurgaon By Taj. It welcomes you to the nature-inspired sanctuary perfect for the urban nomad. This property is located 45 km from the IGI Airport Delhi, spreading across a sprawling 20 acres of land in the lap of the Aravalli hills, close to Damdama Lake.

The moment I step in the property all-around greenery impressed me completely. It gave me a feeling as if I am in the midst of mother nature lap pampering me with its beauty and divineness.

gateway resort gurgoan

There are 4 categories of the room which are available with the resort. Superior Resort Courtyard View, Superior Resort Room Garden View Large Bed, Deluxe Resort Room and Gateway Suite. The property is offering 78 Nature Inspired Rooms for the guests.

I picked the Deluxe room with king bed covering an area of 40 sq mt. The room was spacious and the bed was comfortable to let my body relax with love. The deluxe room is available with an attached bath with a shower cubicle and a walk-in wardrobe. The washroom was very spacious with all the modern amenities available to enjoy a relaxing bath. After the bath I applied my favourite Ponds Sun Protect Non Oily Sunscreen to help my skin from the sunrays.


You will get Bathrobes and hairdryer besides toiletries in the bath area. The room interior is very thoughtfully designed with a lavishly framed canvas at the backdrop of the bed. The room is facilitated with 40″ LED TV and a DVD player on request.  The USP of the deluxe room is that it comes with Garden Sit-out to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of greenery.

the gateway resort by taj


Although I am very conscious about my physique still I won’t feel shy to say that I am an absolute foodie and ensure to burn my fats hitting the gym. So, when I stepped in the restaurant section of the property I learned that it served both traditional and international cuisines.

Starting from spicy delicacies to healthy active foods you will get all here at The Gateway Resort.

There are 3 restaurants in the property.

  • Buzz: This restaurant serves authentic Hariyanvi delicacies, besides Multi-Cuisines and have 24 hrs coffee shop, prepared with a local touch.
  • Sian: If you wish to satisfy your taste bud with oriental delicacies then visit Sian
  • Swirl: If you are a business traveler to this resort and lead an upbeat lifestyle then this destination is for you to enjoy quality food and drinks

Next day morning the view from my room window wished me with fresh breeze and greenery. The weather was a little cloudy but still, I can melt romanticism in the air.

gateway resort gurgaon


I hit the gym after freshening up. It’s a well Equipped 24/7 Fitness Centre housing all latest workout equipment.  There is a Precor Cross Trainer available in the gym for guest’s assistance.

There is an attached swimming pool with the Fitness Centre where you can dive in after workout to soothe the body.  I enjoyed taking a dip in the crystal-clear water of the pool and soaked my body under the sun.


If you wish to pamper your body with great massage when you are here in this resort then step in The Spa area of The Gateway Resort.

It offers a bucket full of wellness treatments that will recharge your body and soul.

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The treatments offered will be customized depending on the need of the guests. The ingredients which are used by the spa experts are 100% natural and sourced from Indian herbs, and contains salt and pure essential oils. I recommend you to try the therapeutic deep tissue treatment here. It’s perfect to give relief to your aching muscles.


If you are here with your family or group of friends then there are many Recreational Activities for All Age Groups for your entertainment. I tried Mud Biking activity and the experience was just awesome. There are various other activities to choose from.

the gateway resort by taj


In case you are looking for a lavish and spacious area for hosting some events like wedding, birthday party or even anniversary in style then the Gateway Resort can offer your event space.


My weekend outing at The Gateway resort is truly a memorable one. I recommend you all to be here at least once and enjoy the hospitality and natural appeal of the resort.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I shared with you all. Connect with me if you wish to get ideas for the best spots in the resort to click the perfect selfie or even for your fashion shoot.

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What To Gift Your Sister This Rakhi


The auspicious occasion of a brother-sister bond, Raksha Bandhan is about to come. Brother-Sister bond is one of the most beautiful relations made in heaven. This relation always remains close to the heart and comes with a platter full of sentiments. You can call it as a perfect mix of sugar and spice which we all cherish.

Earlier it used to be the brother who promises to take care of his sister all through life and protect her from all evils. With time the concept changed and women-empowerment came into the picture.


So now promises are made at both ends to take care and protect each other all through life. The Fact is that I am blessed with two lovely brothers who love me, pamper me and consider me as one of the biggest gifts in their life and so I do. Raksha Bandhan always remained a special festival for me but every year I need to face a common question from my brothers “ Behen what you want as a gift on this Raksha Bandhan”. That Time I honestly feel confused and don’t know what to say. My brothers want the best thing to gift me as being too precious for them.


Trust me I don’t like to say anything and just ask them to hug me and promise me to be with me in all ups and downs of life. Finally, they need to research too hard and even include my mom in this crime for finding the perfect gift for me. I love watching them doing the effort for me but also understand their hardship. So this time to make things bit simple for all those brothers like mine to find the perfect gift for their adorable sis this Rakhi I prepared a list of gifts which you can buy sisters this year.




Jewelry is something which every girl is attracted to. It’s something which they love to flaunt around with pride. The glamour gold or diamonds is something which can light up your sister’s face within seconds.

Your sister will be at the top of the world when she gets its. If it’s a budget issue and you find it bit expensive then the good news is that on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi most of the leading jewelers are giving massive festive discount which will bring the desired jewelry within your limit. 

These days women prefer to style up in silver jewelry on various occasion and so you can pick exclusive silver bracelets and necklaces to gift your lovely sis.


Ladies Bags & Purse


This is one more thing that ladies really love and want to have the best collection for the same. Online stores are the best hub which can make it easy for you to pick the attractive, stylish yet elegant designs of purses for your dear sis. 


The branded companies also offer quality products at a reasonable rate during festive months to increase the sales volume and you must take the benefit out of it. A good quality purse always upgrades the overall look of a lady without taking into consideration her physic, complexion or beauty. A good handbag changes the appearance of a lady completely.




Time played a wonderful role in establishing a strong bond between you and your sibling making it deeper with even passing day.

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To, celebrate the time you spend together with each other by gifting your sister a beautiful designer watch from leading brands. She will bubble up in happiness getting this incredible gift of love for from you. 

Final Thoughts 

From My end, these 3 things are a top pick for Raksha Bandhan Gift to Sis which are evergreen and precious too. Gear up boys as Rakhi is just knocking the door. Pick the best gift for your sister and make her feel blessed and happy to be your beloved sister for life.

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