Why There Should Be A Photo booth In Your Next Party

Why There Should Be A Photo booth In Your Next Party
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Why There Should Be A Photo booth In Your Next Party

Maximum fun and rewarding interactions are the least things that your guests would expect in your event. So whether you throw a corporate party or organize a private ceremony, ensure to hire an ‘ice breaker’ that would keep your guests engrossed and happy. Photo Booths have now become a staple choice for party organizers. Apart from the unending fun that it gives, your guests take home crisp, fabulous party pictures as an incentive. That being said, a little know-how the top trends in the photo booth would keep your party a bit ahead from that of the others.

What’s In Style

There is no dearth of companies offering Photo Booth Rental Bay Area. However, the mushroom growth of service providers might overwhelm you, especially when shopping around for the most suitable service company. A number of well-stocked agencies can offer you color-coordinated booths, which works amazing for any thematic party. Your booth operator can also arrange for a clever play with LED lights. This will enhance the overall feel of your party. Selfies and groufies are all rage now. Accordingly, a number of young party animals prefer larger booths. This makes it easier to take fun group photos.

Being ‘Open’

If your party venue offers you a limited space to set up a traditional photo booth, then you might find your pick in the form of their open air counterparts. These booths have no ‘walls’ around them. Yet, they come with fitting backdrops. For example, the service provider can offer you backgrounds featuring an exotic place, a pristine, tropical beach or a lush, flowery meadow. You can also personalize it by adding table, couches, chairs and other decors of choice. You can also opt for the green screen backdrop. This technology helps you to create customized backdrops. Most of the premier service providers use sophisticated technologies to make it. You might want to contact your service provider to learn more about this new-age feature.

Don’t Forget The Props

Making the most of your photo booth experience can be literally incomplete without the right props. Accordingly, the premier Photo booth rental bay area companies keep on collecting the quirkiest of props. Their collection includes anything and everything from hats, feather boas, masks, huge sun glasses, funny moustaches and toy guns. Your booth operator would be more than happy to customize new props for you. Make sure that you let them know your actual expectations and requirements. You can also visit the one-dollar stores or garage sales around your locality to look for your own, unique props. Last, but not the least, you might want to include some hand-held boards as well. Opt for white boards or chalk boards where your guests would write and pose with the messages that they want to convey.

Getting Social

Photo Booths offering unlimited social media integration gives your guests an easy way to share their happy moments in your party. You can shoot your kiss shots, or make a mini video of singing or dancing and share them on the social media platforms real time. There are also companies offering high-end booths that allow you to create slow-mo videos.

Meena – Indian Fashion Blogger

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Top Universities Offering Design Courses

Top Universities Offering Design Courses
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Top Universities Offering Design Courses

There are innumerable universities offering Design Courses for the aspirants. Some of the best universities for the fashion design aspirants are listed below-

Ansal Univeristy, Gurgoan

It was established in the year 2012 for imparting the best quality education to the fashion aspirants. It is situated in Sushant Lok II, Sector 55, GurgaonNational Capital Region (NCR), and India. It is affiliated with Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and now has become a private university. The main objective of the university is to offer infrastructure, facilities, ambience and educational culture in such a way that the students feel empowered to explore their passions and develop in every manner. It is one of the top rated fashion design university for the aspirants. The admission process for the same is available on the official website of the university.

Courses offered –

  • Des-FT (Fashion & Textile) – 4 Years
  • Des-IA (Interior Architecture) – 4 Years
  • Des-ID (Interior Design) – 4 Years
  • Des-VC (Visual Communication) – 4 Years
  • Des-PD (Product Design) – 4 Years
  • Des (Interior Design) – 2 Years

M.Des (Luxury Design & Innovation)- 2 Years

A P Goyal Shimla University, Shimla

The university was established in the year 2012 for imparting good quality education to the students and to evolve a culture of growth and dynamism. Here you will find 100% job placements, tie up with the international universities, international students across the world, highest level of professionalism and it is also the only university certified by Pearson. The students can look forward to the design and implementation and the admission process on the official website of the university. It will guide the students in the most efficient way.

Some of the top recruiting companies are as follows:
• ABB Industries IT Development
• Bajaj
• Cape-Gemini
• Infosys

Other corporate partner with University includes:
• Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.
• Welspun Steels Ltd.
• Bihar Foundry & Castings Ltd.
• Invert Sugar India Pvt. Ltd.
• Sarika Industries
• Meenakshi Enterprises
• Eagle Securities
• Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd.

Avantika University, Ujjain

It is a cross disciplinary, private university which is located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. It is supported by the Maharashtra Institute of Technology and design. It is one for the first designed centered university in India. The transformative learning centre is something which inculcates a sense of learning and development among the students. The main aim of the university is to provide excellent education to the students and to cultivate the young minds so that a positive change can be experienced by the society. It helps the students to cultivate learning strategies and empower the way of development and growth.

The university offers the courses of fashion design and development for the aspirants. One such course is Bachelors of Design which is an intermediary course of 8 semesters and is a four year course. It is basically a full time residential program for the fashion design aspirants. The eligibility requirements for this course are as follows –

  • The student must be have 10+2 qualified from any stream from any state board, it may be CBSE, ICSE, ISC, IB, NIOS.
  • The student must have scored at least 60% aggregate marks in all the subjects.

The detailed application process will be available for the students on the official website of the university. The students need to appear for the design aptitude test to pursue the course. There are various specializations offered under the course such as –

  • Industrial design
  • Communication design

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Kancheepuram 

It is also known as IITDM Kancheepuram and IITD&M Kancheepuram. The university is an institute of national importance which originated in the year 2007 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It has been established for the aspirants so that they are able to learn the engineering education, research and designing trends in the industry.

Undergraduate programmes offered

  • Computer Engineeering (COE)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineeering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing (EDM)
  • Mechanical Engineeering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing (MDM)
  • Smart Manufacturing (MSM)

Dual degree admissions offered by the university

  • Tech – Computer Engineering + M. Tech – Computer Engineering (CED)
  • Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in D&M + M. Tech – VLSI & Electronic System Design (EVD)
  • Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in D&M + M. Tech – Signal Processing & Communication System Design (ESD)
  • Tech – Mechanical Engineering with specialization in D&M + M. Tech – Product Design (MPD)
  • Tech – Mechanical Engineering with specialization in D&M + M. Tech – Advanced Manufacturing (MFD)

Post graduate courses offered by the university

  • Des – Communications Systems (CDS)
  • Des – Electronic Systems (EDS)
  • Des – Mechanical Systems (MDS)
  • Tech – Smart Manufacturing (SMT)

Other popular Design Institutes are-

Meena – Indian Fashion Blogger

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Popular Health & Fitness Blogs To Follow in 2018 | AngelMstyle

Indian Fitness Blogger
Popular Health & Fitness Blogs To Follow in 2018 | AngelMstyle
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Popular Health & Fitness Blogs To Follow in 2018 | AngelMstyle

Health and Fitness is not everybody’s cup of tea. One needs to be constantly motivated and energized in order to remain fit and healthy. And the kind of blood and sweat that goes into it is hard. But considering this, Fitness is definitely the need of the hour. A fit body is a Healthy Body. Just to keep this trend going, here’s a list of blogs that you must follow to keep yourself motivated.


The blog is run by a Beautiful Blogger who has an equally stunning body. Meena knows the perks of having a fit body and to achieve that benchmark, she put on videos and posts on how to keep yourself not just toned but also Fit and Healthy. Her blog is not just beautiful but also inspiring.

Indian Fitness Blogger
Indian Fitness Blogger

The Picky Eater

Not everybody can be a picky eater like Anjali Shah. Much like the name of the blog, the posts on the blog are all about healthy and selective eating to keep your mind and body Fit and Healthy. If you cant think of Healthy Recipes, just switch on to this blog for your daily dose of motivation.

Abhinav Mahajan

If you are a Fitness freak and cant think anything beyond fitness and body toning, and f you haven’t visited this blog, you are definitely missing out on some serious stuff in life. Every post from this blog is a dip of motivation and energy. Abhinav can be your natural transformation specialist and trust me, you can actually witness the results in a few days if you follow his advices carefully.

Fit Girl India

Nothing about this girl is ordinary. Not even her blog’s name. Ayesha Bilimoria has just one agenda, to create a healthy body along with a healthy mind. She believes that a stressful mind never allows for a healthy body. And going by that, her Fitness Blogging videos and posts are all about how to keep yourself fit and structured overall.

Mom On The Run

Anupriya Kapur can be your motivation of the month if you are struggling with a body after having kids. She has kids and that does not restrict her at all from wishing for a sculpted body. This Fitness Blogger comes up with ways to maintain your body along with handling your family. And trust me; she is bloody good at it.

These are a few blogs that must be on your checklist if fitness is your cup of tea. Healthy body and fit mind are interlinked. So don’t just think for it, go for it.

Meena – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Work- Stay fit- Repeat – AngelMstyle

Indian Fitness Blogger
Work- Stay fit- Repeat – AngelMstyle
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Simple Exercises You Can Do At Work To Stay Fit

It is completely undeniable if I say that nothing today in this world counts more than a Healthy and shaped body. I am not someone who focuses on size but through time I have realized that a toned body beings with itself a lot of confidence and mental relaxation. It has become of utmost importance to churn out the excessive body fat and bring your body to shape. Inspired by the thought, my current post is all about body toning and excess sweating.

For those who have been religiously following my Instagram handle must be aware of the fact that I have indulged myself into heavy training and workout. My daily updates are there on my Snapchat account. But exercising and Gyming brings with itself a lot of self motivation. But since I am blogger, fashion can never take a back step. So here’s a post on my gym fashion attire.

Delhi Fitness Blogger
Meena – Delhi Fitness Blogger

First things first, gym requires a lot of physical strength. Therefore whatever you wear must be a size bigger than what you usually wear in case it is a long attire like a t-shirt. My gyming routine is all about and workout. But apart from gyming, what I feel works for mental relaxation is Yoga. I gives a deep energy to the soul and you feel quite relaxed and tension free. Keeping it very casual, I have been wearing a complete set of yoga suit.

Mornings and workouts are always the best ones. They bring the best kind of energy to the body. And this yoga wear has been the most comfortable workout gear that I could think of. Not that I carry too many yoga outfits, but this definitely stands at par with whatever I have bought till date. It is comfortable and most importantly, doesn’t like off at all. Most of the yoga outfits or workout gets have a tendency to be either loose of too tight. But this one just fit the bill perfectly.

I have lately started with my abs challenge and I am determined to reach my goal as soon as I can. My new year definitely started on a motivated and Healthy note. It’s time we start caring for out body and maintaining a toned and managed body shape. So next time when you think of giving up. On your gyming session or your exercise routine, just remember the kind of body you have been longing for and then work towards getting that. Stay classy while you aim t staying fit.

Meena – Indian Fitness Blogger

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Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in India

Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in India
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Best Health & Fitness Bloggers in Delhi, India – Fitness and Weight Loss Tips

If in today world and age, you are not taking care of yourself then you are definitely doing a lot of harm to yourself than you can even imagine. Fitness is not just a condition but a state of mind which is best defined by the way you keep your body. A Healthy Body gives rise to a Healthy Mind. And all of it comes with the changing Lifestyle. So a fitter body and healthy body mean a happier person. And just to promote healthier and happier way of living, here are some of the Best Health and Fitness Bloggers for your weekday motivation.

  1. Meena Chaudhary- AngelMstyle

  2. Indian Fitness Blogger
    Indian Fitness Blogger

She is by choice a Fashion Blogger but is absolutely fit. Her abs workout regimes are giving us major Fitness Goals For 2018. She follows a balanced lifecycle and has switched to a better and Healthy Eating. She believes in working out daily and that level of dedication has helped her maintain a fit and sculpted body. She is the new fitness star in making. You can also check out her blog for major fashion advices.

  1. Neha Ghosh- Put That Cheese Burger Down

Her blog name is enough to tell the kind of strict and motivated life this blogger is leading. She believes in living by example and so to promote Fitness, she makes sure that her life is completely under the fitness radar. She is not only a Fitness Motivator but a certified diet therapist. This speaks volumes of the genuine advices that come from her side.

  1. Anupriya Kapur- Mom On The Run

She is hardworking, passionate and so fit. Since she is a mom and works from home, she makes sure that her life routine doesn’t come in way of her passion for Fitness. And therefore she comes up with these quick Healthy sessions which are a boon.

  1. Tarun Preet & Anamaika- Fitness VS Weight Loss

Anybody who remains a tad confused between two giants in the body making must right away head to this blog. They have answers to all your questions and much more. All those aiming for only weight loss and those who want to switch to a healthier body can get themselves answered here.

  1. Anjali Shah- Picky Eater

Much like her picky choice of her blog name, this Fit Blogger is much choosy and picky about the kind of food she eats. The images on her blog are absolutely enticing but trust me when I say that all of them are very healthy and fit to eat. Her blog revolves around everyday eating and body struggles and how to get rid of them.

Meena – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Best Health & Fitness Blogs for Women To Follow in 2018 | AngelMstyle

Best Health & Fitness Blogs for Women To Follow in 2018
Best Health & Fitness Blogs for Women To Follow in 2018 | AngelMstyle
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Best Health & Fitness Blogs for Women To Follow in 2018

Women tend to loose out on a lot of strength and stamina with growing years. But natural and needless to say the kind of effort and hard work they go through. It then becomes very important for them to look after their strength and power. For them, being fit is the need of the hour. And there can be no better Monday motivation than a powerful fitness blog to read your teeth into. So check some motivational fitness blogs that all Women Must Follow in 2018.

  1. AngelMstyle

She is fashionista but knows how to keep her body fit and healthy. Her recent transformation stories can take in awe of her journey. Meena knows how to strike a balance between her love for fashion and her even blogger love for a healthy and fit body. You can avail some super healthy product reviews that go into her fit body making.

Meena Fitness Bloggers in India
                                                                                   Meena Fitness Bloggers in India
  1. Find Health Tips

The blog is there to provide hard core Health & Fitness solutions in the best and easiest way possible. The details are deeply driven by Fitness and Health Tips. It is a part of the blogging studio and Samar very well knows how to enunciate the fitness flue.

  1. Health Beckon

Fundamentals of how to live a Healthy Life becomes important when one is aiming at a fitter body. Vineetha is a fitness practitioner and knows how to strike the right chords when it comes to turning a healthy lifestyle to a fitter lifestyle. Women take note; you get to learn to come up with quicker and Healthier Recipes.

  1. Trends & Health

If and when you are looking out for contemporary blog on various niches then this blog by Payal should be your go to option., the blog has some really read- worthy Fitness and Health Tips. But apart from that, there are a lot of other topics that the blog deals from. It’s like all of it under one umbrella which is great.

  1. Wholesome Mama

This blog is a motivation to all the ladies with babies and are finding it difficult to maintain a balance between children and leading a healthy and fit life. There is a buffet of recipes on the blog along with a list of activities that you can perform in order to stay healthy and fit and motivated. This blogs lets you know that there’s nothing that can stop your from getting into a fit shape other than your own self.

Check out the blogs for your weekday motivation and start working on your self right away.


Meena – AngelMstyle

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The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection Review

SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection
The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection Review
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The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection Review

Work, Health and Makeup goes hand in hand. And there’s definitely no shortcut to it. It is always better to be presentable and confident than being shabby and awkward. The way you present yourself speaks volumes of the way you carry yourself.  The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection Review So make sure you are at your best.  But that just doesn’t happen like this.

SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection
                                      SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection

There’s a lot of effort that goes into it. But one thing that has been constantly giving me a helping ‘stick’ in my go  The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection review. Check out the post to know about my current love. Indian Makeup Blogger.

Rarely do you find products that are easy on go use and have no aftereffects. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into creating a look. But the product that I am talking about The SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick Collection Review here is nothing of that sort. In fact, it is the most sorted out products that I have used lately. And now I just can’t do without it. This foundation stick is nothing like the usual patchy sticks. It gives optimum foundation finish to the skin without looking too on the face. The stick comes with a dual supporter of a stick and a brush attached to it. So you can easily blend the foundation without searching for a separate brush which is superbly convenient. Also the foundation stick by sugar isn’t very large so you can easily carry out your bags when on travel journey. Also the best part about this sugar cosmetic is that you need not carry any liquid foundation or any other foundation if you have this magical stick.

This sugar ace foundation stick was definitely handmade for somebody like me. It has naturally moisturizing content that deters your skin from getting dry or patchy. And since the stick comes in 6 different shades, you can also use it as a contouring essentials. Every shade of this stick foundation is rich and clear. Check out the shades to pick yours.

1. Ace of Face Foundation Stick- Latte


This shade for this with extensively light skin. The stick works effortlessly for the skin. Since the color is light, the amount must be taken care of.

2. Ace of face foundation stick- Galão

ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK - 02 Galão (Light Medium)
ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK – 02 Galão (Light Medium)

This is light medium shade. This shade is anyone lighter than the light one but the shade limit remains a bit similar.

3. Ace of Face Foundation Stick- Chococcino

ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK - 03 Chococcino (Medium)
ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK – 03 Chococcino (Medium)

This is a medium shade and precisely my shade. This is the best that I could find and it perfectly matches my skin tone and easy blends with the skin.

4. Ace of Face Foundation Stick- Breve

ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK - 04 Breve (Medium Beige)
ACE OF FACE FOUNDATION STICK – 04 Breve (Medium Beige)

This is a medium beige shade for dusky skin tone. There are three shades to this tone and all of them are perfectly compatible to the skin.

5. Ace of Face Foundation Stick- Mocha


This is medium tan shade and can be used for contouring by those who have a lighter skin shade.

6. Ace of Face Foundation Stick- Lungo


This is a medium deep shade and is the richest of all in terms of shade and Color. This one can be used for various toning purposes.

I am in love with this foundation stick and just can’t do without it. And I’m sure all you girls will love it once you start using it. So what are you waiting for? Just go out there and but one for yourself!

Check your Skin tone SUGAR Ace of Face Foundation Stick


Also Check Sugar Cosmetics Products Reviews :




Meena- AngelMstyle

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11 Last-Minute Celebration Ideas For A Romantic Successful Valentine’s Day

11 Last-Minute Celebration Ideas For A Romantic Successful Valentine’s Day
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11 Last-Minute Celebration Ideas For A Romantic Successful Valentine’s Day

Every year in February, couples celebrate their love on the fourteenth of the month. The day is preceded by anticipation. It is the first big occasion after New Year’s for most people, after all. However, while some have been planning for the day since New Year’s, or even before, many find themselves short on time with Valentine’s Day a few weeks ahead. Whether the day has slipped your mind, and you are only aware it is closing now, or if you were waiting for the right idea to come by only to find yourself weeks away from the big day with no plans yet, this article will help you with eleven Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebrations that are last minute. Read on to save the day!

  1. Let your Love Grow

Not all gifts are about the high price tag. Sentimental gifts make the best gifts because they are, simply, priceless. Planting a literal tree of love together can be a reminder of your love, not only on this Valentine’s Day but in all the days to come. As the tree grows, so will your days together, as it blossoms, so will your love. Choose a tree that is suitable for the area in which you live. Fruit trees and flower trees are the most romantic, but if your loved one has a favorite tree, take your cue from that. Celebrating that special day by plating a living being will also make you bond uniquely. And as you enjoy the Health Benefits of Drinking Water, so will your love tree.

  1. Love in the Air

One of the simplest and most joyful ways to celebrate special occasions is balloons. The best thing? They are cheap, and very easy and quick to set up. If you didn’t make celebration plans for Valentine’s, simply make a stop at any supermarket or gift shop and buy balloons of different colors, red or heart-shaped are best, but not mandatory. Blow the balloons and use them to decorate your home to surprise your valentine when they walk in.

  1. Relationship Tour

It’s Valentine’s Day morning, and you haven’t made any plans, what do you do? Take your special one on a relationship tour. Get in the car and make stop at places that witnessed good times or landmarks in your relationship. The spot where you first met, a park where you spent a memorable evening and the pace where you had your first kiss are some of the things you can include in your tour, but feel free to tailor the tour to represent your relationship.

  1. Love Coupons

Have you been up all night with work only to wake up with a dull complexion and no ideas or time for this Valentine’s? Grab a pen and make coupons for your Valentine to be cashed in at their convenience. Be as modest or immodest as you like with the coupons. This will take you a few minutes, and it will give your partner days of fun with the coupon book.

  1. Pizza and a Movie

No matter how many fancy dates you go on, there were always be something very intimate and special about a cozy night at home with pizza and a movie or two. Escape the hustle and bustle of this busy day this year, and prepare a few movies that suit your loved one’s taste, order your favorite takeout, and enjoy a relaxing, intimate night at home. No reservations are needed!

  1. Let the Petals Speak

If you at loss of words and celebrations for this Valentine’s Day, let roses speak. Scatter rose petals for your valentine to see when they enter the house, or in strategic places like the dinner table or the bed. This small gesture can make an ordinary dinner Valentine’s Day Special.

  1. Special Valentine’s Breakfast

Start the day off with the Valentine’s Day spirit, and make your special someone an occasion appropriate breakfast. No preparation or kitchen skills are needed. Simply cut a marshmallow into a heart to top your valentine’s drink, or if you have some barista skills, be creative with your latte art and top their coffee with heat, or several hearts. If you happen to have some strawberries at hand, roll them in chocolate or chocolate cream for a simple Valentine’s Day treat. If your culinary skills and pantry contents allow, maybe even bake heart-shaped cookies.

  1. DIY Valentine’s Day Card

A card with a heartfelt message is a simple, yet sentimental gift idea. You can take this to the next level and make your loved one’s day extra special by making the Valentine’s Day card yourself.

  1. Candle Light Dinner

Take your simple dinner to the level of romance suitable for that special day with a simple layout of candles on the table and throughout the house. Start your dinner off with a glass of water to enjoy the health benefits of drinking water with your valentine, then proceed to the main course that can be as complex or simple as your culinary skills allow.

  1. Beauty Themed Celebration

A quick trip to Sephora can save Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend. Stock up on safety items like lipstick, black mascara, perfume and Eyelash Extensions to stay on the safe side. Avoid products that require special for skin type or skin tones like foundation or specialized facial masks.

  1. A Bouquet of Flowers

The best things in life are classic and simple. Channel that “less is more” approach, and present a flower bouquet to your valentine. You can pick a simple arrangement from a florist, or pick some wildflowers yourself and wrap them with a simple ribbon.


If you’re short on time, there is no need to live through a dull Valentine’s Day and disappoint your partner. The above ideas can help you save the day and enjoy a romantic day.

Meena – AngelMstyle

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Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands

Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands
Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands
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Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands Safer and Better

More women are riding motorcycles now than ever before. The Motorcycle Industry Council conducted a survey in 2014 that found that 14% of all motorcycle owners are now women. Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands …

Best Women’s Bike Helmet Brands

When you include passengers, almost 25% of everyone who gets on a bike is female. Manufacturers have begun to respond, with riding gear dedicated especially to the feminine biker. Ill-fitting men’s helmets have been replaced with head protection that fits women’s head shapes. Here is a look at the BikeBandit.com brands that offer the best Motorcycle Helmets For Women.


In business since 1954, Bell produced the first full-face and dirt bike helmets. Falling mainly into the entry-level category, its products feature solid protection at reasonable prices. The Bell Qualifier is a lightweight helmet that has scored a 4.6 out of 5 rating on 45 customer reviews.


Best known for its racing equipment, Fly designs a versatile lineup of head protection. Whether you’re buying your first helmet or getting ready for the world championships, Fly has a helmet for you. DOT- and ECE-approved, the Fly Street Conquest combines innovative shell construction with exceptional ventilation for comfort.

Scorpion EXO

If you want innovative equipment with big-time visual appeal, look no further than Scorpion EXO. This company has its own manufacturing facility, allowing Scorpion EXO to produce close-fitting helmets at affordable prices. The EXO-GT3000 fits snugly and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Modern design features that are taken for granted including dual liners and carbon fiber construction were originated by SHOEI. They make premium helmets for riders who take protection and performance seriously. SHOEI’s RF-1200 is so light and aerodynamic, you hardly know it’s there. The multi-ply Matrix AIM+ shell and dual-density EPS liner have got you covered if the worst happens.

And Many More

If you’re looking for Cheap Motorcycle Helmets, go to BikeBandit.com for the best prices on the internet. Its Best Price Guarantee gets you the lowest cost possible on the most advanced racing helmets or affordable spares.


Meena – AngelMstyle

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Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Bloggers in Delhi, India

Best Health and Fitness Blogger
Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Bloggers in Delhi, India
5 (100%) 1 vote


Fitness is the new range of the growing world. More and more people are looking out for a healthier and better life. And why not. It’s the need of the hour. And what can be a better motivation than to see someone constantly reminding you of your Healthy Life. Here’s a list of 10 bloggers who have made our lives better.


  1. Meena Chaudhary

This Beauty Blogger is heading out for some killer and giving us major fitness goals. Her healthy lifestyle and her approach towards being healthy and fit is taking internet by storm. She can be your perfect Monday motivation.

  1. Anjali Shah

She is a wife, a moment and is absolutely fit. She can give a lot of 23 year old’s a run for their money. Her life style includes only picky eating and will definitely turn you into a much healthier and fitter person.

  1. Aloka Gambhir

This wholesome mama is 31 years old and you can definitely not judge it by the way she has maintained herself. She is amongst one of the most popular Fitness Bloggers in India. And we are in awe of her spirit.

                                                               Best Fitness Blogger Meena
  1. Richa

Her blog Ask Richa s a definite reach out spot. She is not only a beauty and Lifestyle Blogger but an inspiration to many. Her blog has everything intact right from fashion to lifestyle and most importantly fitness.

  1. Neha Ghosh

Put that cheese burger down! Ya this is what her blog spells like reflecting the kind of tight and fit lifestyle she leads. This gorgeous woman is a writer by profession and a fitness freak by choice. Stay fit while being unstressed is her mantra

  1. Payal Banka

She is registered dietician and has written various works about fitness and health. According to her, being fit doesn’t mean starving but eating write. Follow her immediately to have that ab flab body.

  1. Payal Bansal

This gorgeous woman is a full time house maker and a passionate fitness lover. Trends health is her blog and it gives an insight on her lifestyle and her healthy living. Poetry, product reviews and fitness comes to her naturally.

  1. Vinayak Dougall

This blogger has a team of enthusiast and her fitnut is running successfully all over. His blog will urge you to shed those extra kilos and be on your toes for a fitter life

  1. Ravi Prakash Shah

Stay fit and look good is his kind of mantra for life. He believes and healthy stay and better lifestyle. This young sensation comes up with articles on fitness and bodybuilding and an exemplary style of his own.

  1. Kishor Kumar

Much like his filmy name, his zig verve is much inspiring and motivating. The articles are all that you need for your inspiration. There’s health, medical conditions and even cures and techniques. All you need to do a go out there and follow it.

Meena- Guest Posting Services India

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