Handpick the Best of Must-Have Summer Watches Exclusively on Souq

Handpick the Best of Must-Have Summer Watches Exclusively on Souq
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Tired of buying branded watches at such high prices? Souq’s summer sale on watches is your solution then. It has brought to you the biggest sale on all branded watches. You get up to 70% off on almost every product. It is literally raining discounts and with all the great deals coming up every hour, you get to save even more. This is surely a sale that is not supposed to be missed.

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Branded Watches on Souq

TimexMin 10% off
VestalMax 25% off
NixonUp-to 45% off
Game timeMin 9% off
InvictaFlat 5% off
NaivoUp-to 20% off


  • A minimalist stainless steel watch with black dial featuring gold-tone case and stick hour marker for a price of 782.89 AED.
  • The Vestal Unisex Helm Surf & Train Digital Display Watch has a 40mm wide polyurethane wrapped abs plastic with 20 mm wide polyurethane band and is available for 386.85 AED
  • The brand has a gold-tone watch featuring tonneau-shape case and dial rings inspired by C-3PO’s chest detail for a price of 255.41 AED.
  • A watch featuring round black dial with logo, date window, and chronograph functions with 60-second, 30-minute and day-of-the-week sub-dials is priced at 306.17 AED only on Souq.


  • One of the best watches from Nixon has 3-hand movement with understated contemporary appeal and a classic 37 mm case size offers a clean look suitable for any setting, priced at 335.81 AED.
  • A clean, modern dial features applied hour markers and custom moulded hands in a slightly domed dial that gives personality to this watch from Nixon and has a great price of 675.98 AED.
  • In this silver watch from Nixon, the 35mm tank case adds depth to the debutante aesthetic and miyota Japanese quartz gives 3 hand movement. The discounted price of the watch is 772.45 AED.
  • In this Nixon watch you get 3-hand movement with fashion and function sensibility. The 38mm case gives you a little more than enough but not too much, all under a price of 776.61 AED.


  • Timex has a round watch featuring Arabic hour markers, 24-hour time on inner dial, and date window at 3 o’clock for a price of 151.41 AED.
  • Unisex watch is available with Timex that has Casual Outdoor Design, nylon Performance Strap, stopwatch, countdown timer & Alarm for a price of 115.90 AED.
  • This exclusive Timex watch has round watch featuring easy-to-read round dial with Arabic hour markers, Indiglo nightlight, and date window at 3 o’clock and is priced at 148.86 AED only
  • Only from Timex you will get this watch with blue Floral Nylon Slip-Thru Strap, round White Dial, full Arabic Numerals & 24-Hour Military Time, polished Silver-Tone 31mm Case at a price of 131.33 AED


  • The brand has a rugged watch featuring multifunction dial with magnified date window, GMT time, and luminosity, priced only at 345.02 AED
  • You can get a left-handed watch featuring black dial with yellow contrasts, date window at 4 o’clock position, and trio of sub-dials for a price of 288.50 AED
  • This rose gold ion-plated watch comes with magnified date window, large round crystals at bezel, and smaller crystals inset at Roman numeral 12 and 6 o’clock indices for a price of 328.06 AED.
  • This watch from the brand features Flame fusion crystal; stainless steel case and bracelet with black ion-plated stainless steel centre links. Its discounted price is 211.49 AED.

How to Shop for these Watches?

Open the Souq website or app in your phone and search the product you are looking for. You will find a lot of categories on the home page along with discounts, you can choose from that too. Once you find the product you are looking for, add it to cart. Keep shopping if you want or proceed to checkout. Further, add in all your details and proceed for payment. Add on a promo code if you have it, in the offers section. Go for online banking if you want to avail any bank offer and complete your payment. Soon you will receive a confirmation message.

AngelMstyle – Lifestyle Style Blogger 

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How Gucci Went From Good To Gucci

How Gucci Went From Good To Gucci
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Gucci has always been a runway staple in Milan and Paris and a household name for more bourgeois families the world over. But, with the growing power of small street wear brands and the emergence of new perspectives in both street and high-fashion design, the company saw itself in a predicament and they had to get out. However, the steps that such an innovative brand took to go from upper-crust norm to a street-known name and a well-desired high-end designer by the upper classes and broke teenagers alike are to be applauded.

Gucci has not always known such success in its creative energies. On multiple occasions over the last two decades, the brand has found itself without CEOs and creative directors at the same time, leaving it in unknown hands treading in unknown waters. However, after its most recent change-of-face, the brand underwent radical shifts in its aesthetic.

Marco Bizzarri, the new name behind Gucci, is credited with creating looks people love for their non-gender-conforming cuts and the way they redesigned their brand to be less about the brand and more about poking fun at industrialized fashion. The younger buyers and critics absolutely loved this new take on the Gucci aesthetic, but die-hard fans took to social media to show their disinterest in some of Bizzarri’s first collections, especially considering that the first menswear collection designed by team Bizzarri and Alessandro Michele was designed in a mere five days.

In order to pacify some of these long-time supporters and prevent becoming another Museum Designer, Bizzarri made no error in selecting Alessandro Michele as the new creative director of Gucci. A man well cultured about the history of the brand that he took on, Michele understood the need for design compromise in the beginning of this rebrand the situation, but was also unafraid to incorporate his own personal touches and tastes into the fashion icon’s aesthetic, such as his influences from Elton John. Michele was also advised by Bizzarri to use his creativity to the fullest advantage because anything in the fashion industry that is not as big as it can be is deemed mediocre and quickly stamped out by more risk-taking competition.

This success has been further propelled by Celebrities. The launch of rapper Gucci Mane and the release of music like the song “Gucci Gang” celebrate and hype the brand up to younger markets. To have a Gucci belt is to have status with a simple street look. To have anything of Gucci’s is to have a piece of fashion history that always retains its value for its continually renewing creative vision and its hype.

On a more corporate level, the brand also redefined what it meant to have successful sales. Instead of staying so focused on the numbers, the shows and the designs that Gucci puts forth are created with the feeling and sensibility of the product in mind. The design team understands that the buying public wants to buy, not just to be a number in a record somewhere, and they put this concept to work in their newest collections. These pieces feel so much more different than anything the brand had ever produced before, and it is a refreshment not just on its own runway, but in the fashion world at large.

Other brands and other people look to Gucci to see where they can add a creative edge into their lives. These ensembles look just as fashionable and chic on the street ad they do on the runway, and it is for this newfound success in the cutthroat world of fashion that Gucci should be one of, if not the, most celebrated haute couture brands of today.

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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Unique Gift Ideas To Make Your Occasion Special and Memorable

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Occasions, festivals or any important dates, every moment holds a special place in everyone’s heart. And for making it more memorable and cheerful you have to make some efforts and whatever the effort you are going to put will show the love you have for your loved ones. Gifting is a trend which is going on from ages and it is not necessary that the gift you are giving someone should be expensive; it can be anything from which they can relate to their memories. There are number of gift items available in the market as well as online for your special ones or for your loved ones. You can get the gifts for every occasion like you can Sendrakhi With Gifts to our brother from  the online shops and also you can get the gifts for many more occasions.

Gifts like personalized one are the one which are very close to the recipient because it is specially made according to your preference. The best option for buying gift is from online portals because through online portals you can get huge number of varieties to select from. And also you will get the perfect choice of gift according to your occasion.

Let’s just discuss about some unique gift ideas which are definitely be going to love by you.

Personalized Gifts  

This gifting option is the perfect for all the important dates, events and for occasions and the reason is that they are among those gifting option which is related to your choice. Personalized gifts are for creating a special memory in your loved one’s heart, by this choosing this gifting option you will get a chance to know the other person better and also the taste and preference of that person. You can personalize mugs, t-shirts, books; photo frames even the photo collage and many more.

Delicious Box Of Cake

A beautiful combo of a delicious cake and bouquet of flowers will be the amazing idea for gifting someone on their special day for making it more special and unique. Cake is a dessert which is everyone’s favorite to have and sometimes people find excuses to eat cake because of its exotic taste and delicious flavors. Now a days there is a huge demand for cakes in the market, be it a tempting Birthday Cake, anniversary cake, baby shower cake or for expressing your love to your partners you will get the perfect cake. If you want that your cake will reach to your loved one’s on time without getting damaged then it’s better to prefer online cake delivery in Bangalore option.

Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are the gifting option which somehow looks professional and respectful. Gift hampers could be of anything like it may consist of eatables, it may consist of luxury items like perfumes and all or might be anything. Gift hampers can be designed according to your preference, it can be made for kids, adults and for grandparents also.

Home Decor Items

Home décor are the items which are made to decorate your home with some showpiece like wall hangings, table lamps, lovely flowers vase and many more like this. For gifting home décor is the another best option because this is a kind of useful gift for them and in this all the things are there which can make your home look attractive as well as beautiful.

These are some on the beautiful and elegant gifting option which you can prefer for your special days. Don’t think too much just go and grab the opportunity of impressing your loved one’s by gifting the amazing gifts to enjoy with.

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Engagement Rings Diamond Solitaires vs. Complex Settings – Which is Right for You

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In all likelihood, a Morganite Engagement Ring is the most important jewelry purchase you will ever make. You’ve found that one special someone; now, you must find one special ring to represent the bond between yourself and your future spouse. One of the biggest things to consider when picking out an engagement ring is the style: Do you want a simple diamond solitaire, or a fancier setting?

The diamond solitaire is a classic style, and remains the ring of choice for many, if not most brides-to-be. As the name implies, a diamond solitaire lets the central stone sit alone in its own setting. Such a design allows the beautiful stone to show off all of its brilliance to the world.

Among solitaire settings, the most common is the prong setting, which uses four or six metal prongs to hold the central diamond in place. Such a setting allows light to enter the gem from all sides, contributing to the sparkle from every angle. Another popular setting, the bezel, uses a solid rim around the diamond to hold it down. This tends to restrict the stone’s brilliance and to make it look smaller, but the flat, secure hold is perfect for very active people.

One of the newest setting styles is the tension setting, which uses thousands of pounds of pressure to hold the gem in place. It is also known as the ‘invisible setting’ because there are no prongs or rims to block light from entering the stone, which creates unparalleled brilliance. Note that tension settings also tend to be more expensive than other options.

Want a little more pizzazz? Consider a Moonstone Engagement Ring featuring two or more side stones. Having other diamonds set into the band or around the setting can add plenty of sparkle to the ring. Adding more stones does tend to make the ring more expensive, though, and it does little to make the central diamond appear larger.

If you find the diamond solitaire to be entirely too simple, try the pavé setting, made up of multiple diamonds set into tiny holes. Tiny beads made from the surrounding metal hold the little stones securely in place. This complex setting can make the ring appear to have more, larger diamonds than it actually does. Pavé settings are often more expensive than solitaires with one larger stone, though.

Ultimately, the best choice for a Turquoise Engagement Ring is whatever the bride-to-be prefers. Consider her lifestyle, her current jewelry preferences, and what would look and fit best on her hand. Every woman prefers a different setting type and a different style, and some even opt for rubies or sapphires. For every bride, there is a ring out there to match her unique style.

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Turning The Tables: 3 Ways How to Transform Hearing Aids into a Fashion Statement

Turning The Tables: 3 Ways How to Transform Hearing Aids into a Fashion Statement
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Hearing aids offer incredible technology that can help individuals hear who would otherwise have problems doing so on their own. While there are skin-colored hearing aids offered, many still aren’t too fond of flaunting it. But instead of hiding your hearing device, there are some ways one can show it off – and they’ll be glad they did.

  1. Opt For a Hearing Aid of a Favorite Color or Pattern

Probably one of the most known ways to make a hearing aid a fashion statement is to purchase a hearing aid in a certain color or pattern that one enjoys. One can find hearing aids with skulls, polka dots, checkers, super heroes, tie-dye colors, or even glitter. The options are endless.

The great thing about there being a Variety of Hearing Aid Styles is that there are endless options regardless of one’s taste. There are both child-friendly designs out there as well as ones more suitable for teenagers or adults. There’s something for everybody; they can go as bold or as conservative as they want to.

  1. Add a Charm To Your Hearing Aid

For those who love jewelry, there are even special charms designed for hearing aid wearers. Just like earrings, hearing aid charms are beautiful, variant in color and style, and can be paired with different outfits. One may choose to wear charms on a daily basis or just for special occasions.

One source to purchase hearing aid charms is from Etsy store, Hayleighs Charms. Hayleigh also sells tube twists and tube and cochlear treasures/bling that are especially fun for children. Different animals, objects, and themes are offered. Fortunately, these accessories are designed to where they will not interfere with hearing aid functioning.

  1. Consider Wearing Fairy Wings

Did you know that 2 to 3 of Every 1,000 U.S. Children are born with a hearing impairment? It’s true. One of the best ways to stop children from being shy about their aural device is to give them a reason to be excited about it. After all, it’s what’s already being done with braces, casts, and eyeglasses.

One way to get children to love their hearing aid is to buy them fairy wings for their hearing aid. One can purchase pairs from Etsy store Whimsical Pixies where they also offer tube riders just for individuals with hearing aids. Many of their accessories are offered in different colors, so one can color-coordinate their hearing aid to their outfit!

These fun hearing aid accessories are specifically ideal for costume parties, Halloween, plays, family photos, holidays, parties, or other special events. Some of these accessories are more playful than others, and in turn, may be more or less suitable for daily wear. Apart from children, adolescents and adults may also enjoy wearing fairy wings too.


Hearing aids, while medically necessary for many, are not always viewed as aesthetically-favorable pieces. Fortunately, there are strategies you can turn to, to make their hearing aid a fashion statement rather than something to be ashamed of. In the end, showing off one’s hearing aid is the best way to accept oneself the way they are.

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4 Tips For Purchasing Antique Jewellery Online

4 Tips For Purchasing Antique Jewellery Online
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Invaluable Guide to Buying Antique Jewellery Online

Have you ever been gifted a beautiful piece of jewellery that belonged to someone in your family? It’s an heirloom, and you may be planning on passing it along to your own children one day. Besides the sentimental value the piece holds, the durability and quality may be great, too.

There are plenty of reasons to adore antique jewellery. But, sometimes what may look like an antique is actually a reproduction of the real deal. So, if you have a love for older pieces, you need to know what to look for, so you don’t end up paying a fortune for something that’s been manufactured on an assembly line.

Here are our tips on Buying and Selling Antique Jewellery Online From Trusted Dealers.

  1. Research The Seller

When you search for antique jewellery online using sites such as eBay or Craigslist, the first thing you should do is investigate the seller and look for other items for sale. If the seller has 10 of the same antique bracelets, for example, it’s safe to assume it is not the real thing. Most estate and antique pieces are one of a kind, so there is no option to order in bulk.

Also, take a look through the feedback of the seller to see what other buyers are saying.

  1. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the seller and ask a few questions about an item before you determine whether or not it is a genuine antique. One thing you should always ask is how the seller came across the jewellery. Be on the look out for a viable seller who is happy to explain how the item came into their possession, for instance from an estate sale or An Heirloom.

  1. Ask To See a Mark

While it’s difficult to look for a mark on the item online, you could ask for up close photos of marks. Antique jewellers almost always left their mark somewhere on each piece they created. So, if the piece is made before the 1950s, ask to see the mark.

Then, do more online research. There are loads of websites out there that post pictures of different antique jeweller’s marks with explanations of the craftsmanship and origins.

  1. Think About The Price

If a price is too good to be true, rather tread with caution. Genuine antique and estate pieces are made to last and have a genuine heritage, so they are not going to be low priced. Rather, compare the prices to the metal, quality and stones on the piece.

A Final Word

Whether you want to buy antique jewellery to resell or just because you love sentimental pieces, you can find incredible estate and antique jewellery online from online dealers as well as at estate sales, craft fairs and even garage sales. By carefully checking the pieces and asking the right questions, you can separate the real from the fake to ensure you get an excellent deal on jewellery that truly means something.

AngelMstyle – Indian Beauty Blogger

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Here Are 7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair Transplant Clinic
Here Are 7 Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Hair Transplant Clinic
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Top 7 Tips To Choosing The Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Many individuals face severe hair loss and hair thinning on the crown area of the scalp. Hair transplant can be an effective treatment for restoring permanent hair loss. It is a surgical procedure in which follicular grafts are transferred from a section of the scalp called the ‘donor site’ to a balding section of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. This technique can be operated on both men and women experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots.

According to areport by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), nearly 397,048 hair-restoration procedures were conducted globally in 2014, with 112,409 in the US alone. In the same release, it was reported that almost 84.7% of the hair transplant procedures were conducted on men, while only 15.3% were conducted on women.

Although hair transplant is a safe procedure, all the details must be carefully evaluated. Hence, before you visit a hair transplant clinic, take a look at the top seven factors you should consider:

The Surgical Procedure-

Two of the most popular hair transplant methods include Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). You must carefully select the procedure for your hair transplant to prepare yourself for the cost and the result.

FUT, also known as the ‘strip’ method, is a hair transplanting procedure which involves the removal of a piece of hair-bearing skin from which hair follicles are later implanted in the patient’s balding areas of the scalp. Unlike the FUT procedure, the FUE hair transplantation procedure does not require getting a strip of the scalp but rather only follicular units are taken in an indiscriminate manner where hair is still abundant (mainly the side or the back of the scalp). Each hair follicle is then transferred to the patient’s balding area.

According to a Report by ISHRS in 2017, the most common method was the FUE hair transplantation (52.6%), followed by hair transplantation with strip/linear harvesting (44.0%) and a combination of strip and FUE operations performed during the same surgical session (3.2%). In another Article, it was stated that out of 92.5% of patients who underwent FUE procedure, 78.5% went for motorised FUE, followed by manual FUE technique at 19.4%, robotic-assisted FUE technique at 12.5%, and lastly, motorised FUE technique with a hand-held suction at 11.2%.

The Cost of the Procedure-

The cost of a good quality hair transplant procedure could be expensive, as the procedure requires a crew of highly-proficient medical staff and surgeons. You can expect up to 10 people including surgeons, nurses and technicians working on one patient during a hair transplant procedure. You can not expect a low-cost way of rendering this level of expertise. A mediocre quality hair transplant can have severe, long-term consequences. Thus, the cost of a hair transplant shouldn’t be the principal factor guiding your choice of having a hair transplant.

The Age Factor-

The age of the patients is an important point that must be talked about before the surgery takes place. Therefore, young individuals under 30 are initially advised to seek medical treatment, which may prove quite effective for some. The patient’s age influences the hair transplant design. If someone is suffering from pattern hair loss, he or she will continue to lose their non-transplanted hair throughout their lifetime. Thus, age is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to designing an undetectable and natural hair transplant.

The Expertise of the Hair Transplant Surgeon-

The experience of a hair transplant surgeon is vital for a successful result. The extent of scarring you will endure in the donor area after a hair transplant is not only determined by your body’s capability to heal but also the skill of the surgeon and the technique used to extract the grafts. It is imperative to find a surgeon who is qualified to transplant hair follicles to give you a natural-looking appearance. An excellent surgeon can create hairlines that’ll make it almost impossible to distinguish between native and transplanted hair.

Complications and Risk Involved-

As soon as you undergo a hair transplant surgery, you have placed yourself in a situation where you are subject to specific complications and risks. It is best to inquire about all the details on your procedure and the clinic and be sure on it before proceeding with the operation. You can also take second views from online platforms as former patients who get a hair transplant share their opinions and experiences on the Internet.

Recovery Time-

You can notice the pattern of your new hairline almost immediately after the transplant. However, it may not be as pleasing visually as there will be scarring and scabbing around each graft. Though the injury to the donor site is minimum, there will be side-effects such as swelling and redness, which is only temporary and will subside within a few days. A patient typically needs to take bed rest for 3 – 4 days after the procedure and allow the body to recover. It is also best to avoid over-exerting the body and stop running or going to the gym for at least ten days.

Hair Transplants are Permanent-

If you want a permanent answer for your cosmetic needs, then undergoing a hair transplant is the best option as it is the only permanent solution for pattern baldness or any other form of hair loss. Hair transplantation is universally considered to be the most efficient choice for restoring hair. The surgeon relocates healthy hair follicles from one spot and transfers them to the area of the scalp that is bald due to DHT (a hormone that causes baldness). Each hair follicle extracted from the donor area is resistant to DHT and is discreetly transplanted into the scalp in the recipient area to resemble the patient’s former hair growth pattern. In the long run, the transplanted hair doesn’t require any maintenance and acts just like your regular hair.

A hair transplantation procedure is performed using next-generation restoration techniques. Thus, a Hair Transplant in Pune can create a seamless transformation where the result looks completely natural.

AngelMstyle – Delhi’s Best Beauty Bloggers

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5 Professional Spaces Dominated By Saree-Clad Women!

women sarees
5 Professional Spaces Dominated By Saree-Clad Women!
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Buy Latest Indian Designer Sarees Online at Best Price

Fashion has always been so crucial in professional circuits. The brand value and sentiment fashion evoke are unmatchable. Say ‘Air India’ and all you could remember is the Maharaja icon and saree-clad air stewardess. However, today power dressing is all about being more sophisticated, more narcissistic – putting emphasis on visual imagery and more strategic.

An increasing trend of women wearing office sarees has changed the dynamic at the workplace. They don’t need a business suit because they aren’t competing with men. They are well aware of their femininity and are self-sufficient. Here, we are bringing you 5-professions where you can see women wearing sarees. These work areas are ruled by ‘women in sarees’ and it is so integrated and intertwined that it is difficult to imagine them apart.

The Upper Crust!

The Upper Crust!

Take any business run by women entrepreneurs and you can see a striking similarity- women with a penchant for Handloom Sarees. From a tussar silk saree to soft silk and cotton silk sarees, they own sarees that can give you major wardrobe goals. They might switch to western dresses on and off, but it is always the saree that they seem to have a soft spot for!

The Airlines Crew and Ground Staff

The Airlines Crew and Ground Staff

Honestly, can you ever imagine an airline staff without those neatly pleated sarees? Though nowadays you might not see them that dressed up in a saree but you would have to agree with us here that how those perfectly draped sarees compelled us to mimic their gait and left us wanting to wear a saree.


Doctors Sarees

A medical professional in saree looks elegant and inspires confidence. Most of them stick to cotton salwar suits and sarees for the practice and we have grown up seeing them like that.


Teachers Sarees

Can you really take Sushmita Sen out of your mind? The beautiful teacher who brought the sexy back to the saree! Swaying on the tunes of super hit number, she made us believe in the power of the saree! In real life though, it is cotton, silk cotton and Linen Sarees with ikkat pallu for teachers. These fabrics are easy to maintain and aren’t expensive. This is why it is a go-to option for workwear for many professional women. As usual, it is always a cotton one or cotton-silk to wear it for longer periods and crease-free.

The Front-Desk Executives and Receptionists

The Front-Desk Executives and Receptionists Sarees

The hundreds of women who coordinate work across offices and do such a thankless job without even as much as a crease on the forehead! A workwear saree seems to be their default dress unless there is a protocol for that.

Beautiful and classy, a saree is the perfect choice for workwear. It is definitely not a new trend since we have been seeing women in sarees all over the workplaces and corporate, irrespective of the work profile and work. The shift timings, the commute and the nature of work don’t let them stop wearing a saree to then work and flaunt it! So, what’s your excuse of not include a saree to the office wardrobe?

AngelMstyle – Indian Fashion Blogger

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Sanitary Napkin U FREE
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UFREE Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are surely a woman’s best friend. Besides protecting a woman during the toughest days of the month, sanitary pads do a lot of wonders in a woman’s life.

Well, here are some amazing advantages of sanitary napkins that you ought to know:

Sanitary napkins save you from the unwanted odour. While ways to control the flow can be effective, bad odour is a common problem faced by most ladies. Using sanitary pads by U Free can surely help in eliminating this odour completely. Sanitary pads are always a safe option when it comes to bad odour.

They save you from unwanted allergies. While most ways to control the flow can be effective and involve no or low cost, these ways have a high chance of causing urine infection and other allergic reactions. Anion Sanitary Napkin can save you from this trouble. With premium quality material used, you can always be risk free of such problems.

They hold a far better flow as compared to cloths or other materials. This way you can be at ease and ensure that no problem occurs. One can feel at ease completely and relax themselves during these stressful days.

Indeed sanitary pads can do amazing wonders in a woman’s life. At U Free our pads are long lasting compare with other brands and will offer you absolute comfort and relaxation. Sanitary pads should not be ignored and worn by all ladies for a healthy life!

AngelMstyle – Indian Lifestyle Blogger

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What Do You Wear To Yoga On Your Feet?

Yoga On Your Feet
What Do You Wear To Yoga On Your Feet?
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Are you interested in yoga, but do not know exactly where to start? Well, you are not alone, because many long-term yoga enthusiasts felt the same way when they first started. However, you should not let this deter you from taking up the practice. Yoga is a great way to lose weight, improve your health and grow your confidence. Before you get started, you will need to invest in the appropriate gear for yoga. Contrary to belief, there are a variety of clothing that is appropriate for yoga. However, it is crucial that you choose attire that is comfortable, breathable and flexible. Below, you discover a list of tips that will help you find the best yoga socks and other gear for you.

Wear To Yoga On Your Feet

Is Going Barefoot Appropriate?

There are really no rules to what you can wear to yoga. If you believe that going barefoot is suitable for your needs and preferences, then maybe you should go barefoot. However, you must remember that yoga mats can be very slippery. To avoid accidents, you will need to invest in a pair of yoga socks. It is important to note that not all yoga socks are made the same. If you are not careful, you will invest in a pair of yoga socks that will not prevent slippage.

Breathable Materials

When it comes to shopping for yoga socks, it is crucial to only consider brands that are designed from breathable materials. These materials include linen, rayon, cotton and chambray. However, some of these materials are not slip resistance. Yoga socks should be made of a variety of materials, including polyester, nylon, cotton and spandex. These materials are flexible, breathable and comfortable. To provide a non-slip resistance, the manufacturer will add rubber grips to the outsole. This will provide your feet with enough grip to prevent slippage.

No-Slip Design

If you are not familiar with the manufacturers of yoga pilates socks, you research the Yhao brand. This company is known for producing wholesale quality yoga pilates socks that offer the necessities for people who enjoy yoga. The experts recommend Yhao brand yoga socks, because they are flexible, breathable, prevent foot fungus, slip resistant, stylish and comfortable. Yhao Yoga Socks Wholesale are also very affordable, so you can purchase a pair for every day of the week.

Another benefit of Yhaopilates socks is they are designed with a top that will not slip down. If you have ever owned a pair of socks that slip down on your legs, you will definitely appreciate this design. The Yhao socks will stay up throughout your yoga session, even if practice for a long time and become drenched in sweat.

Machine Washable

Never invest in a pair of yoga socks that are not machine washable. These socks are exposed to all types of germs, dirt and grim, especially in gyms. Handwashing is just not enough to kill the bacteria embedded into the fibers of the fabric. Machine washing on the hot cycle is a necessity for eradicating bacteria. Most yoga socks are machine washable, but they must be air dried.

AngelMstyle – Indian Fitness Blogger

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