Finding a Great Restaurant in London After Work

restaurant in London

When you have that big meeting at the client’s office in London, sometimes all you will see are the hours of preparing and planning you will be going through in the preceding week. Then the meeting ends and you have to find somewhere to finally eat. Well, the good news is that you are in one of the culinary delights, London has a wide range of everything to offer and especially world-class restaurants. There are some you really shouldn’t miss.


When you walk into Scully, you cannot fail to see the influences on chef Ramael Scully’s like. Coming from a heritage of Irish, Balinese, Chinese and Indian backgrounds, the food Scully creates takes the best of all these influences. Take the less-than-classic 36 hours, slow-poached goat, which is served on a yoghurt flavoured with green chilli, pickled red onions and urd lentils.

There is nothing normal about Scully’s and it’s all the better for it.


If you have been to or heard of the Smoking Goat, then you will know of Ben Chapman. If you haven’t then this is going to be a real treat. Right in the heart of Soho, Kiln offers a minimalist dining experience with hints of Thailand infused throughout. Imagine the best of British meat, cooked over a firepit of chargrilled embers, then served with traditional Thai sauces. The flavours last in your memory for weeks.

The Barbary

The Barbary is renown for its outstanding food and the fact that you’ll have to queue. If you’re planning on heading to The Barbary, it’s wise to also book into London Apart Hotels and spend as long at the restaurant as you possibly can. The atmosphere is filled with the joyous sounds of laughter, music and the smell of great food.

Taking the best of the old Barbary Coast and enthusing it with modern Israel, the menu offers delights you’ve never heard of and will never encounter anywhere else.


Hoppers is proudly Sri Lankan. It does pure Sri Lankan food and nothing else. The way it specialises allows you to already know that it’s going to be world-class. Anyone first-time visitors must try the hoppers pancakes, from which the restaurant gets its name. It’s a small restaurant and therefore filled every night. The upside of this is the personalised experience you will get and you know that no two nights are ever going to be the same.

Smoke and Salt

Feel free to judge a restaurant housed in a shipping container, but then when you taste the food, you know you’ll be judging it in a hugely positive fashion. This ridiculously affordable pop-up ha to be high on any list. The mix of food changes with each fresh delivery, so it’s always worth popping in just to see what’s new.

Heading out to a restaurant after work is sometimes the best part of the day. One of these will definitely be the highlight of any week.

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Love Casinos? Here are the best places for casino fun in India

Traveling is very popular, and especially it is famous among gamblers. Gamblers love to travel to different casinos in India. Therefore, when you are one of them, then you can check below given places and can visit to play. We always try to gather the best information for our readers. So, pack your bags and start the journey. To know more visit  It is not necessary to visit all the places at the same time. One can visit one by one to their favorite casinos. The time of vacation is best to travel. Therefore, go ahead and pack your bags to start your beautiful playing journey to world-famous casinos.

The best list of top 4 casinos to visit in 2020:

  • Deltin Royale- The best casino!

 Goa is the only city that is famous for gambling in India. Their Travelers visit to have fun and enjoy the culture. Therefore, the deltin casino is the largest casino in India, where everyone wishes to visit one. The games that one can play at this casino are tremendous. People love to visit this place to win a significant amount while playing. If you are master in this again, then you can visit this place. The Ambience of the casino is very eye-catching. Therefore we suggest our readers go to this place once.

  • The fascinating Casino Pride!

It is another famous casino in Goa. The gamblers come here from faraway places to enjoy the beauty of the site. There are many games that a wager can play while having a glass of wine on their table. You also love to have fun with your friends while traveling. Then this place is the best option to visit once. The ambiance of the site is to attract. People come to try unique games in a short time.

  • Casino Mahjong- Ambiance is appreciable!

 When it comes to gambling, every Gambler in India wants to visit the best place to play. So if you’re going to place your best bet then this casino Sikkim, this is a very small place in India but very famous among tourists. Tourist from faraway places comes here to play and enjoy the evening while winning. Winning is not only the agenda of every tourist visiting here because there are many things to do inside the Casino. Therefore if you are also finding the best casino in India, then visiting here is a must.

  • Strike Casino at Goa!

 Goa is the most famous place for having beautiful casinos. One another strike playing casino is in Goa situated at the premises of Grand Hyatt.

The sites visited by reputed gamblers as it is very costly. Not everyone can afford to visit this place as it is situated on the premises of a five-star hotel. But those who come to play here are very precise for their game, and they know when to bet to increase the chances of winning.

 Now if you are a Traveler and want to do gambling while traveling, then the above list can help you a lot. But as we have always said that you have to choose the casino as per your interest. The Ambience of every place will change according to the theme. Therefore one has to gather a little information before finalizing the site. Goa is the only place that is filled with gamblers and The Tourist who love to play. Therefore visiting such a kind of clay is a boon for any player. 


Above we have given the list of famous casinos of India. So, there is no need to worry as you can play as much as you can while traveling. India is a place where one can do multiple activities at a single time. Therefore, for the casino lovers also there are many places to visit and play that we have mentioned above. One can choose the best place as per the climate and choose the casino as per their spending. There are big and small casinos available in the market. You can select as per your choice and finalize your itinerary. Have fun on your journey and win the right amount while playing.

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Women’s Fashion Glove Styles For 2020

Winter is less than three weeks away which means women everywhere will be, if not already prizing open their wardrobes open and ready their winter garments for the next few months! Coats, hats, scarfs and gloves that have not seen action for the best part of a year will be dusted off and recommissioned to face the winter of 2019. Warm winter clothing is essential for comfort no matter what lifestyles we lead but with cold-weather garments being used only a portion of the year, it’s easy to forget that fashion changes over time. Ladies Leather Gloves are the pinnacle of winter clothing accessories because they have the power to completely alter the context of your outfit. With this in mind, we’ve decided to give you the lowdown on the freshest women’s fashion glove styles for 2020. 

Velvet Gloves 

If you’re looking for a subtle yet eye-catching material glove, then king among them is the classic crushed velvet glove. Velvet, once a 1970s formal wear staple has experienced a modern-day revival mainly due to its unrivalled smooth and refined look. One of the unique things about velvet is how the fine surface pile catches light and takes on a wondrous luminous quality making it both matte and incandescent at the same time. You can only imagine how wonderful this looks on a golden sunny winters morning as the light highlights the surface of velvet. 2019 has seen a rise in popularity of velvet gloves which can in part be attributed to a vintage rework scene which has seen a revival of classic materials and styles. 

Evening Gloves

Arm gloves or “evening gloves” are the perfect example of a formalwear classic that screams elegance. Popularised by style icons like Jackie Kennedy, the arm glove has enjoyed status as a much loved timeless accessory since the 1800s. The evening glove is a long-cut glove that reaches roughly just below the elbow and can be made from a number of thin materials like silk, velvet or satin. The thinner the better as these gloves are designed to look streamlined and fitted without showing any baggage or excess material. If you have a calendar packed full of formal occasions be it dinner parties, black tie events or weddings, a pair of silk evening gloves are sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons and they look fantastic when paired with a strapless frock and small envelope handbag.    

Technology Gloves

With the ever-rising popularity of touch screen features like iPads and smartphones it is becoming a necessity to have gloves that keep you warm and are compatible with touchscreen devices. One of the largest bug bearers for many women when it comes to gloves is the inconvenience of having to take one glove off to check a phone. Repeated exchanges of WhatsApp messages and texts are huge inconveniences and often end up in having to compromise warmth and comfort for phone functionality. 

Technology gloves are the answer to this but if you thought that functionality overrules fashion you are mistaken. Patagonia, Timberland and UGG are a few among many brands that have managed to develop an amazingly diverse offering of touchscreen gloves across many spanning many styles. Touch screens work by using minute electrical charges in your body to initiate certain actions on a device eg. opening an app or scrolling through a text. Whereas normal Glove fabric obstructs your natural electrical charge, technology gloves contain conductive fingertips which carry the charge from your fingertips through to the screen. 

Faux Fur Gloves 

2019 has seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of ethical and vegan fashion. For many women, the faux fur is now a credible means of enjoying the majesty of fur whilst abiding by vegan principals. Dents and Jayle both offer some of the highest quality faux gloves in terms of luxury, style and warmth so we advise that you check these brands out. There’s no denying that faux fur gloves smoulder with classic glamour which makes them a great option for adding an extra touch of finary to both smart and casual outfits.

While being glamorous, it’s possible to use faux fur in a way that’s not too austintactions and It’s more than possible to wear it in a restrained way that’s not too rocky horror-esque. Simply find a pair where the fur lining does not exceed from the cuff more than a couple of inches, this way you will get the wrist-warming comfort without having showing too much of the faux fur itself.

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My Date with Orient Electric at Delhi Fashion Week

Delhi Times Fashion Week Sep’19, in association with Orient Electric, hosted an amazing evening and trust me, we all painted the town red.

The show was presented by designer duo Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor who presented their collection that showcased a stunning set of shimmering evening gowns, lehengas with off shoulder cholis and layered dresses. The night was immersed in fashion, pomp and exuberance to the fullest. This blog post is a narration of my awesome evening.

 It began with a meet and greet session with my fans, where we exchanged a lot about the latest trends in fashion. Not just about the event but in the world of internet too. The icing on the cake was the outflow of fashion, style and hotness all around.

But, if you ask me about the highlight of the show, then it had to be the Orient Zone. This experience was something you would love to know about.

People, just gear up because now I will be telling you about these innovative Orient fans in detail. But before that, let me prep you up a little; I hope that you people are aware of Orient Fan’s new ‘Lifestyle’ range, because if you are not, I recommend that you look up at the website right here to explore some really beautiful and smart range of fans. Believe me, you will be thanking me later. Yes, this was my showstopper at the Delhi Fashion Week – 2019.

So, as I entered the event area, there was this pretty ‘Orient Zone’ featuring these stylish fans that are very unique and innovative in my opinion, like the Bladeless fan, that fits oh so well in the modern homes, the Monroe, which is a tower fan, is awe-worthy, the Proteus happens to be a luxurious box fan with super silent motor and last but not the least, the Aeroslim, a new-age IoT-enabled fan. My first reaction was ‘Why a Fan Brand at a Fashion Show?’ But as time passed, I started connecting the dots. In the mean while I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Atul Jain, Executive Vice President, Fans, Orient Electric. He explained in detail about how Orient Electric envisions the future of smart fans. He also further shared his vision on how effortlessly these fans would fit our modern homes. I literally related to that as I could come up with 10 different ways, I could use the innovative features of these fans. And my dots were becoming clearer deep within.

I was spellbound by the various features of Aeroslim – Voice Control via Alexa and Google Assistant with super-efficient inverter motor, Slim Cylindrical Design, Telescopic Adjustable Mounting, Aerodynamic Profile Blades and what not.

My personal favorite is Aeroslim. Which one’s yours? Check out here, you will thank me yet again.

#FANshion #DTFW2019 #Anjalee&ArjunKapoorXOrientElectric #Aeroslim #LifestyleFans #ElevatingFanDecor 

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Do’s And Don’ts In A Dental Emergency

Although dental emergencies, by their very nature, occur when you’re least expecting them, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Have a list of things not to do and things you should for such dental emergencies.

You will need to find an emergency dentist quickly in the event of an issue. It is made easier if you have the contact details. Whether it’s a sporting accident or just a tooth that causes pain all of a sudden. Your emergency dentist will be on hand to alleviate your suffering.

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The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake Gurugram

After a hectic schedule, I was looking for a getaway location to relax my mind and soul.

So, I Planned a weekend getaway to experience the hospitality of The Gateway Resort Gurgaon By Taj. It welcomes you to the nature-inspired sanctuary perfect for the urban nomad. This property is located 45 km from the IGI Airport Delhi, spreading across a sprawling 20 acres of land in the lap of the Aravalli hills, close to Damdama Lake.

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What To Gift Your Sister This Rakhi


The auspicious occasion of a brother-sister bond, Raksha Bandhan is about to come. Brother-Sister bond is one of the most beautiful relations made in heaven.  

This relation always remains close to the heart and comes with a platter full of sentiments. You can call it as a perfect mix of sugar and spice which we all cherish.

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How To Grow Hair Faster

glossy hair

There is nothing that makes a woman as proud as having long hair that is healthy and beautiful looking.

While there are some women out there who are just born with naturally long hair, but there is a significant number of ladies who struggle to grow their hair long enough.

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